Chapter 1272 - Chu Feng Stepping Onto The Stage

MGA: Chapter 1272 - Chu Feng Stepping Onto The Stage

The elders of the Cyanwood Mountain were confronting the Monstrous Dragon Beasts.

It was not that the elders were incapable of eliminating the Monstrous Dragon Beasts. On the contrary, if they wanted to, eliminating the Monstrous Dragon Beasts was as easy as crushing a group of ants to death, something that they could do with a snap of their fingers.

However, they did not wish to do that; they did not wish to make this dragon grade mission the matter of everyone’s ridicule.

They were still hoping, hoping that Bai Yunxiao and the others would be able to turn the situation around, regardless of how unrealistic that would be.

“Haha, what can you do now? What an utter disgrace.”

“Chu Feng, Ruochen, Senior Bai, quickly, look over there. Look at the faces of those Cyanwood Mountain’s old men. They’re frowning like steamed stuffed buns.[1. Common Chinese food item, usually stuffed with meat.] Haha, this is truly ridiculously funny.”

All the elders on the master viewing platform had extremely ugly expressions on their faces. Yet, in spite of all this, Sima Ying burst into loud laughter. Not only was her laughter filled with joy, she even began to publicly humiliate the management elders who sat beside her. Her actions were truly rash.

Her actions brought them the ill and hateful gazes of many management elders. Even those several subordinates of Half Martial Emperor White Ape glared at Sima Ying.

Even though there were hostilities and conflicts between the elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, at this moment, they all possessed the same standpoint.

As management elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, none of them enjoyed watching the Cyanwood Mountain lose face like this. It was not only limited to the elders present right now. If Half Martial Emperor White Ape was present, he too would not wish for this dragon grade mission to conclude in such a manner.

“Come, attack us. You bunch of old bastards, what are you waiting for?”

“Could it be that you’re waiting for the six little bastards to break out of our Dragon Bloodline Formation and defeat us afterward?”

“You should stop dreaming, stop your wishful thinking. Not to mention these six little bastards, even if all of your Cyanwood Mountain’s little bastards were to come at us, they would only die.”

“Before our Dragon Bloodline Formation, no one underneath Half Martial Emperor would be able to escape. Regardless of whether they might be Divine Bodies or other Monstrous Beasts, before our Dragon Bloodline Formation, they are all powerless.”

The Monstrous Dragon Beast king already knew that they would all definitely be killed. Thus, it did not care about anything anymore, and began to insult the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders time and time again. It had made the firm decision to humiliate the Cyanwood Mountain before its death.

Faced with the insults from the Monstrous Dragon Beast king, even though the elders of the Cyanwood Mountain were gnashing their teeth in anger, they could do nothing other than endure the insults.

As for the surrounding crowd, although none of them dared to say anything bad about the Cyanwood Mountain, disappointment was clearly written on their faces.

They had come here so that they could experience the might of the Cyanwood Mountain’s top-notch disciples. Yet, in the end, to their surprise, this was what they ended up seeing.

In but an instant, the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples that all of them had been praising so much showed themselves to be massively inferior to what they had anticipated.

“Are you certain that none of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples are a match for you?” Right at this moment, a loud and clear voice suddenly sounded from the master viewing platform and resounded throughout the Boundless Green Sea.

When this voice sounded, everyone turned their gazes to the master viewing platform. They thought that it was a management elder who spoke those words.

However, at this moment, the management elders all shifted their gazes to Chu Feng. That was because they all knew that it was Chu Feng who had said those words.

At this moment, Chu Feng slowly got up from his seat and, before the countless eyes watching him, began to walk in the air toward the Boundless Green Sea.

“For him to be this courageous, who is he?”

“Judging from his outfit, he’s a disciple. However, for him to be sitting on the master viewing platform, he’s most definitely not an ordinary disciple.”

“That child’s age is extremely young, no? He’s even younger than the previous six disciples that were dispatched. With his age, could he possibly be a match for tha.t Monstrous Dragon Beast king?”

Other than the people from the Cyanwood Mountain, the majority of the other people did not know about Chu Feng. Thus, when they saw Chu Feng’s appearance, they all began to discuss him spiritedly.

