Chapter 1235 - Fall From The Sky

MGA: Chapter 1235 - Fall From The Sky[1.death]

“Han Helai, I’ll kill you!” At this moment, Elder Hong Mo snarled in anger. A frantic and angry killing intent exploded from him. His body violently surged forward and he began to chase after Han Helai.

His dense killing intent even affected the weather. Everyone was able to sense Elder Hong Mo’s frightening state of mind. At this moment, he was akin to a devil, an enraged red devil.

However, it was evident that Han Helai was no simple character either. In a blink of an eye, he had already disappeared. No one knew exactly how far he had flown.

“Hong Mo, don’t chase after him. The current you is no match for him.” However, right at this moment, Sima Huolie slowly opened his mouth. His tone was very downcast and powerless. Most importantly, he was extremely weak.

Hearing those words, even though Elder Hong Mo was very unwilling, he considered again and again, and finally decided to stop chasing. He turned around and arrived beside Sima Huolie.

That was because he knew what Sima Huolie said was very correct. If the two of them were at their peak conditions, then that Han Helai might not be a match for them. However, the two of them had fallen into Han Helai’s evil scheme and exhausted too much of their power. It was simply impossible for them to contend against Han Helai right now.

If he was to insist on chasing after Han Helai, not mentioning whether he would be able to catch up to him, even if he did, it might be he who would be out of luck.

At this moment, everyone present, regardless of whether they might be injured or not, all arrived beside Sima Huolie.

As they looked at Sima Yin, who was half-alive and half-dead and only living through having her life maintained by Sima Huolie, and then looked to Sima Huolie, whose expression of deep worry and concern for his granddaughter was evident and already had his old tears covering his face, everyone present started to tightly clench their fists.[1.pelicanv: longest sentence ever] Their hearts were filled with an indescribable pain.

Suddenly, Sima Huolie raised his head and said to Elder Hong Mo, “Hong Mo, take care of Ying’er for me.”

“Huolie, you…”

Hearing those words, it was not only Elder Hong Mo, practically everyone present was startled. They did not understand why Sima Huolie would suddenly say those words. However, the very next moment, everyone’s gaze changed. They were all shocked.


Sima Huolie hugged Sima Ying’s body tightly. As his body slightly trembled, light began to emerge from it. This light was not very dazzling. However, it felt extremely sacred.

Furthermore, at the moment when this light appeared, runes and marks began to appear on Sima Huolie’s body.

Those runes and marks were extremely special. It was as if they were borne from Sima Huolie’s body. As they flowed through his skin, they began to extraordinarily enter into Sima Ying’s body, fusing with her.

“Wuuu~~” When those runes and marks entered into her body, Sima Ying groaned lightly. Immediately afterward, her body also began to emit a faint light. At the same time, her complexion that had been as pale as paper and like that of a dying person actually began to recover the redness of life.

This sort of vitality was not only present on her face, it was present throughout her body. As for the most obvious location, it was her organs and her dantian especially.

Not only was her dantian rapidly recovering, an abundant amount of martial power was entering it. It was no ordinary martial power. Instead, it was martial power that contained cultivation. Not only did Sima Ying manage to preserve her life, even her lost cultivation was being miraculously restored.

However, at times, one must pay the price for a miracle. This was especially true of man-made miracles.

At this moment, even though Sima Ying could preserve her life, the person who paid the price for that was her grandfather, Sima Huolie.

As Sima Ying’s body continued to recover, Sima Huolie’s body became weaker and weaker. His skin started to wrinkle and wither. Even his head of red hair turned pink and then white.

“Huolie, you…”

When he saw this scene, Elder Hong Mo displayed a tangled and sad expression. That was because he knew what method Sima Huolie was using to save Sima Ying’s life.

However, there was nothing he could do. After all, Sima Ying was Sima Huolie’s blood granddaughter. If Sima Huolie wanted to save her, no one had the authority to stop him.

“Taboo Technique, using his life as the price, he preserved the life of this little girl.”

“Familial love, it truly is a great thing.” Seeing this, even Eggy, who had always had a heart of stone, was emotionally moved. Emotions appeared on her exceptionally beautiful face.

Everyone was able to tell that Sima Huolie had used his own life to save Sima Ying’s life.

However, when disregarding familial love, this was equivalent to using a Half Martial Emperor’s life in exchange for a Martial King’s life, a royal-cloak world spiritist’s life in exchange for a gold-cloak world spiritist’s life.

This price was definitely not small.

However, regardless of how enormous the price was, there was nothing that could be done about it. This was Sima Huolie’s decision, something over which no one present had the authority to intervene.

Finally, the runes and marks that appeared on Sima Huolie’s body started to come to an end. As for Sima Ying, her body was completely recovered and her lifeforce was even stronger than before.

Finally, Sima Ying regained consciousness. Merely, at the moment she opened her eyes again and saw her grandfather before her, she was immediately struck dumb.

Only after a very long time did Sima Ying manage to react. While hugging her grandfather, she asked, “Grandfather, what happened to you? Grandfather, what happened to you?!”

However, the current Sima Huolie was so weak that he was akin to a dying old man. His voice was extremely weak, so weak that if one did not listen to it carefully, one would not be able to know what he was saying.

Regret filled his face. However, greater than regret was kindness and the reluctance to part. Everyone managed to clearly hear the final words spoken by Sima Huolie.

“Ying… Ying’er, you… must… continue living… courageously... do not… think about… revenge. Live… live on. It… is… more… more… important than… any… anything else.”

After he finished saying those words, Sima Huolie’s eyes closed and he lost all breath. There was no trace of life in him anymore.

“Grandfather~~~~~~~~~” At this moment, Sima Ying’s painful cry resounded throughout heaven and earth.




All of those were intertwined within her wail...

Sima Huolie died, he died for the sake of his granddaughter.

Sima Huolie died, and all of the servants of the Nine Spirits Paradise who were still alive left the place. That was because they most definitely would not follow a crafty and unruly girl like Sima Ying. Most importantly, Sima Ying was only a Martial King.

Sima Huolie died and Sima Ying should have returned to the World Spiritists Alliance. However, because of the Boundary Energy’s separation, she was currently unable to return to the World Spiritist Alliance. For the time being, she was now homeless.

Fortunately, Elder Hong Mo offered her shelter and brought her back to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, Elder Hong Mo used his spirit formation technique to temporary seal Sima Huolie’s body so that the people from the World Spiritist Alliance could come and retrieve it in the future so as to bury it.

Thus, the curtain on this battle dropped.

The conclusion of the battle was very bitter.

This was not only regretful for Sima Ying, it was regretful for everyone.

A powerful Half Martial Emperor, a grand royal-cloak world spiritist, for the sake of his relative, died.

This was something that caused everyone to feel an indescribable grief and indignation just by thinking about it. Even though Chu Feng did not know Sima Huolie very well, he also felt this way.

On this journey, Chu Feng discovered the miraculousness of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. However, he was unable to obtain any real benefit from it.

However, this journey was most definitely not one done in vain. At the very least, he had experienced a battle between Half Martial Emperors, and realized how powerful they were, as well as how small and weak he himself was.

No matter what, he still had to live life one day at a time. This was especially for Chu Feng, who still carried a heavy mission on his back.

To become stronger, this was a conviction of his that had never lessened. Instead, it had only grown stronger.

At this moment, in order to increase his strength faster, Chu Feng turned his sights to the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield.