Chapter 1226 - Bad Intentions

MGA: Chapter 1226 - Bad Intentions

“Ah, what sort of words are those? Eggy is not that narrow-minded.”

“However, Eggy’s temperament is rather straightforward and she dislikes speaking in a roundabout way. Thus, I hope you do not take offense either.”

Chu Feng smiled. Bai Ruochen being able to let go of hatred and admit her wrong made Chu Feng very happy.

“So her name is Eggy?” Bai Ruochen asked.

“Mn, I gave her that name. Heh…” Chu Feng laughed complacently. Eggy was not a very pleasant-sounding name. However, it was already very normal for him to say the name. Furthermore, Eggy had already accepted this non-extraordinary name.

“In that case, is she a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World?” Bai Ruochen asked. At this moment, her eyes were firmly fixed onto Chu Feng. She appeared to be somewhat nervous.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

Hearing Chu Feng’s response, Bai Ruochen appeared to have been relieved of a burden. She smiled and said, “It is not a disgrace that I have lost to an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit.”

At this moment, Chu Feng was startled. However, after he thought about it, he realized what Bai Ruochen meant by that. Bai Ruochen was a female and Eggy was also a female. Furthermore, the two of them possessed the same level of cultivation.

The two of them had fought, only to end with Bai Ruochen’s complete defeat. How would she, who had always been prideful about herself, think about this? How could she possibly be able to accept this? How would she be willing to accept it?

Regardless of whether she held a grudge or not, it remained extremely unpleasant for her to be defeated. However, when she came to ascertain that Eggy was an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit, it made her feel much better about her defeat.

The Asura Spirit World’s world spirits were the world spirits of legends. Their powerful might was something that every single world spiritist knew about.

Thus, even if she was defeated by Eggy, Bai Ruochen was able to accept it. At the very least, she felt that it was not a disgrace for her to lose to Eggy because the Asura Spirit World’s world spirits were truly powerful.

“Eggy, how was it? Was there a lot of source energy in there?” After the matter with Bai Ruochen was done, Chu Feng questioned Eggy. Even though Chu Feng cared very much for Bai Ruochen as a friend, he worried about Eggy even more.

“There were a lot of source energies. All of them have been eaten by this Queen here. Although those two Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits possessed a higher cultivation than me, they did not manage to even obtain a single bit of source energy. Else, there would be no reason for them to fly into a rage out of humiliation and attack this Queen.”

“Unfortunately for them, after I absorbed all those source energies, this queen’s cultivation surpassed theirs. Trying to fight me? Humph, they were simply asking for trouble,” Eggy said all this with a complacent expression.

Chu Feng smiled and shook his head. He knew very well what sort of character Eggy was. Those two world spirits trying to compete with Eggy were simply asking for trouble.

“However, that battle back then should have been extremely bitter. The true experts should all have been killed so that not even their remains would be left behind, much less source energies.”

“However, even though all that remained were little fishes and little prawns, there were many Half Martial Emperor-level experts among them. Else, it wouldn’t have been possible for my cultivation to increase to rank five Martial King.”

“Hehe, now this queen’s cultivation surpasses yours once again,” Eggy said those words mischievously. From her tone, Chu Feng was able to tell that she was truly happy.

However, this was also within reason. Her cultivation had stagnated for a very long time. And now, she managed to suddenly increase it, and even surpassed Chu Feng’s cultivation. Even if it wasn’t Eggy, but someone else, they would also be extremely happy. Even someone like Eggy who used to be a Martial Emperor-level super expert was no exception.

“Heh, to be surpassed by your lady queen is truly a comfortable feeling.” In fact, Chu Feng was very happy too.

Not to mention that Eggy’s power now surpassed his own, her increase in cultivation also lifted a worry off of Chu Feng’s mind.

The operation this time around ended perfectly. Even though all of the source energies were absorbed by Eggy, Bai Ruochen did not feel too bad about it.

Firstly, it was all because of Chu Feng that she managed to come to this place. For her to be able to follow him in was already a great benefit given to her by Chu Feng.

