Chapter 1210 - Fierce Battle

MGA: Chapter 1210 - Fierce Battle

“Haha, pay the price? Very well, I wish to see how your mere Asura Division is going to make our Three Cyanwood Forests Division pay the price.” When Wang Haoxuan finished saying those words, he raised his hand toward the sky.

In an instant, the tens of thousands of members of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division soared into the sky. Their battle formation was truly frightening. At the very least, in terms of their numbers, they were over several times more than that of the Asura Division.

“Humph.” Chu Feng did not bother to speak any more superfluous words. His Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings instantly appeared on him raising his cultivation to that of a rank five Martial King. Then, Chu feng raised his hand and struck down with a palm. With a ‘boom,’ the sky changed color as his martial power surged forth.

Chu Feng’s frantic battle power was like that of severe floods and fierce beasts; they were demons without form. Under Chu Feng’s control, his battle power turned into an enormous heaven-reaching hand.

This hand was truly enormous. Not only was it flickering with golden light, it also appeared as if it were capable of crushing all of the people of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

“Insignificant talent, you actually dare to show such disgrace before me?”

Wang Haoxuan stood without moving. His sleeve slightly waved. In an instant, gales appeared and the sky turned dark. Even the surrounding space started to distort. Effortlessly, Wang Haoxuan blocked Chu Feng’s attack.

After blocking Chu Feng’s attack, Wang Haoxuan shot a fist forward. This fist was extremely fierce. While the fist itself might appear normal, the might that it carried with it was easily visible. Once the fist strike was thrown, all of the disciples were shocked and terrified.

While this fist was not a martial skill, the power behind it was extremely frightening.

“How could this be? I know Wang Haoxuan’s battle power. Even if he’s very powerful, so powerful that he, as a rank six Martial King, could match rank eight Martial Kings, he is definitely not this powerful. What exactly is going on?” At this moment, Long Chenyi’s expression changed greatly. His eyes were flickering nonstop.

He knew Wang Haoxuan very well, so much that even though his reputation had always been inferior to that of Wang Haoxuan, he believed his strength to be on par with him.

Yet, at this moment, Wang Haoxuan’s strength most definitely surpassed his. Thus, how could Long Chenyi not be shocked?

However, regardless of how strong Wang Haoxuan’s battle power was, Chu Feng was most definitely not an individual to be trifled with. As Chu Feng saw that Wang Haoxuan was, like him, only using martial power and not martial skills, he decided to not use any martial skill either. Instead, he threw a fist toward Wang Haoxuan’s fist and cleared the martial power behind the fist.

After that, the two men started to fight in one location. As their martial power was shot toward one another, they raised winds, scudded clouds, turned the sky dark and caused the space around them to tremble.

When the two men began to use martial skills, their battlefield became both dazzlingly beautiful and frightening. Winds and lightning appeared together. Fire covered the area like rain. Occasionally, ferocious beasts of lightnings appeared. Occasionally, enormous golden dragons appeared. All kinds of things began to descend upon the region that they were battling in. It was as if doomsday had arrived.

The battle power of the two men stunned everyone. As for their skilled usage in Martial Skills, it brought forth the crowd’s admiration. However, at this moment, what awed everyone the most was still Chu Feng.

No matter what, Wang Haoxuan was already a famous genius, an expert that was once seated on the ninth rank of the Cyanwood Succession List. His strength was something that everyone was aware of.

Yet, at this moment, as Wang Haoxuan was fighting with Chu Feng, even though he was a level higher in cultivation than Chu Feng, he was only able to fight on equal footing.

This meant that although Wang Haoxuan was undoubtedly a genius, before a demon-level character like Chu Feng, his genius was still a tier lower.

Even though Wang Haoxuan was on equal footing with Chu Feng right now, it was only Chu Feng that the crowd was awed by.

“You have some skill, it’s no wonder that you were able to defeat Lei Yao. Unfortunately, I, Wang Haoxuan, am not a nobody like Lei Yao. If you wish to defeat me, then you will have truly overestimated yourself.”

After the contest of martial powers was a contest of martial skills. However, even so, Wang Haoxuan was unable to prevail over Chu Feng. At this moment, he flipped his wrist. In an instant, his oppressive might and battle power dramatically increased. He had taken out his Royal Armament.

It was a spear. The spear was silver in color, not very thick and not very long. However, it remained extremely capable and contained a supreme amount of king’s power.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

Once the Royal Armament appeared, Wang Haoxuan immediately started to attack. The spear thrusts were like dragons and its sweeps were like ferocious winds. Under Wang Haoxuan’s control, the spear turned into tens of thousands of spear silhouettes.

The countless silver silhouettes flew through the skies like a silver rainstorm as they charged toward Chu Feng.

“Even his Royal Armament changed? That Royal Armament is no small matter, it is a king among Royal Armaments. It would appear that Wang Haoxuan was truly prepared. It was no wonder that he did not fear Chu Feng.” Long Chenyi’s eyes shone once again.

Long Chenyi had watched Wang Haoxuan’s battles many times now, and was very familiar with all aspects of Wang Haoxuan’s strength. Not only was he very knowledgeable of how strong Wang Haoxuan was and what sort of skills he knew, he even knew what sort of Royal Armament Wang Haoxuan had.

However, the current Royal Armament that Wang Haoxuan was using was most definitely not the same as the one that he used previously.

Nevertheless, there was no need to doubt that this Royal Armament was extremely powerful and was a king among Royal Armaments. Compared to the Royal Armament Wang Haoxuan used before, this one was countless times stronger.

“Perfect timing.”

However, Chu Feng did not know about the changes that had occurred to Wang Haoxuan. All he knew was that, regardless of what sort of skills Wang Haoxuan possessed, he must still defeat Wang Haoxuan today and make the Three Cyanwood Forests Division pay the price for their actions.

Thus, Chu Feng also took out his Demon Sealing Sword. His body started to fly through the skies; he was charging directly toward Wang Haoxuan.

“Clank, clank, clank…”

Chu Feng’s path was filled with countless amounts of silver spear silhouettes. However, before his Demon Sealing Sword, the only thing that those spear silhouettes were able to do was to be knocked flying.

When Chu Feng arrived before Wang Haoxuan, Chu Feng was finally in a position to display his skills. Even though the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand was enormously heavy, it was as light as a willow leaf and contained a might like that of a dragon under Chu Feng’s control.

Chu Feng’s attack was simply unstoppable. Even though the silver spear in Wang Haoxuan’s hand was also a king among Royal Armaments, it was instantly placed in a disadvantageous position by Chu Feng’s attack.

“How could this be? My Royal Armament is a king among Royal Armaments, the strongest Royal Armament among Royal Armaments, capable of causing all weapons underneath Imperial Armaments to cower.”

“No matter how powerful Chu Feng’s weapon is, it shouldn’t be possible for him to be able to suppress my weapon. Could it be that there are Royal Armaments more powerful than my Royal Armament here?”

Wang Haoxuan being suppressed by Chu Feng was not only a matter of losing in terms of techniques, it was also a matter of losing in terms of weapons. Even though they were both kings among Royal Armaments, it was destined from the moment of their collision that the Demon Sealing Sword would be the victor.

The Demon Sealing Sword was a sword that sealed demons. As it was even capable of sealing demons, what could a mere silver spear amount to before it?

“He’s being suppressed, Wang Haoxuan is being suppressed. Even though he is a level higher than Chu Feng and was previously on the Cyanwood Succession List, he is still unable to contend against Chu Feng. Chu Feng is truly a demon-level character.”

As they saw Wang Haoxuan being suppressed by Chu Feng in the skies, the crowd’s eyes were all stunned. They once again realized how powerful Chu Feng was.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act so arrogant. No matter how powerful you are, you are still a only a single person. It is impossible for you to prevail against our Three Cyanwood Forests Division.”

“You have led your Asura Division to come and oppose our Three Cyanwood Forests Division? We shall allow you to know what the consequences of your actions will be.”

Right at the moment when Wang Haoxuan was being suppressed by Chu Feng, the other nine heads of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division all took out their respective Royal Armaments. They led the tens of thousands of members of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division and began to attack Chu Feng.

“Not good. It was not only Wang Haoxuan’s strength that became stronger, even the other nine heads of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division became stronger.”

Long Chenyi clenched his fists tightly and began to frown when he saw the heaven-shadowing troops of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division charging toward Chu Feng’s Asura Division.

He was not worried about Chu Feng, because Chu Feng’s strength was very powerful. Even if he were to be stopped by the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, they would not necessarily be able to harm him.

However, it was different for the other members of the Asura Division. There was an enormous disparity between the strengths of the various members of the Asura Division, which possessed both strong and weak members. However, if they were to be compared to the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, then they would be greatly inferior.

And now, with the entire Three Cyanwood Forests Division charging to attack the Asura Division, it was simply a pack of wolves attacking a couple of rabbits. Without even thinking, one would be able to know the outcome of the battle.

“Who said that the Asura Division only has Chu Feng?”

Right at the moment when the crowd thought that a calamity was about to befall the Asura Division, an enormously powerful aura surged forth from the Asura Division.

At this moment, the crowd noticed a beautiful fairy-like woman. Holding a long Royal Armament whip, she slowly walked out from the crowd of Asura Division members.

As for this woman, she was naturally Bai Ruochen.