Chapter 1239 - Refusal To Forgive

MGA: Chapter 1239 - Refusal To Forgive

“Divine Body, interesting. Allow me to experience whether it is your Divine Body that is stronger or my Imperial Bloodline that is stronger.”

Bai Ruochen was a prideful individual. Even when faced with a Divine Body, she was still this way. She shouted loudly, then took the initiative to attack first.

At this moment, the Platinum Dragon Whip in her hand carried along with it her golden imperial might. As she brandished it, the imperial might radiated all around and even caused space to crack. How could this possibly be a whip anymore? It was simply akin to a genuine ruthless and ferocious dragon.

“You will know who between the two of us is stronger and who is weaker.”

As for Tao Xiangyu, she was not to be outdone either. Her pink eyes flashed lightly, and the petals that covered the sky turned from reflections into true substances. Like numerous sharp blades, they sliced toward Bai Ruochen.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang..”

In merely an instant, the frantic dragon confronted the sharp petals. Numerous energy ripples continuously wreaked havoc throughout the region. They contained extremely powerful might and grandeur. Many of the surrounding disciples were all knocked back by the confrontation and vomited blood; they were actually seriously injured.

However, this contest between a Divine Body and an Imperial Bloodline ended sooner than everyone anticipated. Not long after they started fighting, Tao Xiangyu started to have the upper hand. A petal transcended the defensive perimeter of the Platinum Dragon Whip and flew past Bai Ruochen’s cheek.

During the moment when Bai Ruochen was unable to dodge in time, a flower of blood blossomed and a bloody cut appeared on Bai Ruochen’s face.

“Damn it.” With blood flowing down her face, Bai Ruochen’s expression changed greatly.

Even though this was merely a superficial wound, the petal was no ordinary petal. At the moment when the petal approached her, Bai Ruochen felt a large amount of pressure from it.

It was the power of a Divine Body, the oppression brought forth by the divine energy. At the moment when that petal sliced across Bai Ruochen’s cheek, that sense of oppression entered into her body.

At this moment, even though the ‘Imperial’ character was still present on Bai Ruochen’s forehead and golden light still covered her body, she no longer had strength to continue fighting.

Bai Ruochen’s legs grew soft, and with a ‘putong’ sound, she fell to the ground.

“Buzz.” When she saw Bai Ruochen collapse to the ground, Tao Xiangyu stopped the petals that were about to hit Bai Ruochen in midair and did not continue to attack at her.

“Sigh, just as expected. Regardless of how powerful an Imperial Bloodline might be, it is only an Inherited Bloodline. It is impossible for it to surpass a Divine Body bestowed by the heavens.”

At this moment, many people that had expectations for Bai Ruochen began to sigh. They were all able to tell that it was Tao Xiangyu who won this fight.

As for Tao Xiangyu, she used a disdainful gaze to look at Bai Ruochen, who had fallen to the ground.

With a threatening tone, she said, “Kowtow and admit your mistake right now. If you do, I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I’ll turn your face into blossoms of flowers and ruin those ice-cold cheeks of yours.”

“You must be kidding…”

When they heard what Tao Xiangyu said, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. That was because victory and defeat had already been determined; Tao Xiangyu had proven herself with her powerful strength.

Yet, she was not willing to let things go with only this, and insisted that Bai Ruochen admit her mistake. If Bai Ruochen was to admit her mistake, then this matter would be settled. However, if she refused, then wouldn’t a bloody tragedy happen before their very eyes? A cold beauty would become disfigured?

At this moment, Bai Ruochen propped herself up with great effort and slowly lifted her head. She did not say anything. All she did was turn to Tao Xianyu and spit in contempt.

“Courting death!!!”

Seeing this, Tao Xiangyu’s face was immediately filled with fierceness. With a single thought, the pink petals that were stopped in mid-air carried along with them the sound of wind being cut and destructive power as they flew toward Bai Ruochen’s frail body.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…”

As the petals flew, explosions sprung up everywhere. In an instant, countless ear-piercing rumbles echoed through. Following that, countless energy ripples swept past.

