Chapter 1227 - Displaying Slight Skill Before An Expert

MGA: Chapter 1227 - Displaying Slight Skill Before An Expert

Ye Qing did not lead Chu Feng to his residence. Instead, he brought him deep into the mountains.

There was an empty land deep within the mountains. On top of the empty land was a little formation. This formation was nothing major, it was only a formation to preserve food.

Sure enough, after this formation was opened, several dishes that were steaming with heat appeared. They were all delicacies made from the meat of animals.

According to Ye Qing, one must eat wild game in the mountains. Only by doing this would the taste of the food be the most authentic and the best.

“Come, junior brother Chu Feng, come sit on this boulder. Only by doing this can one experience the beauty of nature. Eating this roasted rabbit meat of mine on top of a stone is most definitely the most authentic.” Ye Qing placed all of the dishes he made on top of a boulder in the empty land.

“Very well.” Chu Feng did not hesitate. He jumped, landed on the boulder and sat down in a cross-legged position. Furthermore, he extended his hand and pulled a rabbit leg from the roasted rabbit. Then, he opened his mouth and began to gorge himself with food.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qing’s expression did not change much. However, the corners of his lips raised into a slight curve. It was a smile born from his conspiracy succeeding.

However, to Ye Qing’s surprise, at the moment when the delicious-looking rabbit leg entered into Chu Feng’s mouth, Chu Feng suddenly took it back out. With a beaming smile on his face, Chu Feng looked to Ye Qing and said, “Senior brother Ye Qing, there couldn’t possibly be poison on this rabbit leg, right?”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, what sort of words are those? How could I possibly place poison on the rabbit meat?” Ye Qing eyebrows were slightly creased as he hurriedly shook his head.

“I never said that it was you who placed poison on it, why are you so panicky?”

Chu Feng smiled a mocking smile. With a flip of his wrist, he took out a silver needle and inserted it into the rabbit leg.[1. Ancient chinese people test poison with a silver needle by poking it into the food. If it turns black, it’s poisonous. It works because silver turns black when it reacts with sulfide and ancient arsenic poison usually contains sulfide.] After he pulled it out and discovered that there was nothing strange with the silver needle, Chu Feng felt relieved and took a bite of the rabbit leg.

“Senior brother Ye Qing, now that I tasted it, this rabbit is truly roasted perfectly. It most definitely suits my taste,” Chu Feng happily ate the delicious food and spoke with a smile on his face.

When he saw this scene, Ye Qing’s complexion became extremely ugly. He said, “Junior brother Chu Feng, I never imagined that you would distrust me this much. Even if I said some unpleasant words to you before, I couldn’t possibly have tried to bring about harm to you, right? How could you be so on guard against me?”

“Senior brother Ye Qing, one must be honest. You’ve even set up a killing formation, how could you still say that you don’t have the intent to harm me?” Chu Feng raised his head and laughed mockingly.

“What, you…” Hearing those words, Ye Qing’s expression immediately changed. However, immediately following that, a fierce and malicious expression emerged on his face.


Ye Qing abruptly stood up and formed hand seals with one hand. With a thought, rumbling noises began to sound from the boulder. At the same time, the boulder started to tremble violently.

As the boulder trembled, it started to flicker with dazzling light. Most importantly, a frantic attractive force was emitted from the boulder, sucking Chu Feng onto it and making him incapable of moving.

Light was also flickering below the boulder. The light turned into a circular shape and began to rapidly spread. Wherever the light passed, all kinds of different symbols and runes began to appear on the ground.

As the symbols and runes intertwined with one another, a large net was created. The net continued to expand in size. In the end, it formed a barrier, rose into the sky and interconnected with itself. The barrier completely sealed off Chu Feng and Ye Qing within it.

Most importantly, when this formation was completed, a frightening oppressive might began to engulf the formation from all directions.

Although that oppression was invisible, it was extremely frightening. Before it, Chu Feng’s face and body started to twist. Even his bones were starting to emit cracking sounds, as if they were about to break.

However, Ye Qing was completely fine. He was not at all under the influence of the formation.

At this moment, Ye Qing was no longer as tensed up as he was earlier. Instead, he had a complacent and vicious expression on his face.

He pointed at Chu Feng and howled with laugher, “Chu Feng, who would’ve thought that you would have such a day too.”

“So what if you possess exceptional talent?”

“So what if you managed to see through the formation I’ve set up?”

