Chapter 1229 - World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation

MGA: Chapter 1229 - World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation

“Truly shameless. You all ran here faster than anyone else right after hearing that the formation was completed and that the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was about to display itself.”

“Truly, you people of the Cyanwood Mountain are truly courageous heroes who would not take small advantages, truly people with extremely thick skin.”

Right at the moment when everyone was filled with anticipation and joy, a burst of sharp and unkind words suddenly sounded from outside the cave, disturbing everyone’s mood.

Turning their heads back toward the voice, they saw a beautiful woman walking into the cave following the guards of the Nine Spirits Paradise.

It was Sima Ying. Not only did Sima Ying speak those mood-spoiling words, she spoke them while looking at the crowd from the Medicine Concocting Department.

Furthermore, her gaze had landed on Chu Feng. It was a gaze filled with ill intent. From this, one could tell how much she hated Chu Feng because he won against her.

Being spoken to in such a manner by Sima Ying, the people of the Medicine Concocting Department were all enraged and gnashing their teeth. Even Bai Ruochen’s beautiful eyes were flickering with anger.

However, only Chu Feng was not angered.

Instead, he had a beaming smile as he looked to Sima Ying, “Yoh, Miss Sima, hearing those words of yours, it seems that you’re implying that you’re very honorable. Since you’re this honorable, there’s no need for you to come see the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, no?”

“Bullshit, this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is my grandfather’s. It’s natural for me to come and see it. Yet, what qualifications do you all have?” Seeing that Chu Feng not only refuted her but instead also baffled her, Sima Ying was immediately enraged.

“I think you’re mistaken. It is not that we insisted on coming here. Instead, it was your grandfather who invited us here.”

“Furthermore, let me tell you this, if it wasn’t for our Elder Hong Mo, even if your grandfather had the NIne Spirits Divine Diagram, you would still not be able to see its contents, since he would be incapable of activating it.”

“One must be conscientious. All of us, including Elder Hong Mo, have journeyed far and long to come here all for the sake of helping your grandfather activate the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Yet, you speak to us in such an ill manner. Search within your heart, do you even have a conscience? Could you even be considered to be human?” Seeing how crafty and unruly Sima Ying was, Chu Feng removed the smile on his face and reprimanded her severely.

“You…” Being denounced by Chu Feng in such a manner, even though Sima Ying was enraged, she was speechless. After all, what Chu Feng said was reasonable.

However, with Sima Ying’s temperament, she would naturally not keep her unspoken grievances pent-up. Since she could not win with reason, she could only invert right and wrong.

She pointed at Chu Feng and attacked viciously, “You truly speak as if you’re someone special. Who do you all think you are? Even if there isn’t your Elder Hong Mo, my grandfather would still be able to activate the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“All of you, scram. Our Nine Spirits Paradise does not welcome you. Scram! Get out of our Nine Spirits Paradise…”

“Humph, I’ve truly never seen such a rude girl like you. We are not shameless enough to insist on staying here. Since you’ve said it like this, we’ll leave right now.”

At this moment, Elder Zhou Quan who had been silent the entire time was completely enraged. He waved his sleeve and began to lead everyone out.

“Ying’er, you must not be rude! How could you speak to your elders in such a manner?”

Right at this moment, Sima Huolie, who had his eyes closed, finally spoke. Not only did he open his eyes, he also had an angry expression on his face. It was evident that he had heard all that Sima Ying had said earlier.

At the same time he opened his eyes, Elder Hong Mo also opened his eyes. He looked to Elder Zhou Quan and the others from the Medicine Concocting Department, “Zhou Quan, no matter what, you’re a management elder of our Cyanwood Mountain. How could you lower yourself to a child’s level?”

To have the two grand characters speak at the same time, neither Zhou Quan nor Sima Ying dared to say anything anymore. Instead, they obediently returned to the formation.

However, Chu Feng was frowning at this moment. Even though neither Elder Hong Mo nor Sima Huolie displayed it clearly, he noticed that their auras were very weak and their mental states were also unwell.

As for the culprit that caused the two of them to become like this, it was likely this formation. Even though the two of them had set up the formation faster than they had anticipated, it was clear that they had paid a considerable price in order to set the formation up this quickly.

“Everyone, we’ve made you wait. Now, let us experience the treasure left behind by the Nine Spirits God together, and see exactly what sorts of secrets are hidden within this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.”

“The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is going to open now. Everyone present will be able to see this sacred sight.”

When Sima Huolie spoke to this point, he took out the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram once more. With a wave of his sleeve, he tossed the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram into the air.

At the moment when the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram opened, Sima Huolie’s head full of red hair began to flutter wildly. As for Elder Hong Mo, he also began to wholeheartedly activate the formation.

As the formation was activated, not only did it radiate light all over, layer upon layer of visible royal level spirit energy began to enter the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

This royal level spirit energy was no ordinary royal level spirit energy; it was many times stronger than Sima Huolie and Elder Hong Mo’s own royal level spirit energies.

Thus, as this spirit energy entered the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram soon began to change. Not only did it rapidly change from the fake scenery, those shattered portions of the paintings soon fused with one another and formed a myriad of runes and symbols that roamed through the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

“It’s activated, the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is activated!”

At this moment, everyone was filled with excitement. There were even some who began to cheer loudly.

The activation of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram brought forth a boundless amount of profoundness to world spiritists. However, it would all be up to the individuals themselves as to how much they could comprehend from it.

At this moment, practically everyone present was completely focused on the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, unable to take their eyes away from it and wholeheartedly watching it as it continued to changed nonstop.

Furthermore, they were not only using their naked eyes to look at the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. They also utilized all sorts of observation techniques to assist their naked eyes.

However, in terms of observation ability, it would be Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes that was the most powerful.

Before the Heaven’s Eyes, who could possibly be able to contend against it?

Before Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, practically everything contained within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram revealed itself before him.

“What a mystical object this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is. It would appear that Nine Spirits God was truly extraordinary. His world spirit techniques have most definitely reached a frightening level. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to comprehend such extraordinary world spirit profoundness.”

At this moment, even Chu Feng became excited. That was because he truly saw too many profound mysteries in the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

He discovered many astonishing formations. There were killing formations, defensive formations, healing formations, concealing formations and even all kinds of methods to create world spirit tunnels.

However, what attracted Chu Feng’s attention the most was not these formations. Instead, it was a special cultivation method.

It was a cultivation method to increase one’s strength in world spirit techniques. If one managed to master this cultivation method, one would be able to link up with royal level spirit energy and become a royal-cloak world spiritist. This was most definitely the fastest shortcut for a gold-cloak world spiritist to become a royal-cloak world spiritist.

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng was completely engrossed in that cultivation method, Eggy suddenly shouted at him, “Chu Feng, quickly look over there, look at that formation.”

Upon hearing Eggy’s shout, Chu Feng shifted his eyes toward the direction she pointed to and discovered that there was a formation technique beside that cultivation method.

That formation technique was extremely mystical. From a single glance, Chu Feng knew that this formation was extraordinary.

“Eggy, you recognize this formation technique?” Chu Feng asked in amazement.

“If my guess is correct, it is a Taboo Formation Technique,” Eggy said.

“Taboo Formation Technique? What is that? What use does it have?” Chu Feng asked.

“World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation,” Eggy said.