Chapter 1260 - An Extremely Loud Explosion

MGA: Chapter 1260 - An Extremely Loud Explosion

Not only was Chu Feng pushed to the wall by Bai Suyan, his body was also being closely squeezed by her body. Her sweet bodily fragrance assailed his nostrils. Her soft body was right next to his. Although Chu Feng had always been a very calm individual, his heartbeat had now accelerated by leaps and bounds. His face turned red and his breathing became heavy.

It was not that Chu Feng was thinking improper thoughts. Instead, he was truly too nervous. He did not know what Bai Suyan wanted to do. Yet, he did not dare to ask her either. He feared that what Bai Suyan might put forward would be something that he would not be able to accomplish.

“Don’t be afraid, this matter might not be hard at all for you,” Bai Suyan smiled a lovely smile and then released Chu Feng by taking a step backward. Afterwards, she took out a scroll from her Cosmos Sack and handed it to Chu Feng.

“Look at this, help me find the entrance and the route to arrive at the red dot. If you do that, I’ll bring you three to the Alliance Domain.”

Chu Feng received the scroll. When he opened it, he discovered that it was actually a picture.

“What is this?” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s no need for you to know. You merely need to help me find the route. After you’ve found it, you can come find me at any time.”

Bai Suyan smiled a charming smile and then swiftly flew out through the window. Like a fairy underneath the moon, she disappeared from Chu Feng’s line of sight.

After Bai Suyan left, Chu Feng began to examine the picture scroll in earnest. Only then did he discover that what was drawn on the picture scroll seemed to be a formation. Yet, at the same time, it appeared to be a map. However, to be more exact, it was more like a maze. On the center of the maze was a red dot. It appeared that something was hidden at that location.

“Is this a treasure map?” Eggy said curiously.

“Seems like it. However, it might not be the case. That said, regardless of what it is, it is unrelated to me,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, do you plan to help her?” Eggy asked.

“Of course. Helping her is equivalent to helping myself. After all, I also wish to leave the Cyanwood Domain and check it out. With how enormous the Holy Land of Martialism is, I cannot possibly stay in the Cyanwood Domain the entire time,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, that’s true too. Since you’ve, more or less, grown accustomed to the Holy Land of Martialism now, it might be beneficial to your growth to go and check out the other regions of the Holy Land of Martialism. It might even allow your cultivation to increase at a faster rate,” Eggy said.

Afterwards, Chu Feng did not concern himself as to what exactly the picture scroll was, and began to start using his Heaven’s Eyes to wholeheartedly help Bai Suyan find the entrance and the route on the picture scroll.

Finally, after three entire days, Chu Feng managed to find an entrance and a route.

“This fast?” At this moment, Bai Suyan had received the newly-drawn picture scroll from Chu Feng. As she looked at the picture scroll in her hand, as well as the entrance and the route that Chu Feng had drawn on it, shock emerged on her beautiful mature face.

Ever since she had obtained the picture scroll, she had spent countless days and nights meticulously studying it. Yet, she, a grand royal cloak world spiritist, had been unable to find a precise entrance and route to the red dot.

Yet, Chu Feng only used three days to accomplish it. Furthermore, even when she, a royal-cloak world spiritist, inspected the entrance and route that Chu Feng selected, she could not find any fault with either of them.

“Little fellow, exactly what are your origins?”

At this moment, Bai Suyan looked to Chu Feng with a gaze filled with pleasant surprise. She had only handed this task to Chu Feng to test him out. Yet, she never expected that he would actually be able to find the entrance and the route.

“Senior, if you’ve obtained the result that you wanted, I hope that you would be able to help me,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, I am one who always honor my words,” Bai Suyan smiled charmingly and put the picture scroll away. Chu Feng was able to tell that Bai Suyan was truly very happy.

After Bai Suyan obtained the picture scroll from Chu Feng, she disappeared. Even Bai Ruochen did not know where Bai Suyan had gone.

However, Chu Feng seemed to be able to guess that Bai Suyan’s disappearance was most definitely related to the picture scroll.

However, Chu Feng did not mention this to anyone. Instead, he quietly waited for Bai Suyan’s return. He believed that if Bai Suyan was able to successfully obtain what she wanted, then she would most likely keep her promise and return to help him.

However, on the second night that Bai Suyan disappeared, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying suddenly appeared at Chu Feng’s residence.

“Ruochen, is what you said true?” Chu Feng was surprised.

