Chapter 1241 - The Calm Before The Storm

MGA: Chapter 1241 - The Calm Before The Storm

At the moment when the disciples at the Mission Plaza were astonished by how powerful Chu Feng was, the elders present were also astonished. Even the management elders were no exception.

In fact, there were actually two management elders in the sky above the Mission Plaza. Merely, due the the fact that the two of them were in the sky, no one noticed them. As for these two, they were management elders from the Weaponry Refinement Department.

One of them was Elder Wei’s old friend, that person who had previously tried to invite Chu Feng to the Weaponry Refinement Department, Xiahou Jianting.

As for the other, he was an old man with a tall stature, dark skin, a head of white hair and two long white eyebrows.

This old man’s eyes were exceptionally lively. Furthermore, he gave off an unique air, and his cultivator’s aura was much stronger than Xiahou Jianting’s. It could be said that he was on par with Elder Hong Mo. As for who he was, he was the head elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department.

“What do you think? Lord Head Elder, what I said was correct, right? Isn’t this Chu Feng a genius?”

“Not only is he amazing in martial cultivation, his spirit techniques are also exceptional. He is truly a legendary perfect demon-level character.”

“From the way I see it, there has never been such an amazing person to ever appear in the history of our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Sigh, unfortunately, I encountered him too late, and Old Wei managed to obtain him before me. Otherwise, if I had managed to get him into our Weaponry Refinement Department, our Weaponry Refinement Department would undoubtedly emerge,” Xiahou Jianting praised Chu Feng with a face filled with regret.

“Not only is this child’s talent exceptional, his courage and insight are also outstanding. That red-haired girl is most likely a guest of the Medicine Concocting Department. However, there were actually elders from the Medicine Concocting Department present there. Furthermore, they had arrived before Chu Feng. Judging by their nervous expressions, they most likely wanted to help that red-haired girl.”

“However, when they saw Tao Xiangyu, they hesitated. Due to their management elder Hong Mo being in closed-door training, they did not have the confidence to provoke a disciple like Tao Xiangyu, who possesses both strength and background.”

“However, that Chu Feng dared to do something that even the elders did not dare to do. Not only was he daring, he did it without the slightest bit of fear.”

“This sort of courage and insight, this sort of spirit and vigor, that is the rarest thing. That child is definitely a rarely-seen good sapling.” The head elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department was extremely appreciative of Chu Feng. However, his gaze suddenly flashed and sighed, “However, it’s a pity…”

“Pity?” Hearing those words, Xiahou Jianting hurriedly asked.

“A genius like Chu Feng will inevitably bring about the jealousy of others. For him to come to our Cyanwood Mountain, I do not know whether it’s his fortune or misfortune.” As he spoke those words, he looked to a distant space. However, after a single glance, he hurriedly shifted his gaze back.

“But… Lord Head Elder, Chu Feng is, after all, the legendary perfect demon-level character. If he was to be nurtured, his strength would be unimaginable.”

“It might even be possible for our Cyanwood Mountain to surpass the other Eight Powers and contend with the Four Imperial Clans. Are you saying that a genius like Chu Feng is not someone that our Cyanwood Mountain should wholeheartedly protect, and that someone would instead persecute him?” Xiahou Jianting was able to hear the hidden implications behind the Weaponry Refinement Department's head elder’s words. However, he was completely puzzled by them.

“Jiantian, as the saying goes, people possess dreadful intentions. Not everyone is impartial and selfless. Sometimes, for their own selfish desires, they will bring about ruin to many things. And among those things is included the outstanding members of younger generations.”

“There are some things that… we cannot take care of. If this Chu Feng were a member of our Weaponry Refinement Department, I would most definitely protect him with my all. Even if I were to sacrifice my life, I will not hesitate to do so, for that would be my responsibility.”

“However, since he is not a member of our Weaponry Refinement Department, then it is best for us to not meddle in other people’s business. You are an intelligent person. You should understand what I mean by that.” After he finished saying these words, the head elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department turned around and left.

At this moment, Xiahou Jianting’s expression became extremely ugly. It was evident that he was unable to accept his head elder’s way of thinking. Thus, he turned his gaze toward the direction that his Weaponry Refinement Department’s head elder had previously looked at.

