Chapter 1219 - An Unfair Competition

MGA: Chapter 1219 - An Unfair Competition

Chu Feng’s gaze flashed by in an instant. Very few people managed to notice it.

However, all those who managed to notice his gaze were startled by it, and their train of thought took a huge change.

At this moment, only four people had noticed Chu Feng’s gaze earlier.

However, these four people were no ordinary characters. They were Sima Honglie, Elder Hong Mo, Elder Zhou Quan and Elder Wei.

At this moment, the gazes with which they looked at Chu Feng had changed. Especially Elder Hong Mo, Elder Zhou Quan and Sima Huolie.

That was because the three of them noticed that the young man before them was extraordinary, and appeared to be a powerful character. However, before this, none of them had noticed it.

That being said, Sima Ying did not notice Chu Feng’s gaze. Thus, at this moment, she was gnashing her teeth in rage, and was simply incapable of enduring Chu Feng insulting her like this.

“You’re truly courting death.”

“Boom.” With a flip of her hand, martial power surged forth. Sima Ying did not bother to speak any superfluous words, and actually directly attacked Chu Feng.

Furthermore, her attack was no small matter. The aura of a rank six Martial King was emitted by her attack. Furthermore, that flip of her hand utilized a martial skill.

Moreover, this martial skill was no ordinary martial skill either. It was actually a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.

In a comparison of pointers, how could there possibly be someone who directly started with a technique with such killing power? Sima Ying was not simply trying to probe Chu Feng’s strength. Instead, she was simply aiming for his life.

After all, Chu Feng did not hide his cultivation. He was a rank three Martial King. She, as a rank six Martial King, was able to easily behead a rank three Martial King to begin with. For her to use a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill, how could a rank three Martial King possibly escape alive?

However, none of this was important. The most important matter was that the Mortal Taboo Martial Skill that Sima Ying used possessed world-shaking power as it charged toward Chu Feng.

“Damn it.” At this moment, many elders of the Medicine Concocting Department were unable to sit by anymore. They were able to sense that Sima Ying’s attack was no small matter.

While Sima Ying was known to be a demon-level genius in the field of world spirit techniques, it turned out that her battle power was not to be looked down on either; she actually possessed the battle power to surpass two levels of cultivation.

Although she appeared to only be a rank six Martial king, her actual battle power was at that of a rank eight Martial King.

“Don’t do anything, believe in Chu Feng. While I do not dare to guarantee his world spirit techniques, in terms of battle power, he is an existence much stronger than Sima Ying.”

At this moment, many elders of the Medicine Concocting Department wanted to step in and stop Sima Ying. However, to their surprise, Elder Wei’s voice sounded in their ears. Furthermore, his tone was one of extreme confidence in Chu Feng.

Thus, these Half Martial Emperor-level experts did not do anything. Instead, they quietly watched. They wanted to see if Chu Feng was truly able to withstand Sima Ying’s attack.

“Truly arrogant and conceited. Look at how you’ve brought a calamity down on yourself now. Serves you right.”

Compared to those elders, Ye Qing, a fellow disciple of the Medicine Concocting Department, was actually snickering in his heart. He truly hoped that Sima Ying’s attack would kill Chu Feng, for that would mean that there was one less opponent for him.

Unfortunately, this desire of his would be an empty dream...


Suddenly, a loud rumble was heard. Sima Ying’s attack landed directly on Chu Feng’s body.

However, right after the energy ripple of her attack began to spread, it, strangely, started to dissipate. It turned out that the energy ripple had actually been devoured.

When the energy ripple disappeared completely, all of the elders present, and especially Ye Qing and Sima Ying, were stunned with wide-open eyes.

Chu Feng was wearing his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. Not only was he still standing where he was and completely undamaged, they were able to see that his body was devouring the little bits of energy ripple that remained.

Chu Feng was actually so powerful that he could use his own body to devour his opponent’s attack.

“You, who exactly are you?” At this moment, the gaze with which Sima Ying looked at Chu Feng had changed completely. The contempt she held for him earlier completely vanished and was replaced with a boundless amount of shock and some fear. That was because she was able to sense that Chu Feng’s battle power was stronger than her own.

“Who am I? Trash is not qualified to know.” Chu Feng smiled disdainfully. He lightly brushed his clothes and then removed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings.

