Chapter 1220 - Nine Spirits Divine Diagram

MGA: Chapter 1220 - Nine Spirits Divine Diagram

“Crap. We actually forgot about this. Earlier, Sima Ying had used an ordinary Medicine Concocting Cauldron. However, this time around, she used a top quality Medicine Concocting Cauldron and greatly increased her speed. This contest is not a draw anymore. It is indeed Sima Ying’s victory.”

When they saw this scene, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department all displayed dejected expressions. Even Elder Hong Mo, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan were frowning. Their previous pleasantly surprised expressions were immediately shadowed by quite a bit.

That was because Sima Ying’s abilities had surpassed their imaginations. Not only had she defeated Ye Qing miserably, it appeared that Chu Feng would likely be defeated miserably too.

To be able to concoct this many medicinal pellets in such a short period of time was something that Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan, two management elders, might not be able to accomplish.

As the matter stood, the people of the Medicine Concocting Department, regardless of whether they were willing or not, had to admit that Sima Ying was a demon-level character in the aspects of world spirit techniques. In the future, she would most definitely accomplish great feats. Even having her name spread throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism might not be an issue.

“Bang.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s Medicine Concocting Cauldron opened. Furthermore, as the golden dazzling light shone all over, a total of a hundred gold-colored medicinal pellets flew out and hovered in the air.

They were High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets. Furthermore, their quality was exactly the same as Sima Ying’s.

“Heavens, Chu Feng actually succeeded. He really succeeded!”

“Unimaginable, truly too unimaginable! Never would I have imagined that not only does he possess heaven-defying battle power and excellent weaponry refinement techniques, even his medicine concocting techniques are actually this powerful.”

When they saw the hundred golden medicinal pellets hovering in front of Chu Feng, the elders of the Medicine Concocting Department all started to cheer. There were some who even started to jump in joy.

They were truly emotional, so emotional that they were unable to contain themselves. That was because even they had never imagined Chu Feng to be this valiant and actually possessed medicine concocting techniques not inferior to Sima Ying’s.

However, the most important aspect was that Sima Ying was taught by Sima Huolie, her amazing grandfather. As for Chu Feng, who did he have as his mentor?

Thus, looking at it this way, Chu Feng’s potential seemed to be much greater than Sima Ying’s, and that was simply unimaginable.

“Chu Feng, great job.”

At this moment, even the management elders were praising Chu Feng. However, this voice was not Elder Wei’s voice, nor was it Elder Hong Mo’s voice. It was actually Elder Zhou Quan who praised Chu Feng.

After seeing Chu Feng’s strength for himself and seeing how Chu Feng stood up for their Medicine Concocting Department, Elder Zhou Quan, who originally disliked Chu Feng greatly, actually had a change in opinion. Now, the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng with was filled with pleasant surprise and appreciation.

“Heh, so your name is Chu Feng. I admit that you have some skills. However, unfortunately for you, you have lost. You’ve lost because you used a bit more time than me.”

“Therefore, you are still just trash.” Sima Ying replied with a complacent expression. Even though she barely managed to win against Chu Feng, she felt that it gave her the right to insult him.

Chu Feng had publicly called her trash and caused her to be extremely enraged by it. Thus, she was determined to teach Chu Feng a lesson. Otherwise, she would not be able to quieten her anger.

“Lost? Even if Chu Feng lost, it’s an honorable loss.”

“That’s right. This was an unfair match to begin with. Chu Feng only lost by a slight bit of time. Even if he lost, it is still not a disgrace.”

Even though Chu Feng had lost, not a single elder of the Medicine Concocting Department was blaming him for his loss. Furthermore, they were not disappointed either. Instead, they were displaying joyfully satisfied expressions.

That was because, regardless of the result of the match, Chu Feng had already won honor for their Medicine Concocting Department.

“Oh? Are you certain that it is me who lost?” However, Chu Feng lightly smiled at Sima Ying’s words. Furthermore, his smile was one of deep mockery.

“Both the quality and the quantity of the medicinal pellets we’ve concocted are the same. However, I used less time than you. With my speed being faster than you, it is naturally my win.”

“The outcome of the battle is clear. Everyone was able to see it. Don’t you think you can refuse to admit your defeat. Even if you are to do that, it would be useless.” Seeing that Chu Feng was not admitting his defeat, Sima Ying became emotional.

