Chapter 1225 - The Queen’s Might

MGA: Chapter 1225 - The Queen’s Might

Upon closer inspection, it was those two Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits. Merely, the two of them not only did not have any more of their fairy energy, their former grandeur was also completely gone. They appeared as if they were about to die; they were so weak that it was frightening.

“What, what’s going on?” When she saw that her two world spirits had turned to such a state, Bai Ruochen was also shocked jumping. After all, these two world spirits were ones that she had meticulously nurtured and exhausted a lot of energy on.

“It’s, it’s her. It’s that witch!” The two Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits both pointed their shivering hands at Eggy.

“What? It’s her?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen looked to Eggy with a shocked expression.

As for Eggy, she was smiling sweetly and carelessly fiddling with her beautiful lily-white hands. She did not even bother to take a glance at Bai Ruochen.

“What exactly happened here? Give me an explanation.” Seeing Eggy’s appearance of ease that seemed as if nothing had ever happened, Bai Ruochen became enraged. Her long, shapely eyebrows frowned and she started to gnash her teeth in anger.

“I’ve beaten them, what about it?” Eggy slightly lifted her head and casually took a glance at Bai Ruochen. It was as if what she spoke of was a very small matter.

“What? You’ve beaten them? Why did you beat them?” Bai Ruochen asked furiously.

“Because I wanted to, what about it?” Eggy replied impatiently.

“Despicable! Are my world spirits things that you can beat as you wish?”

Hearing what Eggy said and seeing her disdainful appearance, Bai Ruochen was so enraged that she bit down on her lower lip with her pearly white teeth. Her pair of beautiful eyes simply appeared as if they could emit flames. This was the first time that Chu Feng had ever seen Bai Ruochen this enraged.

Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Chu Feng had originally wanted to speak to diffuse the situation, because he did not wish for the two girls to start massacring one another.


However, he was too slow. A rumble sounded and Bai Ruochen’s boundless oppressive might of a rank five Martial King surged toward Eggy like an enormous wave. She had attacked.

Bai Ruochen was truly enraged. From her attack, one could tell how angered she was.

Even though she had only used her oppressive might, the power contained within it was extremely terrifying. Even if she did not plan to kill Eggy, it was clear that she planned to teach her a lesson.


However, Eggy did not even bother to try to launch a counterattack toward Bai Ruochen’s oppressive might that was surging toward her. Instead, she slanted her little mouth and lightly snorted. As her black feathered miniskirt fluttered, a dark-black colored gaseous flame surged forth from her body.


Once the dark-black colored gaseous flame appeared, sounds like wolves crying and ghosts howling immediately appeared. Like a landslide or a tsunami, that gaseous flame was simply unstoppable. It was as if it could devour everything in its path.

However, the most important was that it held the frightening sensation of being able to devour one’s soul.

It was demonic. Yet, it was even more fierce than demons.

It was evil. Yet it was stronger than evil.

If one had to describe it with words, then it would be the peak of demonic and evil.

“What is that?”

Once the black gaseous flames appeared, Bai Ruochen’s fierce oppressive might became powerless like a gentle breeze. It was simply incapable of contending against the black gaseous flames at all. With no effort at all, it was crushed by Eggy’s black gaseous flames.

After she crushed Bai Ruochen’s oppressive might, Eggy did not stop. As the black gaseous flames surged and rolled, it turned into an enormous hand. With the five fingers spread out, the open palm was smashed down directly toward Bai Ruochen.


This palm strike was no small matter. The strong gale from the palm had already suppressed Bai Ruochen’s resistance and directly smashed her onto the ground.

However, it was clear that Eggy was being lenient. Even though that palm was very ferocious, it did not actually land on Bai Ruochen. Instead, she had merely used the gale created by it to completely batter Bai Ruochen without actually injuring her.

“You, what are you? You’re not a Demon Spirit World’s world spirit. This sensation… could it be that you’re...?”

