Chapter 1206 - A Self-made Genius

MGA: Chapter 1206 - A Self-made Genius

“Chu Feng, he, he, he…”

“He actually used that large scrap iron sword to slice apart Liu Bingqi’s top quality Elite Armament?”

Chu Feng’s sword strike stupefied everyone. Especially Liu Bingqi; his eyes were wide open and his mouth was trembling as he muttered, “Impossible. This is impossible. This scrap iron sword, how could it possibly be able to slice my Elite Armament in half?”

“Chu Feng, you cheated! You most definitely cheated! You’re taking advantage of the fact that my battle power is inferior to yours, so you used your strength to make this scrap iron become capable of sweeping through everything before its path. That’s how you managed to slice apart my weapon, isn’t that right?”

“What? Chu Feng cheated?”

“That might be possible. Otherwise, how could a scrap iron sword be able to slice a top quality Elite Armament in half?”

“If that truly is the case, then wouldn’t that mean that Chu Feng is also a shameless individual?”

Liu Bingqi’s words brought forth a wave of discussion. Many people felt that it might truly be possible that Chu Feng cheated.

That was because, even now, no matter how they looked at it, the large scrap iron sword in Chu Feng’s hand still only looked like a piece of scrap iron; they were incapable of finding anything extraordinary about it.

Thus, it was not only Liu Bingqi. Practically everyone felt that it was unreasonable for Chu Feng’s scrap iron sword to be able to slice Liu Bingqi’s top quality Elite Armament in half, and that there was definitely something fishy going on.

“I cheated? You should carefully inspect for yourself what sort of quality this weapon of mine has before saying those words. For it to slice your bullshit Elite Armament is simply something that should happen. Is there even a need for me to cheat?” Chu Feng said.

“What you have there is nothing more than a piece of scrap iron. How could there be any quality to that?” said Liu Bingqi mockingly.

“Scrap iron? In that case, open your dog eyes and look at it carefully. See for yourself whose weapon is truly scrap iron,” Chu Feng sneered coldly. After that, his wrist suddenly moved, and cracking sounds actually began to be heard from the large scrap iron sword in his hand.

“Crack, crack.”

The cracking sounds became louder and louder, more and more intense. People were even able to see cracks that emitted silvery light rapidly flowing through the scrap iron sword like little snakes.

“Bang.” Finally, an explosion was heard. The countless cracks exploded.

At the moment when the cracks turned into fragments, the weapon in Chu Feng’s hand was still there. Merely, at this moment, the weapon in his hand was no longer a scrap iron sword.

Instead, it was a large sword that shone with a silvery light. The grain of this large sword was extremely clear; one could tell that it was a powerful weapon from a single glance. As it shone with silvery light, the grains began to sway back and forth. It was as if the sword was breathing.

In truth, this large sword was no ordinary weapon. It indeed possessed power that greatly surpassed Elite Armaments, for it was no Elite Armament at all. Instead, it was an Incomplete Royal Armament.

“Heavens, is that an Incomplete Royal Armament? How is that possible?!”

At this moment, everyone was stupefied, completely stunned by the weapon in Chu Feng’s hand. Even the two management elders were displaying such an expression as well.

That was because they were all able to clearly sense how powerful the weapon in Chu Feng’s hand was. It was indeed not an Elite Armament. Instead, it was truly an Incomplete Royal Armament.

“Even though there are some blemishes in its quality, it is indeed an Incomplete Royal Armament,” Elder Wei exclaimed in admiration.

“While its quality is not very high, being able to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament in such a short period of time is truly unimaginable. After all, his age is very young.”

“One must know that even for me, it would not be easy for me to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament even if I were to do it wholeheartedly. At the very least, in terms of the time needed, I would not be able to do it much faster than Chu Feng. At the very most, I would only be several hours faster than him.”

“However, I’ve studied weaponry refinement techniques for several hundred years, and have also learned the techniques of our Cyanwood Mountain’s successive generations of seniors.”