“This formation was set up by me through the use of my family’s treasured heirloom. Its might is exceptionally boundless. Not to mention you, practically no one underneath the Half Martial Emperor level would be able to escape. Today, you will most definitely die.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s face that was being twisted nonstop became ashen. With an extremely puzzled expression, he said, “Senior brother Ye Qing, there were neither grievances nor grudges between us, why must you do this to me?”

“What’s wrong? What happened to your haughty attitude from before? What happened to your arrogance from before? Humph, seems like you’re only this much too.”

“Since you wish to know why I’m going to kill you, then allow me to let you die in understanding.”

“The strongest disciple of the Medicine Concocting Department, only a single one is enough. There is no need for there to be three disciples,” Ye Qing said maliciously.

“In that case, you’re not only planning to kill me, you’re also planning to kill junior sister Ruochen?” Chu Feng asked.

“The two of you are both threats to me. However, you are the greatest threat. I’ll kill you first and then I’ll take my time to find the opportunity to kill her,” Ye Qing said.

“We are of the same school, yet you, for the sake of your selfishness, want to kill us. Can it be that you do not fear the elders reprimanding you?” Chu Feng asked.

“Humph, those old farts? Even if they were to investigate into this matter, they must first be certain that it was me who did this. I’ve lured you to this place so that even if I kill you here, no one will know about it. Furthermore, your strength surpasses mine. Thus, even if they were to suspect someone, they would not suspect me. Even if they do suspect me, with no evidence, what could they possibly do to me? You are destined to die with remaining grievances.”

Speaking till this point, the complacent expression on Ye Qing’s face became more and more dense. His laughter grew louder and louder. He felt that he was incomparably smart and that his scheme was perfect.

“Ye Qing, although I knew that you were a sinister individual, I never expected you to be this malicious and never expected you to do such a thing. Where did your conscience go?” Chu Feng asked.

“You truly speak a lot of rubbish. If you want to ask, then go ask about those questions in the netherworld. Unfortunately, there will not be anyone to answer those rubbish questions you ask.”

Speaking till this point, Ye Qing had obviously became impatient. He formed hand seals with one hand and then, with a thought, the energy in this region of land strengthened. He planned to eliminate Chu Feng at this very moment.

“Wait, I still have one more thing to say. Allow me to finish saying that,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke once again.

“If you have words, then speak them quickly, if you have farts, then fart them quickly. I’ll give you one last chance to speak,” Ye Qing said coldly.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly raised his head and removed the painful expression that he was displaying earlier. With a mocking smile, he lightly said, “Are you certain that you’ll be able to kill me with this killing formation of yours?”

“You…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Ye Qing instantly turned pale with fear and unease filled his heart. He stopped hesitating and gave his all to activate this killing formation of his.

“Buzz.” However, it was already too late. With a thought from Chu Feng, his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared on his body. Other than his cultivation increasing, a golden spirit energy also emerged from his body, encircling it and then turning into a protective shield that covered him completely.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s two hands were changing nonstop. As his hands continued to change, the golden spirit energy being emitted from his body began to increase nonstop. At the same time, runes and symbols began to appear on them. Soon, a large formation was finished.

The might of this formation was beyond compare. With a loud rumble, ripples began to wreak havoc and gales surged forth in all directions.

As for Ye Qing’s killing formation that he had set up with his family’s treasured heirloom, not only was it destroyed, he himself was knocked to the ground by the gale.

“How, how could this be?” When he saw the formation that was shattered by Chu Feng and the boulder that had lost all color, Ye Qing was stupefied.

“Woosh.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s figure landed and stood beside Ye Qing.

With a beaming smile on his face, he said, “I forgot to tell you this. In terms of weaponry refinement and medicine concocting, I am merely doing them blindly.”

“However, in terms of setting up formations, before me, you are truly displaying your slight skills before an expert.”

“Merely this formation of yours, the moment I dared to enter it, meant that I already knew of the method to break it. You’re not qualified to use formations to kill me.” Speaking up to here, Chu Feng’s eyes shone sharply. It was his Heaven’s Eyes.

His Heaven’s Eyes flashed by in an instant. However, even though this was the case, the fascination of the Heaven’s Eyes presented itself.

Sensing the might of Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, Ye Qing was so frightened that he began to drip with sweat, and his complexion turned ashen. He was able to sense that Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were very powerful. It was like a power that could see through anything.

At this moment, he finally realized how foolish it was to try to kill Chu Feng with a formation.