He knew that there was most definitely something there.


Suddenly, his eyes abruptly pulled back. An expression of fear instantly covered his puzzled face. In merely an instant, cold sweat covered his aged face, and he took several steps back in the middle of the sky.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, Xiahou Jianting turned around and flew toward the direction where the Weaponry Refinement Department’s head elder had left in. To be exact, he did not leave, he ran away.

What had happened over the Mission Plaza was unknown to Chu Feng. At this moment, he and Bai Ruochen brought Sima Ying back to the Medicine Concocting Department.

When the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department saw Sima Ying, they were all frightened. They hurried to treat her injuries once again and began to inquire as to what had happened while doing so.

However, to Chu Feng, their reactions appeared to be somewhat artificial.

With how enormous the matter had gotten, where even the disciples knew about it, how could they, elders of the Medicine Concocting Department, possibly not know about it?

However, Chu Feng did not say anything about it. After all, he was also a member of the Medicine Concocting Department. Furthermore, the elders also had their own difficulties.

“We saved her, but she didn’t even give us a word of thanks. Truly excessively rude.”

When she saw Sima Ying being brought back to the Medicine Concocting Department by the elders and recalled how she had not even said a word of thanks, or even spoken to them on the entire journey back, Bai Ruochen felt extremely annoyed. After all, for the sake of saving Sima Ying, she had scarred her face.

“Forget about it, she’s pretty pitiful too. Furthermore, we didn’t save her because we wanted her to thank us,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

When she heard what Chu Feng said, Bai Ruochen recalled Sima Ying’s pitiful experience. Thus, she stopped complaining anymore.

Instead, she turned to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, that Tao Xiangyu seemed to truly be remarkable. What I am talking about is not her strength, but the power behind her.”

“The Punishment Department. That branch power organization not only possesses the strongest elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, they also have the current strongest disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Tao Xiangyu is only one among them. There are several more who are even more powerful than her. When Tao Xianyu said that the matter today was not over, it was most definitely not just her ravings. I fear that they will truly not leave matters be. Even if she does, the other disciples of the Punishment Department will not. That is because Tao Xiangyu’s defeat is not only a humiliation to her, it is also a humiliation to the entire Punishment Department,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Sima Ying is a guest. No matter what, she is a guest from the World Spiritists Alliance. Even if she is the one in the wrong first, Tao Xiangyu should not have beaten her up. With Tao Xiangyu being wrong herself, the elders of the Punishment Department cannot act to use their laws and decrees to punish me.”

“As for the Punishment Department’s disciples, I do not fear them. However, I must admit that the current me is likely to be far from a match for them. However, even if they are able to beat me down right now, it does not mean that they will be able to beat me down for my entire life.”

“Whoever it is that dares to hit me ten times, I shall return a hundred fists to him. If they are to beat down on me once, I shall beat down on them for the rest of their lives,” Chu Feng said. Determination flashed through his eyes.

When she saw this Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen spoke no more. She knew that although Chu Feng possessed an impulsive temperament, he was not an ignorant person.

Whenever he did something, he would’ve already considered the consequences of his actions. Even though the consequences might be grave, they were within the range of his ability to endure. He had already made his preparations. Not only was he prepared to to be beaten down, he was also prepared to retaliate in the future.

After this matter ended, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen returned to their respective residences and ordered everyone in the Asura Division to gather at their headquarters, and that they could not leave unless they had something important that they had to do.

They made preparations, preparations for Tao Xiangyu coming to retaliate against Chu Feng with others.

However, after ten entire days passed, everything remained normal and no one have attacked the Asura Division.

A situation like this caused those people who were waiting for a show to watch to discuss the matter spiritedly. They all felt that Tao Xiangyu might have been scared off by Chu Feng’s strength.

It was not only limited to one or two people who thought this way. Many people felt this way. In a short period of time, this thought passed through the crowd like a buzz.

There were even many people who declared that Chu Feng would become the strongest disciple in the Cyanwood Mountain, and that the Asura Division would become unstoppable.

However, Chu Feng knew that just because Tao Xiangyu did not do anything in these ten days, it did not mean that she did not plan to find trouble for him.

The eve before the storm would generally be calm. Furthermore, the more strangely calm it was, the more violent the oncoming storm would generally be.