Chapter 1273 - Her Lady Queen

MGA: Chapter 1273 - Her Lady Queen

“That Chu Feng, he… he… he actually dares to say those sorts of words to the Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

Once Chu Feng said those words, not to mention the Monstrous Dragon Beasts, even the surrounding crowd were startled. That was because Chu Feng was truly arrogant.

“Hahaha, little brat, have you lost your mind? Do you know who it is that you’re facing right now?”

“You actually dare to speak to this great Monstrous Beast king in such a manner, do you believe that I won’t tear you up into ten thousand pieces?”

Compared to the spectators, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was not enraged by what Chu Feng said. Instead, it had actually burst into loud laughter. It was as if it had heard an extremely funny joke. In fact, to it, what Chu Feng had said earlier was the same as a joke.

“Heh, it would seem that you’re planning to choose the latter option,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. After that, with a movement of his foot, he stepped into the so-called Dragon Bloodline Formation.

What Chu Feng did greatly frightened a bunch of people. Even the Monstrous Dragon Beasts involuntary moved backwards. They feared that Chu Feng might really possess the heaven-defying ability to wipe them all out.

However, upon seeing this, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king burst into a loud laugh, “And here I was considering how powerful you were. Turns out that you’re merely a rank three Martial King. With your cultivation, you even dared to talk nonsense of eliminating us? Little brat, have you come to make this king laugh?”

“That Chu Feng is a rank three Martial King?”

When they heard what the Monstrous Dragon Beast king said, the surrounding crowd were all shocked. They had never imagined that Chu Feng would only be a rank three Martial King.

“Humph, what sort of cultivation did you all think he possesses? That’s right, he is only a rank three Martial King. Else, why would I say those six senior brothers and senior sister of mine being held captive are greatly superior to him?”

When they saw that the observers were disappointed by Chu Feng’s cultivation, those Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples that were slandering Chu Feng became even more proud of themselves and started to insult Chu Feng even more.

Swayed by their insults, many observers lost all hope for Chu Feng. They felt that the show that they were anticipating was unlikely to come.

“Monstrous Dragon Beast king, I have a question to ask you,” Suddenly, Chu Feng said.

“What is your question?” The Monstrous Dragon beast king asked.

“How do you all want to die?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little brat, can you not see the situation that you’re in? If I don’t teach you a lesson, you would truly think that you can eliminate our clan.”

“Right now, I’ll allow you to know exactly how small and weak you really are. This Monstrous Dragon king doesn’t even have to move. With merely a single thought, I will be able to turn you into dust.”

With Chu Feng’s repeated provocations, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was finally enraged. With a snarl, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s oppressive might that seemed to be able to topple the mountains and overturn the seas came crashing toward Chu Feng. Even though its speed was not extremely fast, the power contained in its oppressive might was something that no one below Half Martial Emperor level could resist.


However, at the moment when the oppressive might was about to reach Chu Feng, at the moment when everyone felt that Chu Feng would be losing his life, Chu Feng coldly laughed. His eyes squinted and then a World Spirit Gate appeared in front of him.

When the World Spirit Gate appeared, it was as if a bottomless pit that was capable of devouring the entire world had appeared. A gale rushed forth, and as the sound of the wind echoed, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s oppressive might was actually devoured before the countless gazes of the crowd.

“What, what… what is that?” Even the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was shocked by the scene before it. An expression of astonishment actually emerged on its face.

“Chu Feng, since this bunch of little snakes don’t know about their own situation, let’s make them die without a burial site.”

At this moment, Her Lady Queen began to walk out from the World Spirit Gate with elegant steps and displayed her exceptional beauty to everyone present.

“This is, that world spirit?!” When they saw Eggy, Bai Yunxiao and the others’ expressions turned green. They were extremely nervous.

Even though they were currently being held captives, they did not wish for Chu Feng to defeat the Monstrous Dragon Beast king and bask in the limelight.

After all, if that were to happen, it would be equivalent to telling everyone that they were inferior to Chu Feng.

They knew very well that this rank five Martial King-level world spirit was Chu Feng’s trump card. Whether Chu Feng might be able to defeat the Monstrous Dragon Beast king would all be dependent on that world spirit.

If it were any other world spirit, they would definitely not be worried at all. After all, there was absolutely no chance that a rank five Martial King could win against a Half Martial Emperor.

However, as it was Eggy, they had no choice but to be worried. After all, Eggy was the legendary Asura World Spirit. Asura World Spirits were things that people had only heard about in legends. As per the legends, they described the Asura World Spirits to be extremely powerful. As for how much strength the Asura World Spirits actually possessed, it was something that no one truly knew.

“Haha, for you to speak such arrogant words, I had thought that you would send out an extraordinary world spirit.”

“However, after all this, it’s only a little girl with the cultivation of a rank five Martial King. Truly like master like servant. Both of you can only speak boastful words without fearing about biting your tongues on the way.”

“However, little brat, while your world spirit’s strength is not up to much, her appearance is truly good. If you are to allow this Monstrous Beast king to play with your world spirit, then I might consider letting you return alive. What do you think?” At the beginning, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king was worried. However, after it discovered Eggy’s cultivation, all of its worries disappeared into thin air.

“Eggy, go ahead. Kill them however you want to. All of them are yours,” Chu Feng said.

“Heh, I’ll enjoy myself then,” Eggy smiled sinisterly. After that, a cold flash shone through her beautiful eyes and a faint redness emerged in them. As her skirt fluttered in the wind, as her long hair moved as in a dance, boundless dark black-colored gaseous flames rushed out from Eggy’s body like the eruption of a volcano.

Once the black gaseous flames appeared, the world immediately began to tremble. Violent winds began to scud the clouds. A terrifying aura soon filled the entire region.

However, the most frightening thing was not the aura of the gaseous flames. Instead, under Eggy’s control, those gaseous flames turned into an enormous palm.

Even though the palm was formed by the gaseous flames, it appeared as if it were real. Not only was it enormously large, it also contained six sharp fingers. That was simply no palm of humans nor animals, instead, it appeared more like the palm of a devil.

The black colored palm was enormously fast. In the blink of an eye, it arrived before the Monstrous Dragon Beasts. Before the Monstrous Dragon Beasts could react, that enormous palm had already clenched into a fist and grabbed onto their necks.


With their lives being held by another, the Monstrous Dragon Beasts were extremely fearful. In an instant, the several thousand huge monsters had become helpless. Other than swinging their enormous bodies back and forth and shrieking nonstop, they were powerless to do anything.

“You, what exactly are you?”

At this moment, only the Monstrous Dragon Beast king remained uncaught by the enormous palm. However, when it saw that all of its clansmen had been caught by Eggy in an instant, even it was unable to remain calm.


Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king did not dare to be careless. The crimson color of its eyes began to intensify, it was starting to operate the so-called Dragon Bloodline Formation. Countless crimson colored chains appeared and began to wind around Eggy.

Those chains were no small matter at all. In the range of the formation, it was practically impossible for one to dodge them. As such, even Eggy started to frown.