Chapter 1234 - Nemesis

MGA: Chapter 1234 - Nemesis

“Who exactly are you?” Sima Huolie’s eyes were flickering as he coldly asked. He felt more and more that the black-clothed man was someone that he knew.

“Tsk tsk, Sima Huolie, you truly are an eminent person with a short memory. You’ve actually forgotten about even me.” As the black-clothed man howled with laughter, he abruptly swung his long hair backwards, completely exposing his face.


When they saw this face, even the elders present were unable to help themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. That was because the appearance of this black-clothed man was incomparably ugly.

Even though all his facial features were still there, there were blocks of black charcoal-like skin and cracks with flesh showing. In fact, describing him with the word ‘ugly’ was wrong. It would be more accurate to say that his appearance was frightening.

“It’s you?” When he saw this man’s facial appearance, Sima Huolie’s expression greatly changed. A deep sense of surprise filled his aged face.

Seeing this, Elder Hong Mo asked, “Huolie, who is this man?”

However, at this very moment, Sima Huolie’s shock turned to anger. He clenched his fists tightly and his body began to shiver. His appearance was simply one of someone extremely enraged, so enraged that their body was about to explode.

Suddenly, Sima Huolie opened his mouth and loudly bellowed, “Han Helai, you actually didn’t die?!!!!!”

Sima Huolie’s voice was truly resounding and capable of piercing through the heavens.

Without mentioning how loud his voice was and how much strength was contained within it, that voice was able crush all the black shadows behind the black clothed man and completely ravage the chaotic battlefield.

“It’s actually him?” Upon hearing what Sima Huolie said, Elder Hong Mo’s expression also changed greatly.

Han Helai was not someone that Elder Hong Mo was acquainted with. However, Sima Huolie had mentioned him to Elder Hong Mo before.

This Han Helai was the same as Sima Huolie. He used to be a management world spiritist of the World Spiritist Alliance. However, for the sake of a treasure map, he killed over a thousand people from the World Spiritist Alliance.

Among these thousand plus people, there were over nine hundred outstanding members of the younger generation and over a hundred renowned individuals, as well as two other management world spiritists.

Although the World Spiritist Alliance was also one of the Nine Powers, it was different from the other Eight Powers. They would only accept world spiritists, and only elite world spiritists on top of that.

Thus, the death of over a thousand world spiritists was no small loss for the World Spiritists Alliance. This greatly shook up the World Spiritists Alliance, and caused them to send out many powerful world spiritists to chase and kill Han Helai.

And one among those people they sent was Sima Huolie.

Sima Huolie managed to successfully find Han Helai and was thought to have killed him.

However, never did he imagine that Han Helai was actually still alive. Furthermore, he had now returned to this place.

“Han Helai, I’ll kill you!”

Suddenly, Sima Ying snarled angrily. She who had originally calmed down actually began to violently struggle and waved her fist around toward Han Helai.

However, faced with Sima Ying’s disorderly attacks, Han Helai merely smiled and was not affected in the slightest.

Then, disregarding her, he turned to Sima Huolie and said, “That’s right, I’m still alive. Furthermore, I’ve been living extremely well.”

“However, I am surprised. Even though my appearance has turned to this, you still managed to recognize me.” Han Helai laughed strangely.

“Even if you’d been burned to ashes, I would still recognize you,” Sima Huolie said as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Right, of course you’d be able to recognize me. After all, it was you who turned my appearance to this.” At this moment, fierceness flashed through Han Helai’s frightening face. After that, he grabbed onto Sima Ying’s fair-skinned neck.

“Wuuwaa~~~” With her neck grabbed, Sima Ying cried a miserable shriek and her complexion instantly turned ugly. It was as if she was going to lose her life the very next moment.

“Han Helai, if there’s something you want, then come at me,” Seeing this, Sima Huolie shouted in panic.

“Sima Huolie, I have not come here today for vengeance. My purpose is only the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“If you hand over the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, I’ll return your treasured granddaughter to you. Otherwise… tsk tsk… you know of my methods.” A smile emerged on Han Helai’s face. However, this sort of smile was extremely frightening when it appeared on his face.

“Grandfather, don’t give the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram to… wuuwaa…” Sima Ying loudly shouted. However, before she could finish shouting her words, Han Helai tightened his grip on her neck once again, causing her to be unable to speak and only able to groan painfully.

“Han Helai, release Ying’er. I’ll give you this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.” Sima Huolie took out the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. He was simply unwilling to see any harm done to his granddaughter.

“Very well, I’ll hand her over to you the moment you hand me the diagram. The rest of you, none of you do anything.”

Han Helai shouted loudly. He then soared into the sky and raised Sima Ying with one hand while holding the black bottle gourd with his other hand. One step at a time, he began to walk toward Sima Huolie.

As for Sima Huolie, he held the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram in his hand and slowly walked toward Han Helai.

In fact, the distance between the two of them was neither far nor near. With their strength, it would only take them an instant to reach one another.

For them to walk toward one another one step at a time was truly heart gripping. Everyone’s attention was focused on the two of them. Everyone’s heart had jumped all the way to their throats.

Finally, the two men reached one another. Sima Huolie was extremely cautious. As for that Han Helai, he had a strange smile on his face the entire time. The more he smiled in such a manner, the more uneasy everyone else felt.

“Here, I’ll return this girl to you.”

Han Helai took the initiative to present Sima Ying. At the same time, he also extended the hand that was holding the bottle gourd. He said, “Place the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram on the bottle gourd.”

“Ying’er.” Sima Huolie hurriedly placed the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram onto the bottle gourd. At the same time, with his other hand, he hurriedly grabbed Sima Ying.

With the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram in hand, Han Helai released Sima Ying. At the same time, a strange smile emerged on his face once again.


A flash of coldness shone through his eyes. His palm that had just released Sima Ying actually landed on her body once more.

In an instant, blood flew all over. A palm strike had penetrated through Sima Ying’s chest.

At this moment, not only was there a hole through Sima Ying’s chest, all of her organs had been crushed too. Even her dantian was no exception.

“Ying’er!” Seeing this scene, Sima Ying was immediately dumbstruck. He hurriedly embraced Sima Ying with his hands, tightly hugging her and not daring to loosen his grip. However, at the same time, his gaze turned exceptionally cold. It was simply even more frightening than the gaze of a monstrous beast. With this fierceness, he looked to Han Helai.

However, Han Helai did not fear Sima Huolie in the slightest. Instead, with a beaming smile, he said, “Sima Huolie, you are destined to live your life in solitude. I’ve killed all three of your sons, as well as your two daughters-in-law. And now, I’ve also killed this granddaughter of yours. All of this is the will of Heaven. I, Han Helai, am destined to be your nemesis.”

After he finished saying those words, Han Heilai’s body moved. He turned into a black light and flew toward the faraway distance.