Chapter 1277 - Shocking Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1277 - Shocking Everyone

“Ta.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng stopped his footsteps.

He turned around and discovered that it was actually Zhao Jingang who spoke those words. Zhao Jingang, a Divine Body with the cultivation of rank seven Martial King was actually publicly challenging Chu Feng.

“Fight with you? Earlier when you had been captured by the Monstrous Dragon Beast king, why did I not see this sort of courage from you?” Chu Feng coldly replied with a smile on his face. Even though his opponent was a rank seven Martial King, Chu Feng still looked down on him.

This cannot be blamed on Chu Feng, if one must blame, then they must blame Zhao Jingang himself.

Why didn’t Zhao Jingang dare to act this boldly and provocatively when he had been trapped by the Monstrous Dragon Beast king? Yet, only after he was saved by Chu Feng did he come out to challenge Chu Feng instead?

There was no reason for this other than the fact that Chu Feng’s cultivation was thought by everyone to only be that of a rank three Martial King. He felt that Chu Feng was easy to bully. That was the reason why he dared to provoke him in such a manner. If Chu Feng possessed the same cultivation as him and was a rank seven Martial King as well, how could he possibly dare to provoke Chu Feng in such a manner?

To people like him who would only bully the weak and not dare to do anything to the strong, Chu Feng despised them from the bottom of his heart. Regardless of whether he was a Divine Body or not, Chu Feng would still look down on him.

“Enough of your rubbish, I’m asking you whether you dare or not,” Zhao Jingang asked again. His attitude was extremely unyielding.

“You are truly one who does know not about his own standing. Even the Monstrous Dragon Beast king is no match for Chu Feng, what makes you think that someone like you is qualified to fight him?” Sima Ying said disdainfully.

“Red-haired servant girl, scram to the side. I am speaking with with Chu Feng, it is none of your goddamn business.”

“Moreover, the reason why Chu Feng was able to defeat the Monstrous Dragon Beast king earlier was because he had relied on his Asura Spirit World’s world spirit. It was not at all due to his own abilities.”

“The person I am challenging right now is Chu Feng and not a world spirit,” When Zhao Jingang spoke till this point, he pointed to Chu Feng once again and said, “Chu Feng, neither of us are to use our world spirits. Using our own strength and ability, we shall fight. Do you dare to accept the challenge or not? If you are a man then speak straightforwardly. Even if you do not dare, your granddaddy I will not laugh at you.”

“....” After Zhao Jingang spoke those words, everyone was startled. Immediately afterward, they began to curse in their hearts. This Zhao Jingang was truly too shameless.

That Chu Feng defeated the Monstrous Dragon Beast king with his world spirit could not be considered to be Chu Feng’s own ability?

Of course it could! That world spirit was Chu Feng’s, it was willing to be used by Chu Feng. That in and of itself was an ability, something that others could not accomplish even if they wished for it.

Yet, this Zhao Jingang was inverting right and wrong, insisting that Chu Feng’s world spirit was not his own ability, insisting that they were to fight without using world spirits.

This was truly open bullying. That was because everyone was able to tell that Zhao Jingang was a rank seven Martial King whereas Chu Feng was a rank three Martial King. With how enormous the gap between their cultivation levels was, how could they possibly have a fair fight?

“Chu Feng, if you do not dare, then speak plainly. Stop dilly-dallying like a woman.”

“That’s right, what are you, a calligrapher? If you do not dare then speak up. Why are you hesitating?” At this moment, both Ben Leihu and Qi Yanyu joined the heckling. They seized this opportunity and began to attack Chu Feng.

“Sigh, it’s enough. Without his world spirit, this Chu Feng is like a dog that has lost its teeth. How could he possibly dare to compare notes with junior brother Zhao?” It was so much so that even Bai Yunxiao joined to speak against Chu Feng. Furthermore, his words were even more insulting.

Many people present were unable to continue watching this scene anymore. While it was one thing for them to not thank Chu Feng for saving them, it was another for them to attack Chu Feng. They were simply the perfect representation of people who kicked a benefactor in the teeth.

At this moment, those management elders who thought highly of Chu Feng were frowning very deeply. They were simply unable to contain themselves from continuing to watch what was going on and were prepared to speak out for Chu Feng and stop Zhao Jingang’s group and their rude demand.

“Heh…” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng calmly laughed. After that, his swept his gaze toward Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu, Ben Leihu and Wang Jingzhi. He said, “It would seem that you all refuse to accept what I, Chu Feng, have accomplished. Since that’s the case, then come at me together.”

“What? You, you want to fight all six of us by yourself?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, not to mention the others, even Zhao Jingang and the others who had been hooting at him earlier were shocked.

Truly, Chu Feng would either say nothing or shock everyone with one sentence. A single person fight six people? Furthermore, every single one of the six possessed cultivations above his own. That was simply insane!

