Chapter 1231 - An Enormous Surprise

MGA: Chapter 1231 - An Enormous Surprise

“There are actually these sorts of Taboo Formation Techniques?”

After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng also became excited. To be able to control the other world spirit within his body was truly a very crazy idea.

However, it was also something that would make Chu Feng incessantly excited just thinking about it.

To control a Martial Emperor-level world spirit, who then could possibly stand before him? Likely, he would be able to obtain greatness in this Holy Land of Martialism.

“In that case, what is the other formation technique? What use does it have?” Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng inquired.

“The other formation technique is called the Evil Spirit Binding Formation,” Eggy said.

“Evil Spirit Binding Formation?”

“That’s right, it’s the Evil Spirit Binding Formation. It would make it so that an evil spirit would be under your control and unable to disobey you. If it tried to do that, its body would explode, its soul would shatter and it would die,” Eggy said.

“What a frightening formation technique. No wonder it’s considered to be a Taboo Formation Technique. Exactly who is it that created this sort of frightening formation technique? Could it be the Nine Spirits God?” Chu Feng was amazed by how powerful this formation was. At the same time, he was awed by the savageness of its creator.

“Nine Spirits God? It’s impossible for him. Even though this Nine Spirits God was once an extraordinary world spiritist in this Holy Land of Martialism, he most definitely does not possess the ability to create this sort of Taboo Formation Technique.”

“As far as I know, the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and the Evil Spirit Binding Formation are known to be formation techniques created by the evilest world spiritist.”

“According to legend, that world spiritist controlled an army of countless evil spirits through these two formation techniques. Furthermore, that army slaughtered through everything in its path,” Eggy said.

“It’s actually this powerful? In that case, who is that world spiritist?” Chu Feng asked.

“That I don’t know,” Eggy shook her head.

“In that case, Eggy, are you certain that the formation technique on the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is that World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“I cannot be completely certain. However, based on its appearance, it resembles the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation that I’ve heard of greatly. I think that it’s most likely it,” Eggy said.

“Oh, in that case, I am truly fortunate,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, of everything in this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, the best thing should be this Taboo Formation Technique and that cultivation method to strengthen one’s spirit energy.”

“However, when comparing the two, they are simply incomparable to one another.”

“With your comprehension ability, even if you did not train in that cultivation method to strengthen one’s spirit energy, you would still be able to become a royal-cloak world spiritist sooner or later. It would only be a question of time.”

“However, if you are to miss that World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation, it would be very possible that you’ll never obtain another chance to see it again. Thus, it is best for you to wholeheartedly remember that formation technique,” Eggy said.

“Mn.” As matters stood, Chu Feng also knew about the importance of this formation technique. Thus, he immediately began to concentrate his attention on that formation technique and wholeheartedly remember its contents.

However, after two entire hours, Chu Feng only managed to remember the superficial knowledge of this World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation. It was extremely difficult for him to grasp it completely.

“This won’t do. Even though I can clearly see the contents of this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram with my Heaven’s Eyes, it is still very difficult for me to grasp it with my comprehension. At the very least, it would be impossible to do it in a short period of time.”

After two more hours passed, Chu Feng was still unable to see through this World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation. It was not only this formation technique. Chu Feng had also tried to learn that cultivation method to strengthen one’s spirit energy. Yet, it was also very difficult to comprehend.

In short, the things on this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram were truly not that easy to obtain.

“Damn it, it’s too hard. Even though I seem to have found a formation technique, it is only a concept. I cannot determine the method to set it up at all.”

“I’ve also found a formation technique. Yet, other than being able to determine that it’s a formation technique, I am unable to see through anything else about it at all.”

In fact, it was not only limited to Chu Feng. At this moment, many elders of the Medicine Concocting Department were also groaning in pain and complaining nonstop.

Furthermore, each and every one of them had pale complexions and sweat filled their faces. Even the two management elders and Sima Ying were like this.

From this, it could be seen that their harvest was greatly inferior to Chu Feng’s. Yet, the price they paid was much greater than Chu Feng’s.

At this moment, everyone managed to experience how powerful the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was. However, none of them were able to ascertain whether the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram truly hid profound mysteries beneficial to world spiritists. Thus, they became very restless.

Afterall, they had observed the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram for a very long time, to no avail. None of them managed to actually obtain anything from it. Thus, they naturally began to doubt the authenticity of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. It was Bai Ruochen. “Chu Feng, did you manage to see anything from this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram? Why is it that I can only see the rough concept, and am simply incapable of seeing any actual substance?”

“This Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, is it real or fake?”

Chu Feng turned his gaze toward Bai Ruochen and discovered that she was like Sima Ying and the others; there was a trace of unnatural paleness on her beautiful face. Furthermore, beads of sparkling and translucent sweat covered her head and rolled down her cheeks. Her mental state was very unwell. If one had to describe it, then it could only be said that she was in weak health.

“It’s real. Merely, the things within it are not that easy to obtain. Perhaps this might be a trial left behind by the Nine Spirits God,” Chu Feng replied.

“Got it.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Bai Ruochen regained her confidence and didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, she began to wholeheartedly observe the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram once again. At this moment, her eyes were emitting an exotic color and a special aura. Likely, she was also using her special world spirit technique, an extraordinary observation method.



Right at this moment, a loud noise suddenly sounded from outside of the cave. Following that, the cave started to violently tremble. It was as if it was about to cave in.

“Who is it?”

At this moment, Sima Huolie’s expression greatly changed. He hurriedly took the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram and placed it into his bosom. After that, he flew up from the formation and out the cave.

“You all stay in the cave.”

When Elder Hong Mo walked out of the spirit formation, he first set up another spirit formation and sealed the cave. Only then did he follow behind Sima Huolie and also leave the cave.

Merely, at the moment when he left, the entrance of the cave was also covered by the formation he set up. Chu Feng and the others had all been sealed in the cave.

Even though they knew that there were dangers outside, Chu Feng and the others who did not know what exactly had happened still walked toward the cave’s entrance in hopes of being able to find out what had happened.

However, the cave was completely sealed off by the formation. Not to mention being able to see anything, they were even incapable of hearing anything. The only thing they could feel was that the cave was trembling nonstop, it was as if it was being unceasingly attacked by a powerful energy.

“Something must’ve happened. Chu Feng, try looking with your Heaven’s Eyes,” Eggy said.

“Mn.” Chu Feng nodded. His eyes flickered slightly. They did not emit a very sharp gaze. However, the formation that sealed off his vision gradually dissipated before him, as if it had actually disappeared.

At this moment, everything outside was clear before Chu Feng’s eyes.

“This is?” When he saw the scene outside, even Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine. He was greatly surprised.