Chapter 1275 - Proving Oneself

MGA: Chapter 1275 - Proving Oneself

The Monstrous Dragon Beast king was being tormented to an appalling scene of devastation. Even the surrounding crowd was shocked and astonished by what they were seeing. Cold sweat covered their bodies as they were greatly frightened by Eggy’s black gaseous flame monster.

However, the skull formed by the black gaseous flames did not stop with only this. One bite after another, it continued to tear apart the Monstrous Dragon Beast king. With each bite, more dripping blood came out from the Monstrous Dragon Beast king. After each bite, a large section of the Monstrous Dragon Beast king’s body was devoured by it.

At the same time, the ten enormous hands that had grabbed onto the Monstrous Dragon Beast king began to tighten their grips. In an instant, they ripped the enormous body of the Monstrous Dragon Beast king into fragments.

Just like this, the ruler of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts, the Monstrous Dragon Beast king, was, before the countless gazes of the observers, torn apart and devoured. In the end, all of it was completely eaten clean. It truly died without an intact corpse, and all of this was done by Eggy.

At this moment, there was no longer a red shine in Eggy’s eyes. They had returned to her normal, beautiful, starlight-like and intelligent eyes.

On her face was a slight smile. It was extremely charming, beautiful and alluring.

Eggy was still the same person. Her beauty was enough to fascinate others, enough to cause them to choke. As long as she stood here, there would never be another woman more beautiful than her.

However, after the crowd saw how cruel and ruthless Eggy was, not a single person dared to underestimate this beautiful girl.

It was so much so that for some cowardly people, the gazes with which they looked to Eggy were filled with fear. Their expressions were not at all those of someone seeing a beauty; they were simply the expressions of someone seeing a monster.

“The source energy tasted pretty good. Merely, it’s a bit too little.”

“Well, the mission’s complete, guess I’ll return first.”

After recovering the black gaseous flames into her body, Eggy turned around charmingly and lightly sucked on her little finger in a slightly disappointed manner. Then and only then did she began to jump and hop back into the world spirit gate and disappear from everyone’s line of sight.

“Heavens, is she really a world spirit? How could there be such a powerful world spirit in this world? She is only a rank five Martial King, but was able to kill a rank one Half Martial Emperor!”

After Eggy returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit gate, the surrounding crowd immediately burst into an uproar. Eggy had eliminated all of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts by herself. Her strength was simply too powerful, so powerful that she had astonished everyone.

“Of course she’s powerful, you must know that she’s an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit,” At this moment, an informed individual loudly spoke.

“What? Asura Spirit World’s world spirit? Are you talking about that legendary Asura Spirit World, the strongest of the Seven Spirit Worlds?” Hearing what that person said, the surrounding crowd was completely stunned. Disbelief was written all over their faces.

One could not blame them for their current reactions. If one wanted to blame something, then one could only blame the reputation of the Asura World Spirits being too enormous, so enormous that no one could remain calm after knowing that Eggy was one of them.

“Amazing, truly amazing. This Chu Feng not only possessed the ability to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he actually also managed to contract an Asura World Spirit. His talent is simply unprecedented, truly a bit too scary.”

“This Chu Feng, he is truly the pride of the heavens.” At this moment, voices expressing their admirations for Chu Feng filled the entire Boundless Green Sea.

“Who was it earlier that said Chu Feng was inferior to those six disciples who were captured? He defeated the Monstrous Dragon Beast king using only his world spirit. With merely that, he is not someone that any of those six could compare with.”

“That’s right, did you truly think that we were blind? You actually dared to slander Chu Feng in such a manner, do you not fear that you will bite your tongue?”

“Sigh, everyone, calm down. As the saying goes, everyone possesses their own selfish desires. With how outstanding Chu Feng is, it is inevitable that he would bring about the jealousy of others.”

There were even some bold observers who started to indirectly insult the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples who were previously insulting Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, the faces of those disciples that had slandered Chu Feng earlier turned extremely green and as ugly as they could be.

“Chu Feng, good job, woahhh~~~~~~~”

At this time, there were disciples from the Cyanwood Mountain that started to cheer for Chu Feng. They were people from the Ascension Division. As they were allies with Chu Feng to begin with, they would naturally cheer for him when they saw that he had assisted their Cyanwood Mountain and kept their dignity.

Following the first sounds of cheering, countless more cheers began to explode from the sea of people like thunder. More and more elders and disciples began to loudly cheer for Chu Feng.