Secondly, it was her own world spirits that were inferior to Eggy. Even if they failed to obtain anything, they could not complain about it.

Just like this, the journey for source energies concluded, and Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen returned to their respective residences. However, because the path to Bai Ruochen’s residence just so happened to pass by Chu Feng’s residence, the two of them travelled together.

When Chu Feng returned to his residence, the sky had already darkened. However, when he arrived at the cliff where his bamboo house was at, he discovered a figure lingering back and forth before the gate and occasionally looking around.

Upon close inspection, both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were surprised. The person who had come was Ye Qing.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned. I almost thought that you were not living here.”

“Yoh, junior sister Ruochen is also present.” Upon seeing Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, Ye Qing hurriedly and diligently walked over.

“Why, is there something you need?” Chu Feng shot an unenthusiastic glance at him. His attitude was neither cold nor warm.

As for Bai Ruochen, she did not even bother to speak with Ye Qing.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, I know that there are definitely some grievances between us. However, this cannot be blamed on you, for I was indeed the one in the wrong back then.”

“Actually, I have come today for no other purpose than to offer my apology to you,” Ye Qing spoke with a humble expression.

“Ah, senior brother Ye Qing, you’re being too courteous. We are of the same school, there are no grievances between us. Thus, there is no need for you to apologize.” Seeing that Ye Qing came to apologize, Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“Junior brother Chu Feng is truly an open-minded individual. I, Ye Qing, was truly too narrow-minded. I feel ashamed at my inferiority.”

“How about this. Junior brother Chu Feng, for the sake of apologizing to you, I’ve deliberately caught some game in the Nine Spirits Paradise. I’ll personally cook them and prepare a feast for you.”

“Look at the time, it’s already so late now. This is just the right timing for dinner. Junior brother Chu Feng, junior sister Ruochen, how about coming to my place to enjoy my cooking? Us fellow martial siblings can take this opportunity to chat too,” Ye Qing suggested.

Hearing Ye Qing’s invitation, Bai Ruochen, who was very attentive, secretly sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, this man gives me a very sinister feeling. I feel that he is not sincerely inviting us over to his place. Let’s directly refuse him. It’s better for us to not bother with this sort of person.”

Having reached their level, they did not need to speak in order to send voice transmissions; it could be done with only a thought. Thus, even though they were standing across one another, Ye Qing did not know that Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng were talking through voice transmissions.

“While I might be able to accept your invitation, junior sister Ruochen has matters that she has to attend to. I fear that she will not be able to go.” However, to Bai Ruochen’s surprise, Chu Feng did not answer her suggestion and instead said those words to Ye Qing.

“Oh, since junior sister Ruochen has something she needs to take care of, then I will not force her,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Ye Qing was a bit disappointed. However, in a flash, he continued, “In that case, junior brother Chu Feng, are you willing to come?”

“I have the time,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“That’s truly great then. Junior brother Chu Feng, please follow me. My cooking is of the utmost quality. I will definitely not disappoint you,” Seeing that Chu Feng accepted the invitation, Ye Qing was immediately overjoyed.

“Senior brother Ye Qing, please lead the way,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Right away,” Ye Qing’s body moved and he began to take the lead.

“Chu Feng, you’re really going? No matter how I see it, I feel that this Ye Qing have bad intentions.”

“If you are truly going, then you must definitely be careful when eating his food. I fear that he might put poison in the food.” Seeing that Chu Feng was going, Bai Ruochen hurriedly warned him.

Chu Feng turned around and smiled lightly at Bai Ruochen. “Go and call for Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan. After that, find me with the location talisman. Remember, if nothing happens, do not show yourself.” After Chu Feng said these words, he turned into a gale and followed Ye Qing.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen was confused. However, she soon came to a realization, and knew of Chu Feng’s intentions. Thus, her frail[1.pelicanv: frail = weak :|; YWL: frail is a description of a female’s body in chinese. Aka. she appeared to be weak, attractive, tender and needs protection. However, as we all know, she’s very strong. Nevertheless, frail body.] body moved and she began to fly toward another direction.