Chapter 1261 - Who Is Attacking?

MGA: Chapter 1261 - Who Is Attacking?

At this moment, outside of the window, the Ascension Sect was a complete mess. The enormous trees that reached the sky had collapsed one after another. All kinds of buildings has already collapsed and all kinds of screams were being heard from all directions. Everyone from the Ascension Sect was alarmed by what was happening.

Chaos, unease, worry, fear, and not knowing what to do was written on the faces of everyone from the Ascension Sect.


Right at this moment, another extremely loud explosion was heard. At this moment, Chu Feng managed to notice the direction where that explosion had sounded from. It was actually the center of the Ascension Sect. Furthermore, following that loud explosion, an energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye began to sweep across everything as it spread.

Wherever that energy ripple passed, regardless of whether it might be the Ascension Sect’s buildings or those enormous trees, they were all left in complete shambles, either shattering or collapsing. There were some trees that were completely uprooted and came flying toward Chu Feng and the others.

Before this ripple, many screams from martial cultivators were heard repeatedly. Many cultivators with cultivations at Martial Lord and above were seriously injured. As for those below Martial Lord, many of them were killed.



However, this was merely the beginning. Following this, wave upon wave of ripples began to spread. Furthermore, each wave was more intense than the previous one. In an instant, the Ascension Sect that had existed for countless years was receiving a devastating attack.

“Set up the formation, quickly, set up the formation!”

In the chaos, Chu Feng saw the silhouettes of the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and Sikong Zhaixing. They were rapidly flying toward the center of the Ascension Sect. It appeared that they were activating a defensive formation to protect the Ascension Sect.

Sure enough, not long after they flew to the center region, a spirit formation that sealed off heaven and earthen began to spread.

In the night, the light of the spirit formation was brightly flickering. When it shone upon the mess of a state that the current Ascension Sect was in, it gave off a sad yet beautiful appearance.




Even though the release of that spirit formation managed to block the destructive attack, it did not stop it. At a place that could not be seen with the naked eye, wave upon wave of energy ripples were pounding on the Ascension Sect’s defensive barrier and causing it to tremble nonstop.

“What exactly is going on? Who is attacking our Ascension Sect?” At this moment, even Bai Ruochen showed an expression of anger.

Even though she did not have a deep sense of affection for the Ascension Sect, it remained that she had lived in the Ascension Sect for two years. Thus, to a greater or lesser degree, she possessed some feelings for it.

And now, as she watched her fellow Ascension Sect disciples being killed and injured, and the countless ancient buildings with histories thousands of years old being shattered and destroyed, rage filled Bai Ruochen’s heart.

“Truly abominable. Have they come for us? Could it be the Cyanwood Mountain?” Even an outsider like Sima Ying had an expression of anger on her face.

She suspected that the attack was most likely from the Cyanwood Mountain and most likely aimed at them.

Compared to Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying, Chu Feng had his eyes closed and was using his spirit power to examine his surroundings. Finally, he opened his eyes and began to move. He utilized a movement martial skill and began to fly rapidly toward the center of the Ascension Sect.

“Chu Feng, did you discover something?” Seeing Chu Feng’s actions, Bai Rucohen and Sima Ying hurriedly followed after him.

“While I cannot ascertain who did this, the attacks are coming from the Ascension Sect’s center, deep underground,” Chu Feng said.

“Deep underground?” Hearing those words, both Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying were surprised.

If someone was truly attacking the Ascension Sect, then, judging from the previous attacks, their opponent’s strength was most definitely very strong.

Normally, there should be no reason for them to mount a sneak attack from underground; someone with this level of strength could totally just attack them head-on. Thus, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying were puzzled by this.

“We’re too far away, so I cannot clearly see what’s happening. I need to get closer in order to determine what is happening with my eyes,” Chu Feng said.

After hearing those words, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying realized Chu Feng’s intentions. They no longer bothered to ask about anything, and began to follow behind Chu Feng and started flying toward the central region of the Ascension Sect with him.

The closer they reached, the stronger those pounding attacks became. Indeed, it was being transmitted from deep underground.

“Ruochen, Chu Feng, don’t come over here, it’s dangerous here.”

At this moment, all of the powerful management elders of the Ascension Sect were gathered here. Even though the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and Sikong Zhaixing were not present, these elders were still all Half Martial Emperor-level experts.

“Elders, allow me to see exactly who it is that’s attacking our Ascension Sect.”

Chu Feng did not listen to their advice and instead, like a meteor, charged deep into the underground with a loud ‘boom.’

Like Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying also entered deep into the ground and closely followed behind him.

“It’s dangerous!” Upon seeing this, the Ascension Sect’s management elders were all frightened by their actions. Two among them even directly entered the ground to try to protect Chu Feng and the others.

However, Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying’s speed was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, they reached the depths of the underground, the edge of the Ascension Sect’s defensive barrier.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes turned sharp. He utilized his Heaven’s Eyes and began to inspect the direction in which the ripples were coming from.

When they saw this scene, both Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying grew quiet. Even the two management elders that had followed them over realized Chu Feng’s intentions and did not try to forcibly bring them back. Instead, they stood to the side and watched them quietly.


At this moment, Chu Feng was finally able to see a different scene. Not only were the earth and rocks deep in the underground completely shattered by the enormous attacks, lava was also flowing all over it. Furthermore, successive impacts, each more frightening than the last, were continuously sweeping through the underground. The depths of the underground had already been ravaged and left in complete shambles.

Chu Feng was able to tell that the fluctuations underground were caused by energy ripples, extremely frightening energy ripples.

If those energy ripples were to rush out of the underground, the Ascension Sect’s defensive barrier would not be able to stop them at all. It was likely that everyone in the Ascension Sect would be killed by those energy ripples.

However, it was precisely because someone had set up a very powerful defensive formation that over half of the energy ripples’ might was blocked. Only the aftermath of the energy ripples was able to rush out to the surface. The actual strength of the energy ripples did not manage to reach the Ascension Sect at all. Otherwise, the aftermath would’ve been unthinkable.

However, it was clear that the defensive barrier in the depths of the underground was not set up by people from the Ascension Sect. That was because not only was that formation golden in color, there were insect marks flowing through it. It was no ordinary gold level spirit power, it was actually formed with royal level spirit power.

Furthermore, it was clear that this spirit formation had only been set up recently. At the very least, it was no more than three days old. Thus, it was impossible for it to be something left behind by the Ascension Sect’s previous generations.

“So it’s her?”

At this moment, Chu Feng suddenly recalled a person: Bai Ruochen’s mother, Bai Suyan.

That was because he believed that, in the entire Ascension Sect, only Bai Suyan was able to set up such a spirit formation.

As for those fierce energy ripples, they were evidently caused by a fight between super experts. It was likely that only Bai Suyan would possess a strength of this level.

After he recalled all the things that had happened, Chu Feng felt that all of this was done by Bai Suyan.