Having experienced a power she had never felt before, Bai Ruochen started to panic. It was the first time that Chu Feng had ever seen this strong-minded woman becoming nervous. There were actually traces of fear in Bai Ruochen’s eyes. It was fear from the bottom of her heart.

Bai Ruochen was no fool. As the matter stood, she discovered that something was wrong. She had experienced world spirits from the Demon Spirit World before. Even though their auras were ones of darkness, and they possessed very fierce and malicious power, they were greatly inferior compared to Eggy.

This sort of powerful aura of darkness and frightening strength made her think of a single possibility - the legendary Asura Spirit World’s world spirit.

“This Queen has never once said that she’s from the Demon Spirit World.”

“Moreover, Bai Ruochen, listen carefully. It’s not that I was trying to harm your world spirits. It’s merely that they were acting too dishonestly.”

“Earlier, we all entered that sea of bones and used our own abilities to absorb source energies. However, because they were incapable of obtaining any, they decided to attack me. All I did was casually counterattack.”

“Had it not been for the fact that you possessed a decent relationship with Chu Feng, I would’ve already dismembered their bodies into ten thousand pieces. How could I possibly have allowed them to remain living?”

Eggy looked to Bai Ruochen and spoke those words one by one. After she finished saying those words, with a thought from her, the dark-black colored enormous hand turned back to gas and returned to her body.

After she finished doing all this, Eggy put away her ice-cold expression, turned to Chu Feng, blinked charmingly and smiled mischievously at him before skipping back into the world spirit gate. Her appearance was truly that of an adorable little girl.

However, after experiencing the scene earlier, regardless of whether it might be Bai Ruochen or her two world spirits, none of them felt that Eggy was adorable. Instead, they only felt extreme fear towards her.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen seemed to have come to a realization. She looked to her two frail-looking world spirits. After knowing them for so long, she had an understanding of their personalities. What Eggy said might be the truth; her two world spirits might truly have done something like that.

Seeing this, the two frail-looking world spirits lowered their heads and complained no more.

Seeing this scene, Bai Ruochen was so enraged that her eyes were flaming. The truth was before her; it was evident that what Eggy had said was true.

“Serves you right.” After Bai Ruochen learned the truth, she was trembling in anger. She did not blame Eggy for being too arrogant. Instead, she felt that her two world spirits failed to live up to her expectations.

Angered and ashamed, Bai Ruochen ignored her world spirits’ weak health. However, Chu Feng took out two medicinal pellets and handed them respectively to the two world spirits.

“Thank you, thank you.”

When they saw the medicinal pellets, the two world spirits expressed their thanks to Chu Feng repeatedly. The two of them were able to sense the energy contained within those medicinal pellets. Although they might be useless to humans, they were treasured healing medicines for world spirits.

Those medicinal pellets were treasures that could only be discovered and not sought.

As for these medicinal pellets, they were originally items Chu Feng had prepared for Eggy. Back then, Eggy had sustained injuries many a time for the sake of helping him. There were even times where she had almost lost her life. Thus, in order to guard against the unexpected, Chu Feng deliberately prepared these medicinal pellets.

However, never had he thought that before Eggy could use them, they had ended up benefitting Bai Ruochen’s two world spirits.

However, this was something that could not be helped. After all, he was Bai Ruochen’s friend. Not to mention that it was Eggy who had beaten them, even if it wasn’t Eggy, Chu Feng would still not be able to sit by and disregard their serious injuries.

After the two world spirits took Chu Feng’s medicinal pellets, they felt much better. They directly entered into the world spirit gate that they came from and returned to Bai Ruochen’s body.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen felt very ashamed. She walked over to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I am sorry that I wrongly accused your world spirit. Please help me transmit my apologies to her.”

When Bai Ruochen said those words, her expression was not very good. It was slightly red. From this, one could tell that it was very difficult for her to lower her head and admit her mistake. However, for her to do so meant that she was very sincere in her apology.