Chapter 1262 - Already Prepared

MGA: Chapter 1262 - Already Prepared

“It would seem that this was the reason why she had been staying in the Ascension Sect.”

“Merely, what is it that she’s fighting for right now?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze changed slightly. He finally realized what had happened.

It turned out that the map that Bai Suyan had had him decipher was not located elsewhere. Instead, it was actually deep in the Ascension Sect’s underground.

Chu Feng had thought that Bai Suyan had stayed in the Ascension Sect for a certain purpose the entire time. And now, he finally knew what her purpose was.

It was evident that she had stayed for the object recorded in that painting scroll.

Furthermore, Chu Feng realized that, regardless of what was hidden deep in the underground, it was not something that was that easy for Bai Suyan to obtain.

Otherwise, such an enormous commotion would not have occurred. It was obvious that something was protecting the depths of the underground and that Bai Suyan was most likely fighting that thing.

“What else could it be? It’s most likely a treasure. However, for your Heaven’s Eyes to not be able to discover everything, that treasure has truly hidden itself well.”

“That Bai Suyan most definitely has some source of information. Else, it would be impossible for her to be able to find that treasure,” Eggy analyzed.

“Mn,” Chu Feng agreed with Eggy’s viewpoint. His Heaven’s Eyes were more and more powerful now. Yet, after he arrived at the Ascension Sect, he did not discover anything abnormal. It did not appear to be a place with a hidden treasure at all.

There were only two possibilities as to why he did not discover it. The first reason was that the treasure was hidden too deep, and the second was that the person who had hidden it was too powerful, and had hidden it completely and perfectly without leaving behind any trace.


Right at this moment, enormous movement arrived from the depths of the underground. Merely, it was not an energy ripple. Instead, it was a very powerful and frightening aura.

At this moment, that aura was rapidly exploding upward from the depths of the underground. Its speed was very fast, to the point where it was simply unstoppable.

“Not good, let’s go, we have to leave this place.” At this moment, Chu Feng hurriedly shouted.

That was because he was unable to ascertain whether the thing that was coming was Bai Suyan or something else. If it was Bai Suyan, then everything would be fine. However, if it was something else, then it would most likely mean a calamity for them.

“Let’s go.” When they saw Chu Feng’s alarmed expression, those two management elders who were already prepared to leave did not hesitate at all. They grabbed onto Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying and began to rapidly fly toward the surface.


Right after Chu Feng and the others managed to return to the surface, before they could get away from the central region, an extremely loud explosion sounded from the underground. At the same time, the entire Ascension Sect began to violently tremble once again.

This sudden change brought both alarm and fear to everyone. That was because after that loud explosion, not only did countless large cracks appear on the surface of the Ascension Sect, even the defensive formation started to dim; it had been broken through.


Right at this moment, from a surface on the Ascension Sect’s central region sounded a muddled explosion. Following that, earth scattered into the sky and a figure shot out from deep in the underground and stopped in midair.

“That’s… mother!!!”

When they turned their gazes to the figure, other than Chu Feng, everyone else present was stunned. That was because a figure was standing in the sky. As for that figure, it was precisely Bai Suyan.

Merely, the current Bai Suyan had a deathly pale complexion, and bloodstains were present at both the corners of her mouth and on her body. Especially her left arm, where an astonishing scar could be seen. It was a burn mark. Her entire left arm had been badly burned, and was even emitting steam.

“Mother.” When she saw her mother being injured, Bai Ruochen was extremely worried and immediately flew over to her mother.

“Madam Sectmaster,” At the same time, the elders of the Ascension Sect also flew over to Bai Suyan with expressions of worry on their faces.

“Step back,” however, before that group of elders could approach her, Bai Suyan angrily shouted at them. Her shout shocked all of them and caused them to step back. Among the people that had intended to approach her, only Bai Ruochen managed to get to her.

When she arrived beside Bai Suyan, Bai Ruochen asked nervously with grief. “Mother, who wounded you?”

“Ruochen, I’m fine. No one injured your mother. Mother has brought this upon herself,” Bai Suyan consoled Bai Ruochen and spoke with a light smile.

As she spoke, she took a glance at the Ascension Sect. When she saw the current state of the Ascension Sect, a trace of guilt appeared in her eyes.

Chu Feng understood the meaning behind her gaze. Even though Bai Suyan had set up a spirit formation in case something was to happen, the energy ripples were still too powerful and managed to indirectly devastate the Ascension Sect.

Even though she did not deliberately cause this, and had also tried to protect the Ascension Sect, it remained that the current state of the Ascension Sect was because of her.

“Mother, could it be that you…” At this moment, Bai Ruochen’s expression suddenly changed. It was evident that she was not completely ignorant and seemed to have realized something.

“That’s right, Ruochen, mother has managed to succeed. We have not wasted these two years,” When she heard Bai Ruochen’s question, a smile emerged on Bai Suyan’s face.

Her smile was extremely brilliant. It was as if she had managed to accomplish an impossible desire of hers. That sort of joy caused her to be incomparably excited. Even though she was seriously injured, it didn’t affect her joyous mood at all.

“But, isn’t the price a bit too enormous? After all, the Ascension Sect is innocent,” After hearing what Bai Suyan said, Bai Ruochen was not overly happy. Instead, she felt guilty and began to blame herself.

“This cannot be blamed on us. The Ascension Sect should not have been constructed in this place to begin with. While it might appear that the Ascension Sect has indeed been implicated by us, if it weren’t for what I have done today, then what would have awaited the Ascension Sect in the future might have been an even more thorough destruction.”

Even though Bai Suyan felt guilty, it was not as much as Bai Ruochen. She turned to Chu Feng and Sima Ying and waved her hand, and an attractive force brought them over to her. She was planning to leave this place with them.

“Madam Sectmaster, exactly what has happened?” However, at this time, the elders of the Ascension Sect surrounded Bai Suyan.

The conversation between Bai Suyan and Bai Ruochen had been heard by the Ascension Sect’s elders. Even though they felt it extremely hard to believe, they still felt to a greater or lesser degree that this matter was related to Bai Suyan.

At this time, they finally realized that Bai Suyan had stayed in the Ascension Sect for a certain purpose.

“From today on, I, Bai Suyan, will have no relation with the Ascension Sect. All of you, step aside. Otherwise, do not blame me for being blunt,” Bai Suyan looked coldly at the crowd.

“Madam Sectmaster, us lowly ones cannot decide upon the matter about your separation from the Ascension Sect. Please wait for Lord Sectmaster to return so that you can talk about it with him.”

Not only did the Ascension Sect’s elders not step aside, they instead all released their auras. Linking up with one another, they set up a large formation to block her, completely sealing Bai Suyan in it.

“Humph,” When she saw this scene, Bai Suyan did not feel like speaking superfluous words with them. As her long, shapely eyebrows creased, a frantic aura came surging like a hurricane.

This hurricane swept through everything, and easily dispersed the formation set up by the elders. Even the elders themselves were sent flying far away like scattered leaves.

Bai Suyan was extremely powerful. Even though she was seriously injured right now, she was still not someone that these elders could stop. Even though they were all Half Martial Emperors, the disparity between them was like the distance between heaven was earth.

“Sure enough, you married me with a special purpose.”

Right at this moment, a deep and resounding voice suddenly sounded from afar. Following that, two figures arrived from the sky and quickly appeared before Bai Suyan and the others.

These two people, one among them was Sikong Zhaixing.

As for the other, it was the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

Merely, when compared to the shocked expressions of the others, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster had a calm expression. It was as if he had anticipated all of this.