Chapter 1240 - Asura Spirit World

MGA: Chapter 1240 - Asura Spirit World

Eggy’s appearance had stunned everyone.

After all, Eggy’s cultivation was clear to the crowd. She was only a rank five Martial King.

Yet, a rank five Martial King actually managed to suppress a rank six Martial King that was also a Divine Body. How enormous of a battle power must she possess? Just thinking about it caused the crowd to gasp in astonishment.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.”

At the moment when everyone was stunned by Eggy, Eggy actually started an all-out attack on Tao Xiangyu’s cheeks with one slap after another.

Even though her slaps were not very powerful, they were extremely resounding. The sharp and clear sounds of the slaps continued to echo like ear-piercing firecrackers.

If one was to ask why Eggy was lenient toward Tao Xiangyu, then it would not be because she did not have the capability to be fiercer. Instead, it would be because she had taken Tao Xiangyu’s identity into consideration. Otherwise, she would’ve already killed her.

However, in order to not create trouble for Chu Feng, the intelligent queen would naturally not kill Tao Xiangyu. However, with how excessive this Tao Xiangyu was, not only beating Sima Ying up so badly, but also injuring Bai Ruochen, Her Lady Queen, with her temperament, would naturally not let Tao Xiangyu off so easily.

Furthermore, the queen also knew about what sort of individual Tao Xiangyu was. To people like her, being killed might be an easy way out. However, if they were to be humiliated, they would be in so much pain that they’d even wish they were dead.

Thus, what Her Lady Queen wanted to do was not to cripple Tao Xiangyu, but to publicly humiliate her.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow.”

Like a rainstorm, the slaps continued to land on Tao Xiangyu’s face, slapping her to sway left and right like a leaf in a gale. It was truly a pitiful sight.

Even though Eggy did not use a lot of strength, to be slapped by this many slaps eventually caused Tao Xiangyu’s exquisitely beautiful skin to redden with palm marks and her entire face to swell.

“You truly aren’t forgivable!”

Seeing their head being publicly humiliated by someone else, those female geniuses of the Peach Immortal Division were unable to endure it.

After an angry shout from them, from all directions and like a pack of wolves, they charged toward Eggy.

Furthermore, they did not try to attack her in a disorderly manner. Instead, each and every one of them used their own attacks to supplement the other’s, forming a formation that appeared like an inescapable net.

That formation was no small matter. At the very least, the destructive power of that formation already surpassed the overall power of all its members. Its might was truly powerful.

“Overestimating your capabilities.”

However, when faced with such an attack, Her Lady Queen did not even bother to raise her head. With a flash of her eye, a dark-black colored gaseous flame exploded from her frail and beautiful body.


That black gaseous flame was simply invulnerable. Not only did it instantly crush the formation that had been created by the Peach Immortal Division’s members, it also knocked all of them flying several miles. No one knew where they even landed at.

“Heavens, this…”

At this moment, the crowd once again sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Fear, shock and disbelief emerged on their faces.

The reason why they reacted in such a manner was not that Eggy had defeated all of the Peach Immortal Division’s members with a single strike. Instead, it was because of the exclusive aura emitted by Eggy’s black gaseous flames.

That aura was simply too frightening, so frightening that even the elders present were frowning deeply as they felt an indescribable fear in their hearts. To be exact, that aura simply did not belong to the human race, nor did it appear to have originated from the human world.

However, Her Lady Queen Eggy completely ignored the crowd’s gazes of fear. She raised her lily-white hands and prepared to straighten out Tao Xiangyu once again.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded. “Eggy, it’s enough.”

The current Chu Feng was standing beside Sima Ying and binding up her injuries. As for Bai Ruochen, she was also beside Chu Feng.

It turned out that during the time when Eggy had been straightening out Tao Xiangyu, Chu Feng did not stand there without doing anything. Instead, he was treating Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying of their injuries.


Eggy curled her lips and then walked toward Chu Feng. In tactful understanding, Chu Feng opened his world spirit gate once more and took Her Lady Queen Eggy back into his world spirit space.

At this moment, Chu Feng had wanted to take Bai Ruochen, Sima Ying and the members of the Asura Division who have just arrived and leave.

However, at this moment, Tao Xiangyu suddenly stood up, pointed at Chu Feng and ferociously said, “Chu Feng, this matter today, I am not done with you!”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng calmly smiled and said, “Any time.”

After he finished saying these words, Chu Feng’s body moved, and he left the Mission Plaza. As for the members of the Asura Division, they followed behind him.

“That girl earlier, what exactly is she? Could it be that she’s really a world spirit?”

“She’s a world spirit, she’s most definitely a world spirit. What Chu Feng used earlier was a world spirit gate, she can’t be anything other than a world spirit.”

“But… how could there be such a frightening world spirit?”

After Chu Feng and the others left, the crowd that had been silent for a long time immediately burst into an uproar. The voices discussing Eggy began to resound nonstop.

Practically everyone was able to ascertain that Eggy was a world spirit. But, they were incapable of imaging how there could be such a powerful world spirit in this world.

After all, Eggy’s cultivation was only that of a rank five Martial King. And yet, she had crushed a rank six Martial King with a Divine Body with her absolute power.

Suddenly, an elder spoke. “No, among the Seven Spirit Worlds, there is indeed one with world spirits that contain that sort of ability.”

This elder was no ordinary elder. Even though he was not a management elder, he possessed the cultivation of a Half Martial Emperor. Thus, his words contained some weight to them.

“Could it be that you’re talking about that legendary Asura Spirit World?” Sure enough, after hearing what he said, everyone recalled the legendary Asura Spirit World.

“I cannot be absolutely certain. However, other than that legendary Asura Spirit World, I cannot think of any other Spirit World’s world spirit that would possess power that frightening,” said the elder.

“Heavens, this…” Hearing those words, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Their already shocked faces displayed an even more shocked expression.

The Asura Spirit World, that was a Spirit World of legend. According to legend, all the world spiritists that were capable of entering a contract with world spirits from the Asura Spirit World would become powerful and grand world spiritists, and possess frightening power that no other world spiritists would have.

Chu Feng’s battle power was something that no one needed to doubt. He was a demon-level character that managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, a genius martial cultivator fully deserving of that title.

But now, not to mention about his identity as a genius martial cultivator, Chu Feng actually contracted a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World. Didn’t this mean that he not only had a chance to become the greatest martial cultivator, he might also become the most amazing world spiritist?

At this moment, practically everyone was looking at the direction where Chu Feng had left in. Complicated expressions filled their eyes and faces. Even Tao Xiangyu was acting this way.