Chapter 1218 - Trash Remains Trash

MGA: Chapter 1218 - Trash Remains Trash

“Miss Sima Ying, allow me, Ye Qing, to compare some pointers with you.” Ye Qing walked out. As he spoke, he took out a Medicine Concocting Cauldron and placed it before him. He had already finished making his preparations to concoct medicines.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, since the outcome will be the same anyway. You’ll inevitably be defeated.” Sima Ying smiled disdainfully. She did not even bother to look Ye Qing in the face.

“It would seem that Miss Sima Ying is very confident. How are you so certain that you’ll definitely be able to defeat me, Ye Qing?”

Ye Qing smiled coldly. A trace of displeasure emerged in his eyes. In truth, he did not think that he would lose to Sima Ying.


Sima Ying completely ignored Ye Qing’s question. She flipped her palm, and a Medicine Concocting Cauldron appeared in front of her.

When this Medicine Concocting Cauldron appeared, it instantly startled the crowd. The reason for their shock was not because this Medicine Concocting Cauldron was extremely powerful. Instead, the opposite was true. This Medicine Concocting Cauldron was extremely low quality, it was simply as ordinary as it could be.

However, while her Medicine Concocting Cauldron was extremely ordinary, Sima Ying’s medicine concocting techniques were extremely skillful. It could even be said that her techniques were different from other ordinary techniques. At a single glance, one could tell that her medicine concocting techniques were extremely powerful.

“Humph, you actually have the impertinence to underestimate me. Little girl, I’ll make you understand the meaning of the heights of the sky and the depths of the earth.”

Ye Qing snorted coldly. He did not bother to hesitate, and immediately started to execute his own skillful techniques. He took out his materials and began to throw them into his Medicine Concocting Cauldron nonstop.

However, a scene that no one imagined occurred. In merely a short moment, Sima Ying opened her Medicine Concocting Cauldron. At the moment the Medicine Concocting Cauldron was opened, a golden pellet flew out of it.

“High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet!” When they saw this medicinal pellet, all of the elders spoke at once. However, after they saw this medicinal pellet, a trace of anticipation appeared in the faces of the Medicine Concocting Department’s elders.

They all recognized this medicinal pellet. Its name was the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet. Its usage was to restore a cultivator’s strength when they overly exhausted their physical strength.

As the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet was a quality medicinal pellet, it was naturally not easy to concoct. It was simply impossible for any world spiritist below Gold-cloak to concoct such a medicinal pellet.

However, when taking the amount of time Sima Ying had spent into consideration, it was very fair and reasonable for her to be able to concoct this High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet. Thus, it was not a great surprise to the crowd.

Therefore, Ye Qing had a chance to win. As long as Ye Qing was capable of successfully concocting his medicinal pellet in a short amount of time, and as long as he concocted one that had a higher quality than the Strength Restoring Pellet, he would be able to obtain victory.

When they thought that Ye Qing might be able to represent their Medicine Concocting Department and obtain victory over Sima Huolie’s demon-level granddaughter, how could the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department not be secretly delighted?

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.”

However, right at this moment, a scene that no one ever thought of occurred. Sima Ying flipped her wrist, and countless medicinal pellets flew out of her cauldron like reverse raindrops. When the golden light disappeared, the expressions of all the elders from the Medicine Concocting Department changed greatly. Even the eyes of the Three Management Elders shone.

That was because the golden light was the result of numerous High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets. Their number was very numerous, totaling a hundred pellets.

If it was to be said that concocting a High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet in such a short period of time was a very decent feat, then to concoct a hundred High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets in such a short period of time was no small matter. It could even be said to be something unimaginable.

At the very least, of the elders from the Medicine Concocting Department present, none other than the three management elders were capable of accomplishing such a feat.

However, Sima Ying managed to do it. Furthermore, she did it with such ease, it was as if it didn’t pose a challenge to her at all.

“This…” However, the person whose expression turned the ugliest when seeing those hundred High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets that were still emitting heat was most definitely Ye Qing.

As the matter stood, he himself was very well aware that even if he was to continue and finish concocting the medicine in his Medicine Concocting Cauldron, he would still not be able to surpass Sima Ying. Regardless of whether he was willing to accept the result or not, he had lost this competition. Furthermore, he had lost extremely quickly.


