Chapter 1238 - Divine Body

MGA: Chapter 1238 - Divine Body

Once Bai Ruochen said those words, the crowd was unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

If Bai Ruochen’s ‘Stop’ only made people feel that she had come to put a stop to Sima Ying’s continuous beating, then her ‘Scram’ would be a naked provocation toward Tao Xiangyu.

“You want me to scram? Who do you think you are?”

Sure enough, when the already-enraged Tao Xiangyu heard what Bai Ruochen said, she became even more angry. As she said those words, her lily-white hands waved lightly toward Bai Ruochen, and her formless martial power turned into a hurricane that swept right toward Bai Ruochen.

Even though Tao Xiangyu was very powerful, she was only a rank six Martial King. As they were both demon-level characters and Bai Ruochen was a rank five Martial King, she would naturally not be easily beaten down by her.

Bai Ruochen lifted her arm and shot out a palm strike. As her palm shook, a surge of martial power burst forth from within her. With a loud ‘bang,’ she blocked Tao Xiangyu’s attack.

After she blocked her opponent’s attack, Bai Ruochen did not stop. Instead, she launched one attack after another. Her arms moved back and forth, shooting out blur after blur.

Her two palms turned into a myriad of palms. Her attack was like that of a storm.

With every palm, a ray of martial power would be shot out. Not only were those martial powers pure, they were also very valiant and possessed all sorts of shapes. Her martial power condensed into blades, axes, spears and swords. Using different offensive methods, they all attacked Tao Xiangyu simultaneously. This was not a simple attack; it consisted of Taboo Martial Skills. Furthermore, it was not only a single Taboo Martial Skill, it was numerous Taboo Martial Skills being used together.

“Heavens, Taboo Martial Skills! In mere gestures, she’s able to use Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. Furthermore, it’s not only a single one.”

The power of using multiple Mortal Taboo Martial Skills at once was not something to be looked down upon. Everyone present was able to sense how powerful her martial skill was. One by one, they gasped in admiration. One by one, they were covered with cold sweat.

That was because Bai Ruochen had used this sort of martial skill at the very beginning. Not only did this display to them how powerful she was, it also showed how determined she was. How could this even be considered to be a fight anymore? Bai Ruochen was simply trying to take Tao Xiangyu’s life.


However, even though Bai Ruochen had revealed her trump card, Tao Xiangyu merely snorted lightly, and did not fear Bai Ruochen’s attack in the slightest.

With one hand still on Sima Ying’s head, she lightly clenched her other hand, and a long green-colored jade sword appeared in her hand.

This sword flickered with light, and had runes and symbols wandering through it. It was a top quality Royal Armament. However, the most important matter was that this top quality Royal Armament displayed an unimaginable might when it was utilized by her.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

As she brandished the Royal Armament, a light ray appeared. Not only was that light ray’s speed extremely fast, it was also extremely powerful, conquering every obstacle before its path. Even space was cut apart by it. Not only did it crush Bai Ruochen’s attack, it also charged directly toward Bai Ruochen herself to slice her into pieces.

Before such an attack, ordinary methods were simply incapable of stopping it.

Seeing that the situation before her was far from good, Bai Ruochen had no choice but to take out her own Royal Armament, the Platinum Dragon Whip, to block the incoming attack.

However, Tao Xiangyu’s battle power was truly not one to be looked down upon. At the very least, she was not weaker than Bai Ruochen.

Thus, when the two of them were both holding Royal Armaments, and in a situation where Tao Xiangyu was a level higher than Bai Ruochen, Tao Xiangyu clearly possessed the advantage, and completely suppressed Bai Ruochen.

“As expected of Tao Xiangyu. Regardless of how powerful Bai Ruochen is, in a situation where she is a level lower than her, it would be impossible for her for be a match for Tao Xiangyu.” When the crowd saw that Bai Ruochen was filled with sweat and forced back repeatedly, everyone knew that Tao Xiangyu had won this match.