“Didn’t you all looked down on me greatly? Didn’t you all feel that without my world spirit, I am nothing?”

“Don’t you all hate me deeply? You must truly want to violently beat me up in front of everyone here, no?”

“Come, I’ll give you all this opportunity today. If you have the skill, then come at me. I, Chu Feng, will make you know exactly what sort of individual I am.”

Chu Feng spoke those words one at a time and with a great amount of domineering aggressiveness. After he finished saying those words, even Zhao Jingang and the others were stunned and appeared to be scared by him.

“Chu Feng, there are no grudges between us. Furthermore, I never wanted to become enemies with you and junior sister Bai.” Right at this moment, Wang Jingzhi cupped his fist respectfully to Chu Feng. After he finished saying those words, he directly stepped out from Bai Yunxiao’s group and returned to the crowd.

Seeing this, Chu Feng did not try to make things difficult for Wang Jingzhi. That was because what Wang Jingzhi had said was the truth; he had never tried to become Chu Feng’s enemy. [1. He did… kinda… but immediately retreated the moment he saw Bai Ruochen’s Imperial Bloodline.] Since he did not wish to become Chu Feng’s enemy, there was naturally no reason for Chu Feng to make things difficult for him.

“Heh, what’s wrong? You all don’t dare now?”

“Look at your terrified expressions. I have given you the opportunity, but you all are so useless that you cannot even seize it.” After Wang Jingzhi decided to withdraw, Chu Feng looked to Zhao Jingang and the others and began to make cutting remarks.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act so arrogant! If you dare to guarantee that you will not release your world spirit, I, Ben Leihu, dare to fight you right now,” Right at this moment, the rank six Martial King, the monstrous beast Ben Leihu, stood out.

“I, Chu Feng, am always one to keep my promises. I said that I would not use my world spirit, so I will definitely not use my world spirit,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, senior brothers, there is no need to inconvenience yourselves. I, Ben Leihu, will be able to easily handle this Chu Feng,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Ben Leihu immediately became filled with confidence. He suddenly stepped forward and then, with a ‘woosh,’ he shot out explosively toward Chu Feng.

Ben Leihu’s speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived before Chu Feng. As Ben Leihu was a monstrous beast, his strength was extraordinary. When he clenched his fist, it appeared like an iron hammer as it smashed toward Chu Feng’s face.

This fist strike was as fast as lighting and as powerful as a falling stone. Regardless of whether it was its speed or strength, they were both extremely astonishing and not to be looked down upon.

After he threw that fist out explosively, many timid female disciples turned their gazes away. They feared that Ben Leihu would be able to turn Chu Feng into mincemeat with that fist strike of his.

As for those people with the courage to watch, they were clenching their teeth tightly and holding their breaths. That was because Ben Leihu’s fist strike truly contained a great amount of destructive power.

However, when faced with such a powerful fist, Chu Feng only stood motionlessly with his hands behind his back. Only when the whistling wind from the fist arrived did he slightly move his body to the side, dodging Ben Leihu’s heavy fist.

At the same time he did that, Chu Feng abruptly extended his right hand. Like an eagle’s claw, he grabbed Ben Leihu’s wrist.

After he grabbed Ben Leihu’s wrist, Chu Feng’s body turned backward, and he abruptly swung Ben Leihu into the air.

All of this happened truly too unexpectedly. By the time Ben Leihu managed to react, it was already too late. With a loud ‘bang’ and a surging amount of smoke, Chu Feng had already thrown Ben Leihu into the ground.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow…”

The enormous power of Chu Feng’s throw did not stop after Ben Leihu landed on the ground. Instead, it caused Ben Leihu to tumble many times over before finally stopping several hundred meters away and lying on the ground.

“Chu Feng, he actually…”

At this moment, regardless of whether they might be elders or disciples, men or women, experts or weak individuals, those who knew Chu Feng or those who didn’t, the expressions of practically everyone present changed greatly. They were all struck dumb. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng were all filled with astonishment.

The reason they were reacting in this manner was not because of how beautiful Chu Feng’s counterattack was. Instead, it was because Chu Feng’s current aura was no longer that of a rank three Martial King. Instead, it was now that of a rank five Martial King.

Chu Feng exposed his true cultivation. This naturally shocked everyone present. Even though a rank five Martial King could be considered to be a big deal in the Cyanwood Mountain, for a rank five Martial King to be able to easily and ruthlessly throw a powerful monstrous beast like Ben Leihu was something that no one could not be shocked by.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had managed to hide his cultivation before everyone present, causing all of them to think that he was only a rank three Martial King. His concealment of his cultivation was truly too extraordinary.

After all, there were no small number of experts present. However, regardless of all that, the crowd finally realized why Chu Feng dared to accept Ben Leihu’s challenge without using his world spirit.

It turned out that he actually possessed the certainty of victory.