Chapter 1237 - Scram

MGA: Chapter 1237 - Scram

When Tao Xiangyu learned of what had happened, she flew into a rage. Commanding her Peach Immortal Division’s members, she began to search for Sima Ying all over the place. In merely a short while, she found her.

If Sima Ying had returned to the Medicine Concocting Department, everything would have been fine. After all, the Medicine Concocting Department was an important place in the Cyanwood Mountain. Regardless of how powerful Tao Xiangyu might be, she would not dare to run amok in the Medicine Concocting Department.

However, Sima Ying did not return to the Medicine Concocting Department. It would be one thing if she did not return to the Medicine Concocting Department. However, she even went to the place with the most people gathered, the Mission Plaza.

Furthermore, using her formation techniques, she wrote several large characters on the ground of the Mission Plaza.

“Sitting here waiting for the wild dogs to come bite me. However many will come, I’ll beat all of them up!!!”

These words were a clear provocation. She had simply not placed the others in her eyes at all. It could even be said to be an insult to the entire Peach Immortal Division.

Tao Xiangyu, who was enraged by her to begin with, just simply turned mad with rage after she saw those words. Without saying another word, she began to attack Sima Ying.

As for Sima Ying, she was not one to be outdone, and began to publicly battle Tao Xiangyu,

Even though Sima Ying’s world spirit techniques were very powerful, and she was a publicly known genius world spiritist, how could her battle power possibly be comparable to a Divine Body like Tao Xiangyu?

Right after they started fighting, she was placed into a disadvantageous position and quickly defeated. Furthermore, she was completely defeated.

However, Sima Ying was stubborn and refused to admit her defeat no matter what, much less apologize. As for Tao Xiangyu, she was a despotic person. Thus, she began to publicly humiliate Sima Ying, beating her up even further.

In an instant, this matter started to spread all over. Adding on the fact that Tao Xiangyu possessed a very large reputation, people from everywhere came to watch upon finding out that this matter concerned her. There were even quite a few of the true grand characters of the Cyanwood Mountain who had gone to watch.

With how enormous this matter had gotten, the Asura Division naturally also received news of it. While others knowing about it was one thing, when Bai Ruochen found out about it, she was unable to sit by without doing anything.

Without thinking much, Bai Ruochen left the words, “Tell Chu Feng to go over there after he gets out from his closed-door training. If Chu Feng is not out, then no one from the Asura Division is allowed to act blindly.”

After Bai Ruochen left those words, she soared into the sky and flew toward the direction of the Mission Plaza.

When they saw this scene, everyone knew that Bai Ruochen had taken the initiative and rushed over there.

Even though the other members of the Asura Division did not know whether Bai Ruochen knew who Sima Ying was, they were able to guess by her nervous appearance that this Sima Ying was most definitely related to Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng.

Thus, upon thinking that Bai Ruochen had gone to help Sima Ying, the people of the Asura Division all started to panic. After all, their opponent this time was no small character; she was Tao Xiangyu, who possessed a Divine Body.

Thus, the people from the Asura Division did not dare to rashly do anything, nor did they dare to disturb Chu Feng. The only thing they could do was to gather in silence and wait for Chu Feng to come out from his closed-door training so that he could make a decision.

“Truly courting death.”

After knowing about what had happened, Chu Feng got extremely angry. He started to gnash his teeth and even his veins emerged on his face.

Sima Ying had neither father nor mother. She was raised by only her grandfather. And now, even her grandfather had died. Furthermore, he died in order to save her. At this moment, it was the time when she grieved the most, pained the most, the time when she most wished that she was dead.

At such a time, she should be taken close care of and be comforted. Yet, after she arrived at the Cyanwood mountain, not only did she not receive any of that, she was instead publicly humiliated by others. How could Chu Feng possibly tolerate this?

No matter what sort of conflict she had with him in the past, he could not just sit and watch at such a time.