“Heh, Miss Sima Ying, look carefully and see who exactly is the loser.”

At this moment, Chu Feng smiled once again. Then, he suddenly waved his sleeve. “Bang,” twenty more golden lights flew out of his Medicine Concocting Cauldron.

When the crowd looked at it carefully, all of their expressions changed. That was because all twenty of those golden lights were High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.

It turned out that Chu Feng did not concoct the same number of medicinal pellets as Sima Ying. Instead, in nearly about the same amount of time she used to concoct a hundred High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets, he had concocted a hundred and twenty.

Even though he was a bit slower, the quantity was most definitely superior. This match was Chu Feng’s victory.

“How, how could this be?”

“I don’t believe this. I refuse to believe this. This is not possible.”

As she saw the hundred and twenty High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets in front of Chu Feng, Sima Ying cried out repeatedly in shock. She was unwilling to accept this as the truth.

As for the other people present, they were all expressionless and stunned. Even Elder Hong Mo and Sima Huolie, two Royal-cloak World Spiritsts, were shocked.

That was because Chu Feng had really done something that unimaginable, something that could even be said to be simply impossible.

Suddenly, an elder of the Medicine Concocting Department laughed out loud. “Haha, Sima Ying, you’ve lost. It would seem that the trash is not Chu Feng but you instead.”

At this moment, he did not fear offending Sima Huolie because Sima Ying was simply too vexing of an individual. With an opportunity to humiliate her before him, he would naturally not miss it.

“Bullshit. I didn’t lose, it’s clearly him cheating!” Sima Ying snarled in anger.

“Ying’er, shut up.” Sima Huolie suddenly shouted. When he shouted those words, the entire cave started to shake violently. It was as if it were about to collapse.

Sima Ying’s expression immediately changed. In the end, she snorted lightly, then spoke no further. She retrieved her Medicine Concocting Cauldron and stood to the side.

“Little friend, your name is Chu Feng, right?” Sima Huolie looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile on his face. There was no hatred in his eyes. Instead, it was actually filled with appreciation.

“Senior, junior is indeed called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng answered.

“Mn, not bad. Old fellow Hong Mo, your Cyanwood Mountain is truly fortunate to be able to actually receive such a disciple,” Sima Huolie laughed out loud.

Then, he turned to the crowd and said, “Everyone, I apologize for my granddaughter. I have spoiled her too much, leading her to ruin everyone’s mood. However, taking into consideration that she’s still a child, I hope that you will not lower yourselves to argue with her.”

“Come, come, come. Everyone, let’s experience my Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. After all, it is also thanks to old fellow Hong Mo that I managed to obtain this Nine Spirits Divine Diagram to begin with,” As Sima Huolie spoke, he took out a simple and unadorned scroll.

When they saw the simple and unadorned scroll, the expressions of Elder Hong Mo and the others all changed. No one bothered to pursue whether Sima Ying was right or wrong. Instead, all of their gazes were focused on the simple and unadorned scroll.

“Huolie, quickly, open it so that we can see it,” Elder Hong Mo urged impatiently.

“Heh, no problem.” Sima Huolie had a smile on his face as he spoke. He waved his sleeve, and the simple and unadorned scroll rolled out into a picture scroll two feet wide and three hundred feet long.

This picture scroll portrayed beautiful scenery. However, other than the beautiful scenery, there was nothing else.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, Sima Huolie acted. With a thought, a layer of golden gas burst out from his body like an exploding volcano.

That golden gas was world spirit power. However, it was not golden spirit power. Instead, it was royal-level spirit power.

That was because not only was this golden gas very extraordinary, there were also insect-like grain marks within it. Those grain marks were the same as the ones on Sima Huolie’s gown, it was as if they were alive as they moved about within his spirit energy.

After the royal level spirit energy appeared, it lingered in the air for a short instant before pouring into the picture scroll. After the spirit energy entered the picture scroll, a ‘bang’ was heard. After that, all of the beautiful scenery, all of the people and buildings on that picture scroll, shattered.

Immediately after they shattered, they actually began to reorganize themselves. Merely, the content that appeared after they finished reorganizing were completely different from before.

From a single glance, everyone was able to tell that the contents of the picture scroll contained a boundless amount of profoundness; it was an extraordinary object.

It was very clear that this was no ordinary picture scroll. Instead, it was the extremely mysterious Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.