Chapter 1211 - Displaying The Consummate Skill

MGA: Chapter 1211 - Displaying The Consummate Skill

After Bai Ruochen appeared, she did not bother with any superfluous words and directly attacked.

As a rank five Martial King, her battle power was very valiant to begin with. On top of that, she brandished her Platinum Dragon Whip. Thus, her battle power was at its peak.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

At this moment, the Platinum Dragon Whip appeared like a real enormous white dragon. As it danced, unceasing ear-piercing explosions that sounded like thunder were being emitted nonstop.

Not only did Bai Ruochen’s attack possess a very dreadful oppression, the might behind it was also extremely fierce. With a single whip per person, she not only blocked the nine heads of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, she had also blocked the tens of thousands of members behind them.

“So powerful. Never would I have imagined that such a person existed in the Asura Division, she is simply on the tier of a demon-level character.”

“I truly never knew that the Asura Division actually had more than just a single Chu Feng as a demon-level character; they actually have another demon-level genius.”

“Who is this woman? Not only is her battle power heaven-defying, her appearance is also beautiful, like that of a fairy. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful woman in my life.”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people were all endlessly shocked. As for the members of the Asura Division, they were overjoyed.

Demon-level characters, they were extremely valiant existences, very rare even in the Cyanwood Mountain. As long as there were no accidents, they were existences that would be on the Cyanwood Succession List sooner or later.

A single branch power division actually possessed two demon-level characters. This was much more frightening than having tens of thousands of men as troops. Yet, the Asura Division was able to accomplish such a feat. Furthermore, the two demon-level characters they had were two new disciples. Thus, how could the crowd not be shocked?

“Could it be that the Three Cyanwood Forests Division will truly be defeated by the Asura Division?” At this moment, this question emerged in the hearts of the crowd.

If Chu Feng’s defeat of Lei Yao was a display of his own strength, then the Asura Division defeating the Three Cyanwood Forests Division would be an honor to all of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples.

That was because the Southern Cyanwood Forest was extremely small when compared to the other Three Cyanwood Forests.

The Four Cyanwood Forests were all genuine subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain. However, the Southern Cyanwood Forest had fallen into a sudden and devastating decline ever since the death of their first Headmaster. Currently, they were pitifully weak.

The difference between them and the other three Cyanwood Forests was enormous, eventually causing them to be viewed as a trash power, one that would only disgrace the title of being a genuine subsidiary power.

As for the other Three Cyanwood Forests, they were exactly the opposite of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Not only did they not decline, they instead became stronger and stronger, becoming the strongest existences among the subsidiary powers.

However, if Chu Feng’s Asura Division was to defeat the Three Cyanwood Forests Division today, then everything would be reversed. Chu Feng’s victory would replace the current reputation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

At the very least, the Southern Cyanwood Forest that had been weak for this many years would, because of Chu Feng, obtain the might that it had possessed back in the olden days.

“Set up the formation!” Right at the moment when the circumstances were looking bad for the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, Wang Haoxuan suddenly shouted loudly. Immediately following that, his body shifted. He had actually used an ingenious movement martial skill to cast off Chu Feng and arrive among the main army of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

At the same time, the other nine heads also gathered at the same place as Wang Haoxuan. They took different positions and began to spread apart.

They overlapped their hands and began to chant. Layers upon layers of similar yet different energy began to emerge from their bodies. In the end, those energies interweaved into a large formation.

The large formation formed a large gate. Once the large gate appeared, numerous figures began to come out of it.

Those figures were not people. Instead, they were figures condensed from martial power. However, all of their auras were that of rank six Martial Kings.

While one rank six Martial King might not be much, over ten thousand rank six Marital Kings was a very frightening display of power.

“Heavens, what sort of martial skill is this? This is truly too frightening.” When they saw this battle array, many disciples were extremely frightened.

“No, this is not a martial skill, it’s a formation. It’s a formation technique that the ancestors of the Western, Eastern and Northern Cyanwood Forests created, the Ghost Soldiers Killing Formation,” said Long Chenyi with astonishment.

“What? It’s the Ghost Soldiers Killing Formation? That formation is extremely difficult to master, it’s said that only Half Martial Emperors could use it. Even if Wang Haoxuan and the others knew about the method to set up this formation, they shouldn’t have been able to actually use it with their current cultivation.” Hearing what Long Chenyi said, Long Chenfu was astonished.

While others might not know about this Ghost Soldiers Killing Formation, they, people of the Ascension Sect, knew of the Ghost Soldiers Killing Formation very well.

In the Holy Land of Maritalism, Heaven Taboo Martial Skills were extremely rare. Even in a colossus like the Cyanwood Mountain, there was no one who knew any Heaven Taboo Martial Skills. Thus, there’s no need to even mention the other powers.

However, in order to pursue ever-stronger strength, people began to join forces and set up formations.

This sort of formation was not a world spirit formation. Instead, they were formations that coordinated the powers of expert cultivators to increase their strength.

Although these formations did not possess the strength of Heaven Taboo Martial Skills, they most definitely surpassed ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skills and possessed extremely frightening power.

As for the Ghost Soldiers Killing Formation that Wang Haoxuan and the others had set up, it was one such formation.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.”

At this moment, countless ghost soldiers with weapons in hand and armor on their bodies were flying out from the large gate. While wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, those ghost soldiers charged toward Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen, and the other members of the Asura Division.

Their target was not only Chu Feng, it was the entire Asura Division.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, let’s use that.” Right at the moment when everyone was sweating cold bullets for the Asura Division, Chu Feng turned to Bai Ruochen with a smile on his face.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen also understood Chu Feng’s intention. On her ice-cold face, a rare charming smile blossomed.

“Woosh, woosh.” Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen moved simultaneously. They began to form many different and complicated hand seals with lightning speed.

Their speed was truly too quick, so quick that it dazzled the crowd. No one was able to see exactly how many hand seals they formed in this short instant.

However, when the two of them finished forming their hand seals, interweaved their hands and stood motionless in the sky, two extremely frightening energies began to burst forth from their bodies and fused into one area.


At the moment when Chu Feng’s energy and Bai Ruochen’s energy interweaved with one another, they instantly exploded like a hydrogen bomb. Merely, what exploded was no ordinary ripple. Instead, it was fiery hot flames and bone-chilling ice.

Fire and ice were incompatible matters. Yet, at this moment, they had fused together perfectly. That sort of energy, where one was forceful and one was supple, one was hot and one was cold, was extremely strange, yet undoubtedly powerful.

At this moment, the frightening fire and ice ripples were rapidly spreading. In the blink of an eye, it turned from a small lump of fire and ice to a sea of fire and ice. One ripple after another, they swept toward the ghost soldiers.

“Ji, ji, ji, ji.”

The ghost soldiers were very powerful. Each and every one of them was a rank six Martial King. However, before the fire and ice ripples, they did not have the strength to fight back at all. Like an army of ants falling into a sea of fire and ice, the ghost soldiers were instantly extinguished into nothing.

However, at the moment when the sea of fire and ice displayed its frightening might, no one knew that it was only the beginning.