“Yet, this Chu Feng was actually able to accomplish such a feat at his age. This little fellow’s talent, isn’t it truly a bit too frightening?” Compared to Elder Wei, Elder Xiahou’s eyes were shining.

His gaze was no longer one of just appreciation.

As a management elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department, he knew very well how difficult it was to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament. Thus, he was the one who knew best how amazing Chu Feng was.

“Since even the two elders say it like this, then it seems that what Chu Feng has in his hand is truly an Incomplete Royal Armament.”

“Demon-level character, the legendary perfect demon-level character. This Chu Feng is a perfect demon-level character.” When they saw that the two elders were praising Chu Feng, the surrounding disciples started to burst into praises and cheers. They were truly awed by Chu Feng.

“Liu Bingqi, is there anything else you wish to say?” Chu Feng toyed with the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand and looked at Liu Bingqi with a beaming smile.

At this moment, Liu Bingqi’s expression was even uglier than someone who had eaten earwax. That was because he knew that he had lost.

If he had lost in some other aspect, then it would have been fine. However, he had lost in his speciality. Moreover, he had utterly and completely lost.

“Putong.” Suddenly, Liu Bingqi bent his knees. Surprisingly, he actually knelt before Zhao Xiang. Then, he said, “I was wrong.” After that, he immediately got back up and, without even turning his head back, started to walk away. He no longer had the face to continue to stay in this place.

Seeing this, all the members of Bingqi’s Division turned to the two elders to bid their farewells, and then hurriedly left to follow Liu Bingqi.

“Haha. Chu Feng, marvelous. Truly marvelous. Never did I expect that you’re actually this proficient in weaponry refinement techniques.”

After Liu Bingqi admitted his defeat, Elder Wei walked over with a brilliant smile on his face. He was truly happy to obtain a genius like Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your weaponry refinement technique is a bit special. May I know where you learned it?” At the same time, Elder Xiahou also walked over. He truly wanted to know how it was possible for Chu Feng to, at his young age, grasp such a profound weaponry refinement technique without delaying his cultivation.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, where did you learn your weaponry refinement technique? It’s completely different from the weaponry refinement technique of this old freak here. Yet, it is also extremely extraordinary,” Elder Wei also asked curiously.

Even though he specialized in medicine concocting techniques and not weaponry refinement techniques, he was a gold-cloaked world spiritist. Thus, not only did he know weaponry refinement techniques, he could even be considered to be proficient in them.

However, even if it was him, it was not necessarily possible for him to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament in such a short period of time. Thus, he felt an even higher level of respect for Chu Feng than Elder Xiahou.

Faced with the questioning from the two elders, Chu Feng scratched his head awkwardly. Then, in a somewhat embarrassed manner, he said, “Elders, truth be told, I am actually self-taught.”

“What? Self-taught?” Hearing those words, the two elders’ mouths were immediately wide open. That was because this was truly too inconceivable.

As Chu Feng looked at the stunned expressions of the two elders and the surrounding disciples, he felt very helpless. That was because he was indeed self-taught.

Chu Feng would always occupy himself with martial cultivation. However, he would also frequently ponder about the usage of world spirit techniques and spirit power. Due to the fact that Chu Feng possessed a very high comprehension, his world spirit techniques ended up progressing rapidly the entire time.

Especially after he learned the Heaven’s Eyes from Eggy, Chu Feng started to have his own understanding of world spirit techniques. For example, that so-called Spirit Winged Insect. It was something that Chu Feng had comprehended by himself. Thus, Chu Feng would most definitely be considered to be self-taught in the field of world spirit techniques.

In truth, Chu Feng had been pondering about how to refine Royal Armaments in recent days, and had already managed to have some ideas on how to do so. It was likely that in the near future, when he has enough materials, what Chu Feng would be able to refine would not be limited to only Incomplete Royal Armaments, but actual Royal Armaments.

Although this was extremely inconceivable with Chu Feng’s age and cultivation, it remained that Chu Feng really possessed this potential.