Chapter 1230 - Two Types of Taboos

MGA: Chapter 1230 - Two Types of Taboos

“World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyes shone in amazement.

Chu Feng knew about Taboo Formation Techniques. They were either things that were not permitted to be used or formations that would go against the natural order. They were much more dangerous than Taboo Martial Skills.

Furthermore, based on what Eggy said, Chu Feng was able to tell that this Taboo Formation Technique should be related to world spirits. Thus, he asked, “Eggy, what exactly is the usage of this Taboo Formation Technique that made you attach such importance to it?”

“Chu Feng, this formation technique is able to make the world spirit that you have contracted become an evil spirit,” Eggy said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. “Become an evil spirit? What do you mean?”

“In other words, as long as you know this formation technique, you will be able to let your world spirit leave your world spirit space, the world of your consciousness.”

“It would then be able to live alongside you in your world as an independent living thing. Furthermore, you would not harm yourself as you detach your world spirit from your body,” Eggy said.

“But Eggy, you’ve mentioned before that as long as a world spirit leaves a world spiritist’s body, they would have violated the world spirit law. Even though they would be able to continue to live in this world, they would become evil spirits.”

“Not only would they be bound by a curse, they would forever be incapable of returning to their own spirit world, and could only drift through life in this world. Isn’t that so?”

“Could it be, you want to become an evil spirit?” Chu Feng started to panic. It was the first time that he had become flustered like to this extent.

That was because Chu Feng knew about evil spirits. When he had first entered the Emperor Tomb in the Azure Province of the Nine Provinces, he had encountered an evil spirit. From that, he knew how powerful evil spirits were, as well as how frightening and sorrowful they were.

Evil spirits used to be world spirits. When a world spirit became extremely powerful, so powerful that they surpassed their master, they could then devour their master.

After their master had been devoured, they would certainly die. However, the world spirit would be able to remain. Merely, without the binding from a world spiritist, the world spirit would lose their link to their homeland, and would forever be unable to return to the spirit world.

However, there was naturally a reason why many world spirits were willing to become evil spirits. As for the reason, it was mostly because of one thing, source energy.

That’s right, it was source energy. The reason why the majority of the world spirits were willing to enter into an agreement with a world spiritist and come to this world to serve them was all for the sake of one thing, source energy.

Source energy was something that was present only in this world. However, source energies were able to rapidly increase the strength of a world spirit. As long as they could gather enough source energy, the growth of a world spirit would be extremely frightening.

As for the method to obtain source energies, it was actually very simple; one only needed to massacre others nonstop. However, very rarely would a world spiritist start a massacre for their world spirit. Generally, they would find source energies for their world spirits through chance encounters. When they were able to find source energies they would try to obtain it. However, they would not try to insist on obtaining source energy for their world spirit and willfully slaughter the innocent.

That said, if a world spirit was to break away from a world spiritist, they would be able to obtain source energies for themselves by killing experts in an unrestrained manner. Like this, their growth would be very rapid.

However, Chu Feng did not wish for Eggy to become an evil spirit. He did not want her to pay such an enormous price for the sake of power.

Not to mentioning that an evil spirit would be detested by everyone and bring about countless experts to try to kill her, the most important thing was that Eggy would not be able to return to the Asura Spirit World after becoming an evil spirit. The only thing she could do would be to remain in this world and receive contempt from everyone.

Even though Eggy was already incapable of returning to her Asura Spirit World, as she was sealed in Chu Feng’s body, she would be able to return to the Asura Spirit World once she broke apart the seal that was binding her and restored her strength.

Thus, Chu Feng really did not wish for Eggy to become an evil spirit. This was the main reason why he became flustered. He was not worried about himself, he was worried about Eggy.

“No, you definitely can’t.”

“Eggy, listen to me. Even though you’re under a very heavy constraint right now, you must believe me. There will definitely be a day where I’ll unseal your seal and restore your original power.”

“Eggy, you must not seek instant benefits, okay? Believe me.” When he thought about this, Chu Feng started to panic completely and began to earnestly advise Eggy against it.

“Idiot, who said I’m going to become an evil spirit? This queen has been living completely fine, there’s no way she would do something as stupid as that. There’s still a lot of things that I need to do in the Asura Spirit World. How could I possibly go and sever my road to returning home?”

After hearing Chu Feng’s earnest urging against it, Eggy forced a smile. However, she was very happy. That was because she was able to tell how much Chu Feng worried about her.

Her many years of being with Chu Feng, assisting him, accompanying him and growing alongside him, had not been in vain.

“Really?” Chu Feng was skeptical of her words.

“Of course,” Eggy nodded in certainty.

“You girl, you’ve scared me to death,” At this moment, Chu Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately after, he asked, “Since you’re not planning to become an evil spirit, then why did you want me to learn this formation technique?”

“Idiot, do you know how powerful this formation technique is? It allows one to be unharmed in the slightest when allowing their world spirits to become evil spirits. That is an extremely amazing thing, something that many world spiritists yearn for, and yet are incapable of grasping.”

“I can guarantee you that this World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation is most definitely the most amazing thing in this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“It would allow you to separate the world spirit in your body to work for you without bringing any harm to your body,” Eggy said.

“But, all world spirits are living things. If they are to choose me and decide to follow me, that means that they trust me.”

“How could I have the heart to, for no reason or cause, harm them by turning them into evil spirits?” Chu Feng still felt a lot of antipathy for the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation.

“Idiot, you still don’t understand my intentions? You naturally should not degrade those world spirits that you care about to evil spirits. However, what about those world spirits that pose a threat to you? Could it be that you want to seal them in your body all your life?” Eggy said.

“Eggy, you mean…?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. He finally understood what Eggy’s intentions were. She was most definitely talking about the other world spirit sealed within him; that extremely frightening and extremely powerful world spirit.

“That’s right, I’m talking about that. Its power currently greatly surpasses mine. It is simply impossible for you to control it. At the very least, it is impossible for you to control it before you become a Martial Emperor.”

“However, I have a method that could allow you to control it. This method will not only make it so that it would not be able to threaten your safety, it would also become willing to be used by you.”

“As for this method, it requires two formation techniques, two extremely profound and ancient Taboo Formation Techniques.”

“Back then, I did not tell you about this method because I did not know how to set up the formation techniques, and I was uncertain whether there would be people in your world that knew how to set up that sort of Taboo Formation Technique. This is because the origins of those two Taboo Formation Techniques are truly too grand”

“However, I have now discovered one of the two. It is precisely this World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation. With even the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation being found, I believe that the other formation might exist in the Holy Land of Martialism as well.”

“As long as you control those two Taboo Formation Techniques, you’ll be able to control the other Asura World Spirit in your body,” Eggy said.