Chu Feng’s appearance caused all of the surrounding crowd’s eyes to shine. He brought enthusiasm back to the sea of previously spiritless people.

Seeing Chu Feng approaching him, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king coldly asked, “Who are you?”

“Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, Chu Feng,” Chu Feng spoke his grand name.

“Chu Feng, his name is Chu Feng? Who is this Chu Feng? Does anyone know? If anyone does, quickly tell me about him,” When they heard Chu Feng’s name, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar.

“Chu Feng, I know about him. I’ve heard that this Chu Feng is an exceptional demon-level character, a super genius. You all know about Yuan Qing, right? That genius that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, that Yuan Qing? However, as a matter of fact, it was not Yuan Qing who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle at all. Instead, it was this Chu Feng.”

“I’ve heard that not only did this Chu Feng trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle controlled by the Ancient Era’s Elves, he also triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in the Cyanwood Mountain. He is most definitely the disciple with the greatest amount of talent and potential in the Cyanwood Mountain. It could be said that he’s the number one disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

Those people who had heard about Chu Feng’s accomplishments began to loudly proclaim them to the crowd. Not only did they speak of all the truths that they had heard, they even added details to their stories to illustrate how broad their knowledge and experience was.

“Wow, he’s actually that amazing? It would appear that these Monstrous Dragon Beasts will be facing a great crisis now,” After hearing about Chu Feng’s accomplishments, the eyes of those people that did not know about him began to shine. They became extremely emotional, and the gazes with which they looked at Chu Feng were filled with reverence and adoration.

“Tsk, what do you all possibly know? That Chu Feng has been beaten down to the state of a dog in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“I truly do not know how he still has the courage to come over here. In my opinion, he has only come to throw his life away.”

However, many of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples took this opportunity to belittle Chu Feng. As for these disciples, the majority of them were the subordinates of Bai Yunxiao and Tao Xiangyu, the members of the Heaven Inquiring Division and the Peach Immortal Division.

They greatly wished for Chu Feng’s infamy to spread far and wide. As such, how could they possibly want others to think that Chu Feng was an amazing genius?

Thus, they would naturally strike at Chu Feng. Furthermore, they truly believed that Chu Feng was about to bring about his own destruction.

“Oh? That Chu Feng that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, how could he be that useless?” After hearing these words, those people that had thought highly of Chu Feng cast sidelong glances at the members of the Heaven Inquiring Division and the Peach Immortal Division. They did not believe in their words.

“So what if he triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle? He was still beaten by our senior brother Qin to a state of being unable to stand back up. Here, let me explain it to you in simpler terms. Those six who are trapped out there are all stronger than Chu Feng. If this Chu Feng truly dares to go over and challenge those Monstrous Dragon Beasts, he would only be throwing his life away. There is no way that he would be able to return alive,” That disciple said.

“Truly?” The crowd began to doubt.

“We are all core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, we know the most about Chu Feng. We have all seen with our own eyes how he was beaten.”

“As for what you all have heard, they are merely rumors. I am disinclined to try to explain to you all about what is the truth and what is false. You should all just think about it for yourselves,” That disciple spoke as if he was swearing his words were the truth.

When they saw that disciple’s expression of certainty, the gazes of the people who were hopeful for Chu Feng began to change. They began to doubt him.

As for Chu Feng, he did not care about the discussions of the crowd, whether they might be praising or belittling him, honoring or disgracing him. One step at a time, he shortened the distance between himself and the Monstrous Dragon Beasts. In the end, the courageous Chu Feng arrived at the corner of the body of water filled with the Monstrous Dragon Beast’s blood.

At this moment, those who were concerned about Chu Feng began to secretly send voice transmissions to him, telling him to, no matter what, not enter the water.

However, Chu Feng brushed them off. Instead, he looked to the bunch of Monstrous Dragon Beasts with blood-like crimson eyes that were emitting a great amount of killing intent.

“I will give you all two options. If you are to surrender, you might be able to live.”

“If you do not, I’ll exterminate all of you.”

“Make your decision among yourselves,” Chu Feng spoke indifferently.