“While you have outstanding battle power, it does not necessarily mean that your world spirit techniques are powerful too. For you to dare to call me trash, do you dare to compete with me in medicine concocting techniques?” Sima Ying was unwilling to admit her defeat and asked with a loud voice.

“Did you think that I would fear trash?” Chu Feng seemed to have been waiting for Sima Ying to say these words. Thus, when he heard those words, he did not appear to be surprised in the slightest and directly took out his Medicine Concocting Cauldron.

“This cauldron, isn’t it…” When they saw Chu Feng’s Medicine Concocting Cauldron, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department all sucked in a mouthful of cold air and involuntarily turned their gazes to Elder Wei.

As for Ye Qing, he was displaying a great amount of envy and hatred. He was so enraged that he clenched his fists tightly within his sleeves.

This was so great of a surprise that even Elder Hong Mo started to smile. He looked at Elder Wei and said with a low voice. “Quite good eyesight you have there. This Chu Feng is worthy enough for you to nurture.”

“Lord Elder, you’re flattering me. However, that was also what I was thinking.” Elder Wei replied with a smile. A trace of pride emerged on his face. He knew that his gamble on nurturing Chu Feng was the right one.

“Very well, then let’s get this done quickly. We will be competing in who will be able to concoct High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets faster, and who will be able to concoct more of them.”

When she saw that Chu Feng accepted her challenge, Sima Ying removed the ordinary Medicine Concocting Cauldron in front of her and took out a Medicine Concocting Cauldron of the same quality as the one that Chu Feng had.

When Ye Qing saw this scene, he became even more enraged and started to gnash his teeth. That was because everyone was able to tell that the reason why Sima Ying did such a thing was because she did not dare to underestimate her opponent; she had begun to take note of Chu Feng. Yet, earlier, when she had been competing with Ye Qing, she had been extremely arrogant and looked down upon him greatly. As such, how could Ye Qing not be angered by this?

“A competition on concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets, isn’t she deliberately trying to humiliate him?”

Compared to Ye Qing, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department started to cry for injustice on Chu Feng’s behalf.

They had experienced Sima Ying’s techniques in concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets earlier. As long as one was not a fool, they would know that Sima Ying had spent quite some time on concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets and was very skilled at it, so skilled that the eighty-eight elders present were all inferior to her.

For her to compete with Chu Feng in this aspect was most definitely advantageous to her. In fact, it was not much different from cheating. This was clear bullying of Chu Feng.

However, the elders could not do anything about it. That was because not only did Sima Ying start to concoct her medicinal pellets, even Chu Feng began to concoct his medicinal pellets. Chu Feng had actually accepted her terms.

“Sigh, it would seem that we’ll be defeated again. However, Chu Feng still brought us some honor, even though he’ll be losing.”

“That’s right. Sima Ying is afraid of him. That’s why she gave such a shameless condition, to make Chu Feng compete with her in concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets. Thus, even if Chu Feng were to lose, it would not be a disgrace.”

“That’s right. This is only a contest of medicine concocting techniques. Had it been a contest of battle power, Chu Feng would most definitely wipe the floor with Sima Ying. As expected of a genius who is capable of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, Chu Feng truly brought back face for our Medicine Concocting Department.”

At this moment, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department were all discussing the matter spiritedly. They did not speak with each other through voice transmissions, but instead deliberately spoke very loudly. It appeared as if they were trying to console themselves, while also trying to disturb Sima Ying.

Sima Huolie’s eyes shone. He turned to Elder Hong Mo and asked, “Old freak Hong Mo, is this young man that Yuan Qing who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?”

“He is not Yuan Qing. However, he is indeed the one that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle,” Elder Hong Mo replied.

“Oh?” Hearing those words, Sima Huolie’s expression slightly changed. He had heard of the genius who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. However, he remembered clearly that the genius’ name was Yuan Qing.

“Bang.” Right at this moment, a loud explosion was heard. Sima Ying finished concocting her medicinal pellets. A hundred High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets flew out of her Medicine Concocting Cauldron and landed in the air in an orderly fashion.

They flickered with light and drifted up and down. She was finished. Most importantly, she finished in a third of the time she had spent the last time around.