Chapter 1232 - Danger Lurks On Every Side

MGA: Chapter 1232 - Danger Lurks On Every Side

At this moment, the sky outside of the cave was black in color and filled with lightning.

Neither the stars, the sun nor the moon could be seen. Only energy ripples wreaking havoc and dazzling red light could be seen throughout the sky. Violent gales had devastated the land, leaving it in complete chaos and beyond recognition.

Countless mountains had been destroyed and razed to the ground. Countless forests had been burned, turning into seas of fire.

At this moment, the scene outside of the cave was like that of the arrival of doomsday. There was no longer a pretty scenery; what remained were only the guards of the Nine Spirits Paradise, either dead or injured, drifting within the energy ripples.

Even though Chu Feng was unable to hear what was happening outside because of the formation over the cave, when he saw the scene of destruction, Chu Feng felt as if he was hearing all kinds of miserable, heart-shocking cries that accompanied the collapse of the world.

As for the creators of this cruel scene outside of the cave, they were three figures.

Those three people were all able to shatter space and sink the earth with every movement and gesture. They were truly existences that possessed the power to bring about the destruction of the world.

As for those three people, Chu Feng recognized two of them, Elder Hong Mo and Sima Huolie.

At this moment, Elder Hong Mo’s royal-level spirit energy filled the sky. In an instant, he created several large formations that contained boundless power, appearing as if they were capable of crushing everything before them.

It was not only limited to this. He had also opened several tens of world spirit gates. In the blink of an eye, several hundred world spirits that either held weapons or contained beastly might walked out from those world spirit gates. After they came out, they snarled and charged onto the battlefield.

It was truly frightening. Even though those world spirits were only world spirits from the Beast Spirit World, they were all Half Martial Emperors, and each and every one of them possessed the ability to bring about the destruction of the world.

As for Sima Huolie, he did not use any world spirit technique, nor did he use any martial skill. Instead, he was holding a three-foot-long cyan sword in his hand.

However, this ordinary sword of his was able to sweep across the sky and slice the firmament. Using only this sword, he managed to display his incomparable power. This sword was most definitely no ordinary sword. Instead, it was an extremely exceptional top quality Royal Armament.

As for the third person, he was a black clothed individual with dishevelled hair.

This person had a head full of black hair that was in a terrible mess. His hair covered his face, making it impossible to see his facial features. The only thing that could be seen was a single white-colored eye.

That’s right, it was a white-colored eye, completely void of iris or pupil and extremely frightening. To be precise, it simply did not appear to be a human’s eye at all.

However, what was the most frightening was not that black-clothed individual’s eye. Instead, it was the bottle gourd in his hand.

It was a black-colored gourd. However, it was also filled with black-colored marks. The black-colored marks were emitting a strange light, like countless little black insects revolving around the bottle gourd.

As they emitted that strange black light, black shadows flew out of the bottle gourd one after another.

Those shadows were extremely frightening. Each and every one of them was over a dozen meters tall. They possessed sharp claws and were entirely black in color. Yet, they had a pair of crimson-colored eyes.

There were simply too many shadows. In a blink of an eye, oven ten thousand shadows appeared. Furthermore, they were still expanding in number.

Most importantly, those black-colored shadows were wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. They truly appeared as if they were ghosts, and also possessed Half Martial Emperor-level strength. Emitting their martial power back and forth, brandishing their claws, they charged forward with killing intent.

These shadow monsters were all from that black-colored gourd.

Before that man’s bottle gourd, even Elder Hong Mo and Sima Huolie were experiencing an enormous pressure. In an instant, they were suddenly caught in a disadvantageous position.

“Not good.” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng gasped.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong? Could it be that you’re able to see what’s happening outside?” Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan asked. At the same time, the gazes of everyone else were also shifted to Chu Feng. They wanted to seek an answer from him.

“There’s someone fighting the two seniors,” Chu Feng said.

“Sure enough, someone has come to stir up trouble. They’re truly courting death, truly deserving of their punishment.”

“They’ve only had their thoughts dominated by self-interest and forgotten who my grandfather is. To actually have the impertinence to come here, they are truly overestimating themselves.”

Sima Ying said those words with a mocking tone. From her point of view, the person that had come to stir up trouble would not be a match for her grandfather at all and would most definitely be killed. She believed that she would be able to see that person’s corpse real soon.

“No, that person is very powerful. Add to that the fact that the two seniors have already exhausted a great amount of their stamina to set up that formation and activate the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Regardless of whether it’s their spirit energy or their martial power, both would be very lacking right now. At this moment, that other man is prevailing in the battle between the three of them,” Chu Feng said.

“You must be kidding, this…” Hearing those words, everyone’s expression turned ashen. They were extremely frightened by what Chu Feng said.

Who were Elder Hong Mo and Sima Huolie? One was the head of the Cyanwood Mountain’s Medicine Concocting Department, whereas the other one was even more extraordinary, being one of the management world spiritists of the World Spiritist Alliance.

These two people, not to mention being in the Cyanwood Domain, even in the entire Holy Land of Martialism, would be grand characters.

Yet, at this moment, there was someone who was able to prevail against those two. Thus, how could they not be shocked? How could they not be scared?

If something were to happen to those two grand characters, what could they, who have been sealed in the cave, possibly do? Likely, they would all meet a tragic end.

“Rumble.” Right at this moment, the cave started to tremble violently. This trembling was unlike those from before. It was not a very slight trembling like before. Instead, it was a very violent tremble.

Furthermore, this sort of tremble continued on and on, one following another, each stronger than the previous one. Even though all of them were cultivation experts, it became difficult for them to stand firmly at this moment.

In fact, this was only because it was them. If they had been people with a low level of cultivation, then this sort of trembling would have been sufficient to tear their bodies and crush their bones.

“What’s going on? Chu Feng, quickly, check it out!”At this moment, many people felt that the situation was going badly. They turned their gazes to Chu Feng because only he was able to see the situation outside.

Chu Feng was not slow to react either. His gaze was already cast toward the outside. Only then did he discover that the ghost-like black shadows had densely covered the outside of the cave, and were either clawing with their hands or shooting red light from their mouths to attack the cave with all their might.

Furthermore, before their continuous and unending attacks, the formation that Elder Hong Mo had set up was approaching a crisis and was in danger of collapsing at any moment.

Sensing that the situation was bad, Chu Feng hurriedly shouted, “Elders, it’s not good. He’s attacking the cave.”

“Zhou Quan.” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Elder Wei became aware of the danger and hurriedly turned his gaze to Elder Zhou Quan.

“Got it.” Even though Elder Wei did not say much, Elder Zhou Quan immediately understood his intentions.

At this moment, the two elders moved and stood respectively on the two sides of the crowd. After that, the two of them began to set up formation simultaneously. Soon, they managed to create a defensive formation.

This defensive formation completely sealed Chu Feng and the others within it. However, the two elders did not seal themselves in with the formation. Instead, with a thought, the two of them both called out several tens of world spirits. Together with them, those world spirits circled around the defensive formation they had set up, protecting it.

Their intention was very clear - they planned to protect Chu Feng and the others with their lives.