When they saw this scene, practically everyone present had their mouths wide open in shock. With such an attack, wouldn’t Bai Ruochen be doomed to die?

“This is?” However, when they carefully inspected the situation, many of the elder’s expressions changed. From their eyes emerged surprise.

Even that Tao Xiangyu’s expression changed, and she actually stopped her frantic storm-like attack.

As the ripple gradually dissipated, from within the thick smoke appeared a silhouette.

Merely, this silhouette was not lying on the ground. Instead, it was standing in a perfectly upright position.

This silhouette was not Bai Ruochen. Instead, it was a male. A man whose entire body was covered in an armor of lightning and had a pair of enormous wings on his back.

At this moment, this man’s appearance had yet to come into full view before the crowd. However, his surging lightning was clearly visible. Furthermore, this person was standing in front of Bai Ruochen. He had blocked those incoming attacks.

“You dare to beat my member into such a state? Even if you’re a woman, I will not let you off lightly,” A voice filled with killing intent sounded from that person’s mouth.

“Chu Feng!!!”

Finally, the dense smoke dispersed completely and the crowd managed to recognize who it was. The person who had come was Chu Feng.

“You’re that Chu Feng who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?” Hearing the discussion of the crowd, Tao Xiangyu knew who it was that had come. However, she did not care much about his arrival, and used the same gaze with which she had looked at Bai Ruochen to look at Chu Feng. “You won’t let me off lightly? Someone like you dares to speak such boastful words?”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.”

After she finished saying those words, the enormous tree on her body began to tremble violently. As the tree shook, the earth also began to shake. Most importantly, countless petals landed from the tree.

This time around, those petals began to grow in size. Not only did their size increase by several times, their might had also been increased by several times. Her attack this time was several times fiercer than the one before.

However, even when facing this, Chu Feng did not have the slightest appearance of fear on his face. With a thought, a world spirit gate appeared in front of him.

At the moment when the world spirit gate appeared, a frantic attractive force burst forth from the world spirit gate and actually absorbed all of Tao Xiangyu’s fierce attack.

“What, what is that?”

“That, that seemed to be a world spirit gate.”

“What’s going on? How could a world spirit gate have such a strange power? How could it possibly be able to withstand the frightening attack of a Divine Body?”

When they saw the world spirit gate in front of Chu Feng, the crowd all started to exclaim in astonishment. There were even people who suspected that to not be a world spirit gate.

That was because they had never before seen such a powerful world spirit gate, they had never seen a world spirit gate that could block such a frightening attack. Thus, there were people who suspected this to be a special kind of defensive technique.


However, right at the moment when everyone was guessing what exactly it was, a shadow burst forth from within the world spirit gate and swept toward Tao Xiangyu.

The speed of that shadow was extremely fast. In a flash, it arrived in front of Tao Xiangyu. However, that shadow possessed extremely shocking might; it actually caused the world to tremble.

That sort of trembling was extremely special. The cultivators present, even though the shaking would generally not do anything to them, were unable to stand firm at this moment. In an instant, almost everyone who was below the Half Martial Emperor level had fallen to the ground.

At the moment when the people managed to steady themselves and cast their gazes toward Tao Xiangyu again, each and every one of their expressions changed. They were all struck dumb. None of them dared to believe what they saw.

That was because, at this very moment, not only was Tao Xiangyu’s Divine Body power completely gone from her, she was also lying on the ground, completely battered. Earlier, she had appeared extremely radiant. Yet now, she was incomparably weak.

However, what attracted everyone’s gaze the most was the young woman who stood beside Tao Xiangyu.

This young woman was simply too beautiful. Her sweet-looking face and her sexy figure was simply the perfect combination of a devil and an angel. She was beautiful beyond compare.

However, at this very moment, not a single person dared to look down on this extremely beautiful young woman. That was because everyone knew that it was her who had put Tao Xiangyu into such a state.