There was no need to mention those who were fond of Chu Feng to begin with. Those disciples and elders who had formerly held a neutral view of Chu Feng also began to cheer for him. They had grown fond of him from the bottoms of their hearts.

As for those people who hated Chu Feng deeply, the people who considered him to be a thorn, they were all deeply frowning at this moment. Their expressions were like those of people who had just eaten shit.

However, there was nothing they could do. That was because the Cyanwood Mountain had indeed been on the verge of being disgraced and it had indeed been Chu Feng who saved the reputation of the Cyanwood Mountain from that crisis.

At that moment, Chu Feng became the hero of the Cyanwood Mountain. Regardless of whether they were willing or not, it was a fact that they had no choice but to accept.

“That boy Chu Feng truly hid his skills well. He actually possesses such a powerful world spirit to protect him. No wonder his attainments in world spirit techniques are so high, so exceptional,” Bai Suyan was nodding repeatedly. On her beautiful face was a charming smile. It was evident that she was somewhat surprised by Chu Feng’s performance too.

“Chu Feng is indeed very amazing. Every aspect of him greatly surpasses me. Especially that world spirit…” Bai Ruochen’s gaze was flickering. She could not forget about the time when she had been utterly defeated by Eggy. However, upon seeing what had just happened, she felt that being defeated by Eggy back then was only natural. After all, Eggy was so powerful.

“What’s going on with Chu Feng? Wouldn’t it be good for him to just sit and watch as the Cyanwood Mountain is humiliated? Why did he act to save them?” However, compared to them, Sima Ying was angered by Chu Feng’s actions and began to stamp her feet nonstop.

Even though she was also astonished by Chu Feng’s strength, she was displeased upon recalling that Chu Feng had saved the Cyanwood Mountain from their disgrace.

“Foolish girl, you are ignorant on this matter.”

“No matter what sort of conflicts Chu Feng has with some of the elders, it is only internal strife. In the end, Chu Feng is still a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“As a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, he naturally should do all he can to get the Cyanwood Mountain out of a predicament. Let alone, with what he did, not only would his fame greatly increase, he would also be able to gain popularity among the people. The benefits are numerous, so why shouldn’t he do it?” Bai Suyan explained with a smile.

“So that’s the case? But… sigh…”

After hearing Bai Suyan’s explanation, Sima Ying suddenly came to a realization. However, even with this, she was still not happy. That was because she didn’t care about all of that and only wanted to see the Cyanwood Mountain being disgraced, since the people from the Cyanwood Mountain had treated her extremely badly before.


At that moment, the sounds of cheering became louder and louder. They were like thunder piercing the ears. It turned out that the cheering sound became louder because Chu Feng had soared into the sky and was returning in triumph.

“Chu Feng, great job! You have truly earned great merits this time!”

“Chu Feng, when Lord Headmaster gets out from his closed-door training, we will definitely jointly report your contributions to him so that he can reward you properly.”

With Chu Feng’s return, the many elders on the master viewing platform stood up in succession to welcome him. Among them were the subordinates of Half Martial Emperor White Ape, the elders of the Weaponry Refinement Department including Xiahou Jianting, and the elders from the Martial Skills Department and the Mysterious Techniques Department.

Chu Feng became the most popular person in the eyes of the elders. Everyone was welcoming him back and praising him nonstop with smiles on their faces.

However, there was a group of elders on the master viewing platform who were different from the rest. They were the management elders from the Punishment Department.

As the largest branch power organization, the Punishment Department possessed the greatest amount of management elders. However, at that very moment, the situation was extremely awkward for them. They were unable to make themselves welcome Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng had done a great service for the Cyanwood Mountain. If they did not welcome him, it would not be good either.

This caused them to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

At this moment, through the cracks from the crowd, Chu Feng noticed the ugly expressions on the Punishment Department’s management elders.

When he saw how awkward they were, Chu Feng sneered in his heart. With things having reached this point, his plan was basically finished.

What he wanted to do was precisely to prove himself before everyone. Regardless of whether it was people that were fond of him, people who were hostile toward him or the people that did not know about him, he wanted all of them to know about his abilities.

So what if the Punishment Department stood against him and deliberately made things difficult for him?

As matters stood, didn’t he still managed to receive the cheers of everyone before them?

As for them, what could they do?

Other than standing there as if they had eaten flies, there was nothing they could do.

At this moment, Chu Feng was the main focus of everyone present, the hero in the eyes of the people.