When he thought of this, Chu Feng’s footsteps shifted, and he turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

Disregarding Wang Wei and the other members of the Asura Division, Chu Feng took the initiative to rush to the Mission Plaza first.

At this moment, a vast crowd was already gathered at the Mission Plaza. Not only were there a large amount of disciples, even elders were gathered here.

As for what had attracted the crowd, it was a group of beautiful female disciples.

They were the members of the Peach Immortal Division. Even if the Peach Immortal Division’s disciples could not be considered to be exceptional beauties, they could still be said to be ordinary beauties. Each and every one of them were women with beautiful appearances and gifted strength.

However, what attracted everyone’s gaze the most were only two people.

They were Sima Ying and Tao Xiangyu.

Tao Xiangyu’s height was not very tall, and her build was rather frail. However, she was currently causing a lot of the people present to have their hair stand on end.

That was because not only was she very fierce and malicious, she even appeared like a madman.

“Admit your mistake, admit your mistake right now, you bitch.”

Tao Xiangyu was riding on Sima Ying’s back. While forcing her to admit her mistake, she was grabbing her hair and smashing her head down on the ground of the Mission Plaza again and again.

Sima Ying was already covered with cuts and bruises. As for her head, it was filled with blood through all the forced kowtows. Even her charming little face was covered with blood, to the point where it was no longer recognizable.

From a glance, she truly appeared pitiful.

However, even in such a state, Sima Ying still tightly clenched her teeth and refused to speak a single word, much less admit her mistake. The only noise that she gave was the sound of her body colliding with the ground.

At this moment, many of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples were cheering for Tao Xiangyu.

That was because while they did not know who Sima Ying was, they knew who Tao Xiangyu was. And after hearing what had happened, they all wished that Tao Xiangyu would beat Sima Ying to death, and felt that what she was doing was safeguarding the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples’ honor.

However, there were also many people who were unable to bear to continue watching. After all, Sima Ying was a very young girl. Even though her red hair might be unconventional, her face was truly beautiful.

Yet now, a girl like her was being beaten to a state beyond recognition. There were naturally people who could not continue to watch. This was especially true for male disciples that were fond of beauties, and they even felt heartache from what they were seeing.

However, no one dared to step in to put a stop to this. It was all because the person who was beating up on Sima Ying was Tao Xiangyu.

Gradually, many people present began to feel that Sima Ying would be beaten to death. They felt that this sort of thing was something that Tao Xiangyu would do. Furthermore, she possessed the strength to do it.

“Stop~~~” Suddenly, a voice that was filled with anger sounded from the distant sky.

“This is?”

Turning their gazes toward the source of the voice, many people present were shocked. That was because the person who had come was also a female. Furthermore, this woman was so beautiful that she was even more pleasing to the eyes than Tao Xiangyu.

Merely, the ice-cold anger that was on this woman’s face caused the crowd to shiver even though they were not cold. That was because she was emitting a dense killing intent.

“Asura Division? Could it be… her?”

“It’s her, it’s her. She’s the second head of the Asura Division.”

“Bai Ruochen, she’s the current ninth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List, that demon-level character who possesses an Imperial Bloodline.”

Eventually, someone managed to recognize Bai Ruochen, and even personally declared Bai Ruochen to be the Asura Division’s second head without her approval.

“It’s her?” At this moment, Sima Ying raised her head. When she saw Bai Ruochen, she displayed a surprised expression.

She had thought that someone might come to save her. However, she had never imagined that person to be Bai Ruochen. After all, she had been extremely rude and excessive toward Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen at the Nine Spirits Paradise.

Now that they had returned to the Cyanwood Mountain, and she just so happened to be humiliated, Bai Ruochen should be enjoying her humiliation. Yet, why did she stand forward with an expression of anger?

This came as a great surprise to Sima Ying. She even felt amazement and disbelief.

However, Bai Ruochen did stand forward. Not only did she stand forward, she even pointed at Tao Xiangyu and angrily shouted with deep killing intent, “Scram!”