Chapter 1209 - Pay The Price

MGA: Chapter 1209 - Pay The Price

“It was the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.” Right at the moment when the crowd was afraid of answering Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen spoke.

“Three Cyanwood Forests Division? They actually dared to attack members of our Asura Division?” After knowing that it was done by the Three Cyanwood Forests Department, Chu Feng was surprised.

While Chu Feng had thought about many different types of possibilities, he had never thought that it would be the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

Even though the Three Cyanwood Forests Division was very large, its strength was still limited. Their head, Wang Haoxuan, was merely a rank six Martial King. Regardless of how strong of battle power he might possess, Chu Feng was still certain that he would be able to defeat him.

Furthermore, if they were to not mention any of these, it remained that Chu Feng was now under the wing of a management elder. Even though their Three Cyanwood Forests Division had quite a deep standing in the Cyanwood Mountain, a management elder had never emerged from them.

Logically, as long as Wang Haoxuan was no fool, he would not provoke the Asura Division for no reason or cause. And now, not only did he provoke the Asura Division, his actions were also excessive. It could be said that the grievances between them were firmly seated. As for this matter, it was extremely fishy.

“Whether or not they dared to do such a thing is not important anymore, what is important is that they’ve done it.”

“Furthermore, Wang Haoxuan even began to spread the news that the Southern Cyanwood Forest would forever be incapable of comparing with their Three Cyanwood Forests, and that the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest would forever remain as trash in their eyes. As for you, Chu Feng, you are no exception,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Hah, he is truly ruthless. To stand out at this sort of time, it is clear that he’s trying to dispel our Asura Division’s flames.”

“However, this Wang Haoxuan should’ve thought about whether he is even qualified to oppose our Asura Division,” Chu Feng sneered. However, the flames of anger in his eyes became even more and more intense.

“Chu Feng, we have been waiting for you to return the entire time. Now that you’ve returned, what do you plan to do? Go ahead and give the orders.” Although Bai Ruochen’s current expression was very calm, faint traces of anger could be seen in her beautiful eyes.

Regardless of what it was that made her a member of the Asura Division, it remained that this girl was an individual who was extremely protective of her fellows. As such, she would not allow anyone to bully members of the Asura Division.

“What to do? Is there even a need to ask?” Chu Feng squinted his eyes, and the coldness in them grew denser and denser. In the end, he opened his mouth and said, “I am going to extinguish their Three Cyanwood Forests Division.”

“Woosh.” Once he said those words, Chu Feng immediately started to act. He rushed out of his palace and soared into the sky like an enraged male lion or a furious fierce tiger. The frightening aura emitted by Chu Feng was something that everyone could sense.

At this moment, practically all of the members of the Asura Division had gathered in the Asura Division’s territory. When they saw Chu Feng soaring into the sky, they all raised their heads up to look.

“Let’s go. Follow me, we shall slaughter our way into the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.” After Chu Feng appeared, he did not waste time on speaking any superfluous words at all. He pointed his finger in the direction of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, spoke those words and immediately charged over.

“Kill~~~~~~~~” As for the members of the Asura Division, after they heard Chu Feng’s command, their blood started to boiled and their killing intent started to soar. One by one, they flew into the sky and began to majestically follow Chu Feng in his charge toward the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

Actually, there were many branch power organizations gathered outside of Chu Feng’s Asura Division. Among them was the Ascension Division. When he saw Chu Feng leading the large group of Asura Division members into battle, Long Chenfu turned to Long Chenyi and asked, “Big brother, Chu Feng and the others have truly started their attack. What do we do? Should we help?”

“Chu Feng should be able to handle this matter. It would be fine for us to only watch from the sidelines. If he is truly unable to handle this matter, we can step in then.” As Long Chenyi said those words, he began to lead the members of the Ascension Division to follow Chu Feng.

Following them, many more countless numbers of disciples began to follow the Asura Division. None of them wanted to miss the excitement that was sure to follow.

Although the Three Cyanwood Forests Division was only a rank higher than the Ascension Division in the Cyanwood Mountain, due to the fact that they were composed of disciples from the Three Cyanwood Forests, their members numbered extremely great; they had over three times that of the Ascension Division.

At this moment, people were densely packed into the Three Cyanwood Forests Division’s territory. They were all members of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division. They were standing in an orderly manner in the Three Cyanwood Forests Division’s territory, like an army of soldiers awaiting orders, completely prepared for war.

