Chapter 1233 - Mysterious Black-Clothed Man

MGA: Chapter 1233 - Mysterious Black-Clothed Man

A monstrous amount of rumbles sounded from outside of the cave. This had already caused the crowd to feel uneasy. On top of that, the two management elders had a posture of preparing for battle, bringing even more fear to the crowd.

The situation before them was clear; they had entered into a crisis. This crisis had arrived so fast that it had caught everyone off guard and made them at complete loss as to what to do.

“Boom~~~~~~” Right at this moment, an ear-piercing rumble sounded.

At the same time this rumble sounded, cracking noises began to be heard from all directions of the cave.

When they looked carefully at the cave, the crowd discovered that even though the formation surrounding the cave had not collapsed completely, the surrounding walls were already filled with cracks. Countless broken rocks and stones began to fall down from those walls. This cave was unable to remain standing anymore.


Following closely behind, another loud rumble sounded and completely shattered all of the rocks surrounding the cave. Broken rocks and stones were everywhere. At the same time, the formation surrounding the cave also crumbled.

At the moment when the formation collapsed and the cave shattered, the crowd was finally able to see the situation outside clearly. Merely, at this moment, they did not have the hearts to watch what was happening outside.

That was because numerous black shadows were currently brandishing their sharp claws with eyes that shone with red light as they howled and charged toward them.


At this moment, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan’s killing intent was radiating all over. The two of them both took out their respective Royal Armaments, released their powerful Half Martial Emperor auras and took on protective positions to block the incoming black shadows.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~~~~~”

In an instant, rumbles sounded from all over and ripples devastated their surroundings. Chu Feng and the others who were inside the defensive barrier were unable to see their surroundings clearly anymore. All they could see were fierce energy ripples that contained ear-piercing snarls, like ferocious beasts continuously battering the defensive barrier that they were in.

A battle between Half Martial Emperors was no small matter. Even Chu Feng, someone with very powerful observational ability, was unable to see their movements clearly, and could only sense their destructive power wreaking havoc all around him.

At this moment, the battle outside of the formation was simply on another level. Not to mention Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen of the younger generation, even the other elders of the Medicine Concocting Department could only resign themselves to their fate; they did not possess the qualifications to get involved at all.

“Hand over the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram and I’ll spare your life.” Suddenly, a gloomy and hoarse voice sounded from the distance. This voice was the voice of that black clothed man with the bottle gourd in his hand.

“You want the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram? In your dreams.” Sima Huolie immediately refused. At the same time, rumbles burst forth. It was evident that an even more intense confrontation occurred.

“Tsk tsk, you truly are someone who would not shed tears without seeing your coffin. Since this is the case, I’ll make sure that you pay the price for your decision.”

Suddenly, the black-clothed man raised the bottle gourd in his hand high. Following that, more and more black shadows began to burst out of the bottle gourd. After they came out, they charged toward Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo.

“You want us to pay the price? With merely your level of ability? You aren’t fit to do so.”

Sima Huolie shouted angrily. As his long crimson hair fluttered in the wind, he seemed to have turned into a devil. His three-foot long cyan sword attacked left and right. With each attack, several black shadows would be ripped apart.

As for Elder Hong Mo, his formation techniques were equally as fierce. Even though the two of them were in a position of being suppressed, the black shadows were incapable of causing them any harm.

However, this time was different from the past. There were simply too many black shadows, so many that Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo were incapable of killing them fast enough. Those black shadows densely surrounded them in multiple layers; it was truly impenetrable.

“Did you really think that you would be able to trap us with only this?” Sima Huolie shouted angrily. The three-foot long cyan sword in his hand trembled again and again. In the end, a red-colored gaseous flame burst forth from his palm and extended onto his Royal Armament.

“Rustle, rustle.” When he brandished the Royal Armament in his hand again, a crimson-colored light streaked across the sky. Not only did that light ray behead the black shadows, it even cut through space itself, causing the portion of space around his cuts to collapse and become pitch-black.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Surprisingly, faced with Sima Huolie’s fierce counterattack, not only did that black-clothed man not feel the slightest bit of nervousness, he instead smiled a strange smile. Immediately afterward, with a movement of his body, he disappeared.

“Not good.” At this moment, both Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo’s expressions changed greatly. Immediately after, their bodies moved and they began to fly toward the direction of Chu Feng and the others.

They finally realized that the situation was bad. It turned out that the black clothed man did not release that many black shadows in order to defeat them. Instead, he used those black shadows to entrap them. As for his actual target, it was Chu Feng and the others.

When they discovered this, Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo both exerted all of their strength to charge to rescue Chu Feng and the others.


However, it was already too late. At the moment they discovered how deep the crisis was, the black shadows that filled the sky refused to give them the chance to leave. Being surrounded by that many black shadows, they were unable to kill them all.

“Woosh.” Right at this moment, that black-clothed man had already arrived before Chu Feng and the others.

“Don’t you think you can harm them.”

When they saw the black clothed man, determination emerged on Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan’s faces. Without hesitation, they stood before the black clothed man’s path.

“Shrimp soldiers and crab generals trying to block my path?” However, with a wave of the black-clothed man’s sleeve, a gale swept forth.



Before this gale, not only did Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan immediately vomit a mouthful of blood and as they were sent flying into the distance, even the defensive barrier they had erected was instantly ruptured.

After he injured the two elders and broke apart the defensive barrier with one strike, the black-clothed man waved his sleeve and extended an incomparably ugly hand.

He unfolded his hand into a palm and immediately, an attractive energy burst forth. Like a powerless scarecrow, Sima Ying was caught by the attractive energy and sucked to that black clothed man’s palm with her neck being tightly grabbed.

Even though Sima Ying struggled with all her might, she was simply incapable of escaping and could only obediently stay before his palm.

“Grandfather, save me.” In panic, Sima Ying turned her gaze to her grandfather and loudly cried for help.

Upon hearing her cry, Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo became even more anxious and began to throw themselves to kill the black shadows that blocked their path.

However, that black clothed man was surprisingly not in a rush. He did not bother to harm Chu Feng and the others either, nor did he try to harm Sima Ying. Just like that, he stood in midair with the appearance of someone enjoying a show.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.” Only when Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo massacred their way through all of the black shadows did he laugh a strange laugh. “Sima Huolie, look at your sorry figure. Never would I have imagined that you would have a day like this too.”

“Who exactly are you?” Sima Huolie frowned and asked coldly.

He knew very well that with Sima Ying in his opponent’s hand, he was already caught in a passive state. However, he still wanted to know who exactly his opponent was.

“You don’t know who I am? Didn’t you know that it was I who secretly gave you the formation technique to unravel the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram?” The black clothed man asked.

“What? You left that formation?” Hearing those words, Sima Huolie was greatly shocked.

“Actually, the method I used back then was very crude. If you had examined it carefully, you would have found out that it was placed there deliberately, and was not something the Nine Spirits God left behind.”

“Unfortunately, your thoughts were shadowed by happiness. You simply did not even have the attention to notice all that, and wholeheartedly believed it to have been left behind by the Nine Spirits God.”

“And now, you’ve finally used my formation. If it wasn’t for this formation absorbing too much of your energy, it would also have been impossible for me to have the chance to obtain the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram from you.” Speaking till this point, that black clothed man’s laughter became more and more sinister.

As for Sima Huolie and the others, their expressions became more and more ugly. Only now did they discover that the formation capable of breaking the seal to the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was actually a trap.