Chapter 1274 - Fight Between Demons

MGA: Chapter 1274 - Fight Between Demons

“Eggy, don’t be afraid, I’ll help you.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly shouted and extended one hand from his gown.

Only at this moment did everyone notice that Chu Feng was tightly clenching his hand. It seemed as if there was something bubbling up in there.


Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his palm, and a very loud sound echoed out from it. Upon close inspection, it was actually two oval-shaped lights being shot out from Chu Feng’s palm.

Once the lights left Chu Feng’s palm, they traveled with an extremely fast speed and began to rapidly expand in size. One of the oval lights landed on Chu Feng’s body whereas the other landed on Eggy’s body.

After the oval lights covered both Chu Feng and Eggy, the crimson colored chains began to surround Eggy completely.


However, right at this moment, an astonishing scene occurred. Those chains that were supposed to be extremely powerful and capable of containing anything instantly dissolved and lost all power the moment they touched Eggy’s body.

“Heavens, what is that? It actually managed to block the Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ Dragon Bloodline Formation?”

When they saw this scene, not to mention the ignorant outsiders who had come to watch the show, even some management elders from the Cyanwood Mountain were displaying expressions of shock.

“That’s a formation, a formation capable of splitting apart the Bloodline Formation.”

“Chu Feng had been inspecting the Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ Bloodline Formation the entire time and managed to secretly set up a formation capable of stopping the Bloodline Formation. After he finished setting it up, he hid the formation in his hand and only then did he start to provoke the Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

“You all thought that Chu Feng was throwing his life away. However, none of you knew that he had already prepared everything in advance and possessed the certainty of victory,” Right at this moment, Bai Suyan spoke. Her voice was very loud; she was deliberately making sure that everyone present would be able to hear her.

“What? This Chu Feng already prepared a countermeasure before he even decided to take on the Monstrous Dragon Beasts?”

“Unimaginable! He actually managed to set up a formation capable of breaking apart the Bloodline Formation in such a short period of time?!”

After hearing what Bai Suyan said, not to mention the outsiders, even the management elders present were astonished. They had no choice but to hold a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.


Right at the moment when everyone was astonished by what Chu Feng did, Eggy was fighting the Monstrous Dragon Beast king. With the protection formation around her, she was protected from the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s Bloodline Formation and was able to fully display her strength to fight against the Monstrous Dragon Beast king.

However, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was no ordinary character either. Not only did it possess the Bloodline of the Dragon, it was also a Half Martial Emperor. As such, the abilities and strength that it possessed could not be underestimated.

As the bellow of the Monstrous Dragon Beast king resounded throughout the region, its enormous body swept across the sky and under the water, swallowing the clouds, blowing out the fog and overturning the water of the lake. It appeared to be omnipotent.

However, even though this was the case, Eggy was not at all at a disadvantage. She stood midair and did not even move from her location. The only thing she was doing was controlling her dark black colored gaseous flames to fight against the Monstrous Dragon Beast king.

The black-colored gaseous flames were formless to begin with. As such, they moved about like mist.

However, under Eggy’s control, those black gaseous flames were able to turn into enormous hands capable of ripping apart countless Monstrous Dragon Beasts. At the same time, it was also capable of turning into an enormous mouth covered with sharp teeth.

Most importantly, within the black gaseous flame were two faintly discernible cavities that appeared like enormous eyes. Those two eyes were filled with killing intent. The killing intent was many times stronger than the one being emitted by the Monstrous Dragon Beast king. It was as if the black gaseous flames were alive.

However, regardless of what was happening, one thing was certain. That was, of the two beings that were currently wreaking havoc on the surface of the lake and the sky above it, neither one of them were good-natured. Their intense battle was like two ferocious monsters fighting one another.

What they were competing in was not a mere difference in strength. Instead, it was who was more cruel, more brutal and possessed more deterrence than the other.

On this point, it was evident that Eggy held the superior position. Even though the outcome of their battle was yet to be decided, she had already begun to display her viciousness and ruthlessness.

That was because the over one thousand Monstrous Dragon Beasts that had been captured by her earlier were being devoured by her at this time. Strange and frightening suction power was being emitted by the enormous hand formed by black gaseous flames. It covered the bodies of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts completely before invading them.


“Our King, save us, save us….”


The Monstrous Dragon beasts were howling tragically nonstop. They no longer possessed the might that made them appear as if they were the kings among beasts from before. Like a bunch of lambs on their way to being slaughtered, the only thing that they could do was howl in grief.

In fact, being captured by Eggy, they truly were no different than lambs on their way to being slaughtered. This was something that everyone could see with their eyes.

The crowd was able to clearly see with their eyes that the steel-like scales of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts were coming off from their bodies. After that, their flesh began to tear, and blood splattered all over the sky before being completely devoured by the black gaseous flames.

In the blink of an eye, over a thousand Monstrous Dragon Beasts, the huge monsters that were capable of calling upon the wind and summoning the rain, had turned into numerous sets of skeletons. Furthermore, at this very moment, even the skeletons were being split apart, turning from pieces into dust before being devoured by the black gaseous flames.

“I’ll dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!”

Seeing all of its clansmen being killed before its eyes, seeing them endure an enormous pain before their deaths and seeing their bodies torn and their bones crushed after dying, the anger of the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was something that everyone could sense.


Suddenly, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king roared. The crimson-colored marks on its body actually grew darker in color and began to cover over half of its body. This change made it so that his body seemed like a black rock wall with crimson-colored lava flowing through it. It was truly a frightening sight.

However, the most important aspect was that its enormous body was actually expanding in size. It had become twice as large as before. With this change, its explosive aura had also doubled.

After the change to its body was completed, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king suddenly swung its body, opened its enormous mouth and bit down toward Eggy. It was really planning to tear Eggy to pieces.

“Tsk, you want to join your bandit subordinates? Very well, this Queen shall help you accomplish your goal.”

However, even when facing this, Eggy did not fear in the slightest. Instead, a mocking smile appeared on her exceptionally beautiful face.

Suddenly, Eggy’s gaze turned completely red. Her beautiful irises were replaced by crimson lights. Her exceptionally beautiful face turned extremely frightening.


A strange bellow sounded from the black gaseous flames. This bellow resonated throughout heaven and earth. Hearing the sound, the people present all began to tremble with fear.

At the same time that the bellow sounded, layer upon layer of black gaseous flames were being emitted from Eggy nonstop. In an instant, they formed an enormous hand, and that hand ruthlessly grabbed onto the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s neck.


However, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was, after all, a Half Martial Emperor. Unlike its kin, it was not easily subdued by the hand. Instead, it whipped its tail and, while carrying with it a gale, swept toward Eggy.

However, even with this, Eggy remained completely confident. With a single thought from her, nine more enormous hands were formed by the black gaseous flames. The nine enormous hands firmly captured the Monstrous Dragon Beast king.


At that moment, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was snarling nonstop. Layer upon layer of frantic energy was being emitted from its body as it tried to swing its body back and forth with all its might so as to break apart the binding of the black gaseous flames.

However, how would Eggy possibly give him an opportunity to escape? The nine enormous hands clenched tighter and tighter. Not only did the long, sharp fingers pierce deep into the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s body, the clenching of the hands also shattered its scales, causing its blood to violently rush out from its body.

“I’ll devour you!”

The Monstrous Dragon Beast realized the situation that it was in and used its final strength to swing its body back and forth. With its enormous mouth wide open, it tried to bite down toward Eggy. It was truly fighting with its last breath.


However, right at this moment, an enormous skull actually appeared from the black gaseous flames.

That skull possessed two empty sockets for eyes and an enormous mouth. At this moment, that enormous mouth was wide open and covered with sharp teeth formed by black gaseous flames. Without any hesitation, it bit down on the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s body.

With the bite, a ‘snap’ was heard. The Monstrous Dragon Beast king had been snapped in two. Like a rainstorm, a large amount of blood was pouring down and out of its body. The blood created a large amount of splashes and ripples as it landed in the crimson-colored lake.

“Ahhhhh~~~~~” At this moment, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king emitted a loud and clear howl in grief. Its howl was capable of tearing one’s heart and splitting one’s lungs. It was truly filled with sorrow and grief.