It was evident that the Three Cyanwood Forests Division knew that Chu Feng would not leave the matter at that. Thus, they had already prepared for his arrival.

However, compared to the Three Cyanwood Forests Division’s army of tens of thousands, it was actually the ten people standing in the sky that caught everyone’s attention the most. They were the heads of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

Although the Northern Cyanwood Forest, Western Cyanwood Forest and Eastern Cyanwood Forest were known as five first-rate subsidiary powers alongside the Orion Monastery and the Ascension Sect, any one of the first three was actually more powerful than either the Orion Monastery or the Ascension Sect.

Thus, with the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests being in the same branch power organization, not only would this cause their members to be numerous, but their overall strength would also be very strong.

For example, in terms of heads, they had ten. Furthermore, all ten heads were extraordinary people; they were all rank six Martial Kings.

At this moment, these ten heads were headed by Wang Haoxuan, standing in the air and quietly looking in the direction of the Asura Division.

Finally, they saw the arrival of the vast troops from the Asura Division that were flying over with dense killing intent.

However, even with this, none of these ten heads were afraid. Instead, anticipatory smiles emerged on their faces.

When he saw Chu Feng, Wang Haoxuan, who was still very far away from him, shouted, “Chu Feng, to muster such a grand force to come to our Three Cyanwood Forests Division, what sort of matter might you have?”

“What sort of matter? Could it be that you do not know what you’ve done?” When he arrived at the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, the anger in Chu Feng’s eyes was still there. However, not all of his anger was shown. Thus, he appeared rather calm.

“Oh, I remember. Wasn’t it merely that we taught your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples a bit of a lesson last night?”

“You cannot blame me on this matter. It truly is that your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples are too uneducated in their upbringing. They actually spoke such boasting words, that their Southern Cyanwood Forest would, sooner or later, surpass our Three Cyanwood Forests.”

“Faced with those sorts of shameless words, we were naturally incapable of enduring. Thus, there was naturally a need for us to discipline them a bit.” Wang Haoxuan described what had happened without the slightest trace of remorse. It was as if beating up the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples was something that was natural and ought to happen.

“Something’s wrong. Something’s definitely wrong. I know about Wang Haoxuan’s character. Although he is a haughty individual, he is definitely not someone who is excessively arrogant like this. For him to dare to provoke Chu Feng like so today, I fear…” At this moment, Long Chenyi started to mutter.

“Chu Feng currently possesses enormous publicity, and also possesses the support of a management elder. Not even elders would dare to provoke Chu Feng. Yet, for Wang Haoxuan to provoke him like this, could it be that he had been instigated by the Punishment Department?” Long Chenfu asked in a low voice.

“Although that might sound extremely unimaginable, I cannot think of anything else that Wang Haoxuan would be relying on other than the Punishment Department. After all, the only colossus that Chu Feng has offended is the Punishment Department,” Long Chenyi said.

“What do we do then? For Wang Haoxuan to act in such a confident manner, it is clear that the Punishment Department has promised him something. If Chu Feng were to truly do something to Wang Haoxuan, I fear that a huge calamity would befall him. No matter how I look at this, this still seems like a trap,” Long Chenfu said.

“Chu Feng is already an arrow that has left the bow. It is impossible for him to back down. Furthermore, it is the time for the Asura Division’s emergence. If their dignity is to be infringed upon at such a moment, he must retrieve it. Otherwise, everything that he has accomplished would be in vain,” Long Chenyi said.

“Big brother, in that case, are we still going to help Chu Feng?” Long Chenfu asked.

“While Chu Feng has a management elder behind him, we do not. Since the matter concerns the Punishment Department, we cannot do anything rashly. I believe Chu Feng is able to understand our standing.” Long Chenyi shook his head. At the same time, he secretly gave the order for all of the Ascension Division’s members to gradually step back and not meddle in the affairs of the Asura Division and the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

“Wang Haoxuan, since you’ve admitted to what you’ve done, I will not waste time speaking superfluous words with you.”

“I will merely leave you one sentence; my Asura Division’s members are not people that you can discipline as you wish.”

“Since you’ve done it, then you must pay the price for your actions,” Chu Feng said as he pointed at Wang Haoxuan.