At this moment, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department started to sigh. Originally, they had thought that their Medicine Concocting Department would not lose too miserably should they dispatch Ye Qing to compete. Yet, who could have thought that the result would still the same, and that Ye Qing would be defeated in such a tragic manner?

“Are you going to continue, trash from the Medicine Concocting Department?” Right at this moment, something that no one expected occurred.

Sima Ying finally looked at Ye Qing directly. However, her gaze was filled with contempt, and her tone was ice-cold. Not only did she humiliate Ye Qing, she also indirectly humiliated the Medicine Concocting Department and everyone in it.

“Sima Huolie, this grandaughter of yours is truly lacking in upbringing.” At this moment, Elder Hong Mo spoke. As the head of the Medicine Concocting Department, he naturally could not tolerate such an insult to his Medicine Concocting Department.

“Elder Hong Mo, is what I said incorrect? The winner is the king and the loser is the thief. If your Medicine Concocting Department’s disciples are superior to me, they could very well call me, Sima Ying, trash. And I, Sima Ying, would definitely not argue against it either.”

“Trash is trash, there is nothing shameful about being trash. However, if a trash person is unwilling to accept the fact that they’re trash, then that would be the most lamentable thing.” Sima Ying did not fear Elder Hong Mo in the slightest and actually spoke to refute him.

“Ha, what a clever and eloquent girl.” Being spoken to by Sima Ying in such a manner, Elder Hong Mo was starting to become incapable of restraining himself. Everyone was able to sense the anger that he was emitting.

“Ying’er, how could you speak to your elder in such a manner? Quickly, apologize.” Right at this moment, Sima Huolie, who had been standing to the side, spoke to reprimand Sima Ying. However, this reprimanding of his granddaughter was extremely fake, so fake that everyone present was able to tell that it was fake.

“Humph.” As for that Sima Ying, she did not admit her mistake. Instead, she snorted coldly and said, “Grandpa, trash is just trash. I will not flatter someone who I believe to be a trash just because of you.”

“You…” Hearing those words, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department were all gnashing their teeth in anger. That was because what Sima Ying said was truly too excessive. Not only was she shaming Ye Qing, she also appeared to be shaming all the people of the Medicine Concocting Department; even Elder Hong Mo was no exception.

Earlier, it was merely an indirect insult toward them. However, now it was a direct insult. This was truly a bit too excessive.

“Trash is trash, those words are very well spoken. In that case, Miss Sima Ying, I have a question I wish to ask you. Might you be willing to give me an answer to my question?”

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded from the direction of the Medicine Concocting Department.

“This is…” Once that voice sounded, the expressions of everyone present changed. Even Sima Ying and Sima Huolie were no exception.

Thus, everyone cast their gazes toward the direction of the voice. Only then did they discover that the person who had spoken earlier was not an elder of the Medicine Concocting Department, nor was it Ye Qing. Instead, it was a young man, younger than even Ye Qing.

As for this person, it was naturally Chu Feng.

“Who are you for you to think you’re qualified to ask me a question?” Sima Ying cast a gaze of contempt at Chu Feng. Her gaze was filled with ill-intent.

“Who are you then? Why am I not qualified to ask you something?” Faced with Sima Ying’s contempt, Chu Feng’s expression remained calm and unchanged. He was not angered at all. However, the more he acted this way, the easier it was for him to enrage Sima Ying.

“In my eyes, you are nothing more than trash. As far as I’m concerned, trash does not have the qualifications to speak with me, much less ask me a question.” Sure enough, Sima Ying was enraged. Her tone became more and more hostile. Everyone was able to sense the anger in her words.

“Hahaha….” However, to everyone’s surprise, Chu Feng was not at all angered by Sima Ying’s insulting words. Instead, he burst into a loud laugh. Furthermore, his laughter was extremely hearty, extremely happy.

At this moment, practically everyone was stupefied by Chu Feng’s actions. They did not understand why Chu Feng was laughing. As for Sima Ying, she was no exception. She pointed at Chu Feng and said, “What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?”

“Heh, Sima Ying, you said that I’m not qualified to speak with you because I am trash in your eyes.”

“But, did you know that in my eyes, you are also just trash? For trash to speak in such a manner to me, tell me, don’t you think it’s a truly ridiculous and funny thing?” Chu Feng spread open his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

However, at this moment, his gaze suddenly changed into one that was extremely sharp, sharp enough to pierce through one’s heart.