However, there were also people who did not declare their opinions. That was because they knew that Bai Ruochen had yet to display her trump card. After all, this young woman whose name had just became famous in the Cyanwood Mountain was not one to have an undeserved reputation; she was someone who possessed an Imperial Bloodline.

Thus, many people were filled with anticipation. They were looking forward to Bai Ruochen’s Imperial Bloodline. They wanted to experience the distinct bearing of an imperial clansman.


Finally, before everyone’s anticipation, Bai Ruochen exploded. As golden light radiated all around her, numerous energy ripples began to spread in all directions. The region of space around her began to tremble violently. At the same time, a bright and dazzling ‘Imperial’ character appeared on Bai Ruochen’s forehead.

Once the ‘Imperial’ character appeared, her imperial might fully displayed itself. Not only did Bai Ruochen’s cultivation increase from rank five Martial King to rank six Martial King, her entire aura was also completely different from before.

She stood on the plaza with the Platinum Dragon Whip in hand. Her body emitted a golden light. She was truly imposing, much alike to an empress.

“Imperial Bloodline, sure enough, this Bai Ruochen has an Imperial Bloodline.”

When they saw the current Bai Ruochen, the expressions of the crowd all changed. Even though the Four Imperial Clans were located in the Holy Land of Martialism, due to the Boundary Energies separating the regions, very rarely would a person from the Cyanwood Domain experience the strength of an Imperial Bloodline.

And now, they were finally able to see this thing of legend. Thus, they would naturally exclaim in admiration again and again. That was because the imperial might that Bai Ruochen was emitting was truly extraordinary and not to be looked down upon.

“Yoh, so you have some skill. No wonder you’re this arrogant.”

“However, if it’s merely at this level, you’re still not qualified to fight with me.”

However, even after Bai Ruochen revealed her trump card, Tao Xiangyu was not afraid. Instead, she stood up. As her eyes flickered, the weather instantly changed, and wind and lightning rolled about.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. Heaven and earth began to tremble. At the same time, a pink-colored light blossomed in the sky.

When that pink-colored light disappeared, an enormously large tree appeared in its place. This tree was too huge. With its roots in the sky, its branches reached the firmament. Like a natural treasure, it stood between heaven and earth. When the tree appeared, its enormous shadow covered the entire Mission Plaza. From this, one could imagine how enormously large this tree was.

After this enormous tree appeared, an unimaginable oppressive might dropped from the sky. That oppressive might was truly powerful and unstoppable. It was even stronger than Bai Ruochen’s imperial might.

“Divine Body, this is a Divine Body. Amazing, amazing indeed. This sort of power is truly too frightening.”

When they saw the might of a Divine Body before them, the disciples present all began to exclaim in admiration and envy filled their eyes. Divine Bodies possessed the divine strength granted to them by Heaven. This was a power that they possessed since birth, a power granted by Heaven.


Right when the crowd was all stunned by that enormous tree, the enormous tree trembled lightly and disappeared. At the same time it disappeared, Tao Xiangyu’s body suddenly began to emit a pink light. That enormous tree actually turned into a reflection and attached itself to her body.

Even though the enormous tree’s size became much smaller after fusing with Tao Xiangyu, it could not be underestimated. The tree was still several tens of meters tall, enough for one to feel reverence from a single glance.

Suddenly, the branch of the large tree that flickered with light trembled a couple times. Countless pink petals gently yet rapidly fell from its branches.

Not only were those petals pink, they appeared like an illusion as they floated down from the branches. Even though it was clear that they possessed divine might, one was incapable of touching them as they floated past everyone’s bodies and finally landed on the ground.

At this moment, the Mission Plaza had turned dream and fantasy-like by Tao Xiangyu’s unique power.

Many disciples and elders did not dare to be careless. That was because, in other words, this region of space was being dominated by Tao Xiangyu’s power.