It turned out that Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying had come to find him to tell him about a matter. It turned out that the location of the Cyanwood Mountain’s current dragon grade mission, the Boundless Green Sea, was actually located quite close to the Ascension Sect.

Furthermore, the Cyanwood Mountain had already selected the disciples to carry out this mission. They were Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Qi Yanyu, Zhao Jingang, Ben Leihu and Wang Jingzhi.

Most importantly, this dragon grade mission was set to be carried out publicly. In other words, the Cyanwood Mountain had not only dispatched those six genius disciples.

They had also dispatched many elders and invited many other powers to come to the Boundless Green Sea to watch their six genius disciples massacre the Monstrous Dragon Beasts. As the Ascension Sect was located very close to the Boundless Green Sea, they naturally received the invitation as well.

“Absolutely true,” Bai Ruochen nodded her head.

“Truly interesting. That is definitely not carrying out a mission, it is simply a display of their strength,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“That’s precisely the case. Reportedly, the Cyanwood Mountain has dispatched their elders to seal off the Boundless Green Sea and force the Monstrous Dragon Beasts to a designated region. Afterwards, they plan to have Bai Yunxiao and the others massacre those Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

“Their purpose is extremely clear; they are trying to display their might and allow everyone to see the strength of their Cyanwood Mountain’s genius disciples and guarantee their status as the boss in the Cyanwood Domain,” Bai Ruochen replied.

“What’s your plan, Chu Feng? Since we’re this close, should we go and watch the show?” Sima Ying asked with an expression of anticipation.

“Ruochen, do you also wish to go?” Chu Feng looked to Bai Ruochen.

“Actually, I am pretty interested too. After all, the number of people invited this time is very numerous. If we were to disguise ourselves beforehand, they would not be able to recognize us. We would not have to worry about any harm coming our way.”

“I am mostly interested in seeing exactly what those Monstrous Dragon Beasts look like. After all, they are monstrous beasts that possess the bloodline of the Dragon. I am truly curious about what sort of special powers they possess,” Bai Ruochen said.

However, Chu Feng shook his head. “I think it’s better for us to forget about going,”

“Why’s that?” Sima Ying asked in a very puzzled manner.

“For the sake of our safety.”

“Even though we would indeed be able to mix in with the vast crowd, it remains that the Cyanwood Mountain contains countless experts. If there are experts among them who wanted to find us, then with our abilities to conceal ourselves, we would not be able to evade their detection.”

“Furthermore, their invitation of the Ascension Sect might look natural. However, who knows if this is a trap or not,” Chu Feng said.

“This… okay then,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, even though Sima Ying and Bai Ruochen were very disappointed, they still ended up nodding their heads. After all, what Chu Feng said was very reasonable.

“Don’t be so disappointed. With how enormous the Holy Land of Martialism is, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to encounter monstrous beasts.”

“Sima Ying, didn’t you also mention that there’s a race of monstrous beasts called the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts in the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“Those King Monstrous Dragon Beasts most definitely possess a much stronger dragon bloodline than these Monstrous Dragon Beasts. If there’s a chance, I’ll bring you two to check out the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts,” Chu Feng consoled them with a smile.

“It’s boring to just watch them. At that time, you must definitely catch one for me to play around with. I want one that’s a Half Martial Emperor,” Sima Ying said wittily.

“No problem,” Chu Feng straightforwardly agreed to it. Then, he turned to Bai Ruochen and said, “At that time, I’ll catch one for you too.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, although Bai Ruochen did not say anything, a beautiful smile emerged on her ice-cold face.

After knowing her for so long, it was no longer the first time that Chu Feng had seen her smile. On the contrary, he had seen her smile multiple times now. It was becoming more and more frequent.

As for Sima Ying, even though she had only truly interacted with her for several days, he discovered that upon knowing her better, she was actually very much like a child. Yet, she was also pretty adorable.

The relationship between the three of them were like that of brother and sisters. Thus, to Chu Feng, it was much more suited to call them siblings than friends.


Right at the moment when the three of them were chatting and laughing, an extremely loud explosion suddenly sounded. The entire earth began to violently tremble. It was as if the sky had collapsed.

Even the palaces constructed from special materials and containing the protection of formations had large cracks appearing on them. Crushed pieces of stone began to roll down from the walls. It was as if they were about to collapse.

“Heavens, this…” As they looked out of the window, Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying’s expression took a huge change.