Chapter 1207 - This Kindness

MGA: Chapter 1207 - This Kindness

At the beginning, the two elders truly did not dare to believe this to be real, that such a complicated weaponry refinement technique was something that a young man in his early twenties had comprehended by himself. Anyone would feel it to be unbelievable upon hearing it. It was simply too extraordinary a feat.

However, when the two management elders carefully inspected Chu Feng, they discovered that he did not appear to be lying. It was as if anything that occurred with Chu Feng would be things that they would believe.

That was because there had been numerous unbelievable things that Chu Feng had accomplished. As of now, they realized that it was not that the things that Chu Feng had done were unbelievable. Instead, Chu Feng was an unfathomable person to begin with.

“To reach such a level with only self-teaching, if someone was to give you pointers, then wouldn’t little friend Chu Feng be even more amazing?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, since you have this potential, you must not waste this talent.”

“Although you are not a member of our Weaponry Refinement Department, if you were to have anything regarding weaponry refinement techniques that you are puzzled by, you can find me at any time. This old man will definitely give his all to teach and assist you.”

The gaze with which Elder Xiahou looked at Chu Feng was filled with kindness, love and respect. He truly wanted to help nurture Chu Feng. After all, if Chu Feng was to become a worthy individual in the future, it would not only be his pride, it would also be the entire Cyanwood Mountain’s pride.

“Elder Xiahou, thank you for your kindness. Actually, if it wasn’t for your Weaponry Refinement Cauldron here, Chu Feng might not necessarily have been able to successfully refine an Incomplete Royal Armament. Thus, Elder Xiahou, you have truly helped me enormously. Chu Feng will remember the grace that you’ve shown me today.” As Chu Feng said those words, he returned the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron to Elder Xiahou.

What Chu Feng said was not only sweet-talk. Instead, he was extremely sincere, because the aid that the usage of this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron had rendered was truly enormous.

Although Chu Feng might still have been able to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament without this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, the amount of time he would have needed would have been a lot longer. At the very least, he would have needed another day or more to accomplish it.

For him to be able to refine an Incomplete Royal Armament in merely twenty-four hours, it must all be thanks to this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

“Chu Feng, a treasured cauldron is fitted for a hero. This Weaponry Refinement Cauldron here, you can just keep it. This old man shall give it to you as a gift.” However, Elder Xiahou pushed the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron back into Chu Feng’s hand.

“Elder Xiahou, this gift is too extravagant. Chu Feng cannot accept it.” Chu Feng hurriedly pushed the cauldron back. He was able to sense that this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron was a priceless treasure.

However, right when Chu Feng was planning to forcibly push the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron back into Elder Xiahou’s hand, he was surprised to discover that Elder Xiahou, who was standing in front of him, had disappeared.

Elder Xiahou’s voice gradually sounded from over the horizon. “Little friend Chu Feng, accept it. This is this old man’s regard for you.”

Chu Feng was relatively calm as he heard Elder Xiahou’s voice in the sky. However, the other disciples were incapable of remaining calm at all.

Elder Xiahou gifted the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron that he carried along with him to Chu Feng. Without mentioning the value of that Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, merely this action was enough to show people how deeply fond of Chu Feng he was.

Truly, the onlookers were all so envious that they were stunned.

After this matter was over, Chu Feng had originally planned to invite Elder Wei to his palace so that he could entertain him.

However, to his surprise, Elder Wei insisted on inviting him over to their Medicine Concocting Department, saying that there was something that he needed to tell Chu Feng.

Upon thinking that he also had things that he wished to talk to Elder Wei about, Chu Feng accepted Elder Wei’s invitation and followed him to the Medicine Concocting Department.

The Medicine Concocting Department was built deep in the mountains. Not only was there very pleasant scenery, the smell of the medicines was also very charming.

The smell of the medicines here did not have a flavor that caused one to feel sick and disgusted. Instead, it contained a light amount of fragrance. As the fragrance was not overly strong, it was extremely pleasant to smell.

Most importantly, when one smelled the smell of the medicines, one would feel comfortably refreshed.

After their arrival at the Medicine Concocting Department, Elder Wei called for a gathering of the other elders, and declared to them that Chu Feng had joined their Medicine Concocting Department, becoming a part of them.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that everyone was fine with Chu Feng, Elder Wei deliberately talked about the contest and results of Chu Feng’s competition with Liu Bingqi in weaponry refinement techniques.

As Chu Feng’s fame had already spread far and wide, many elders were curious about him. After hearing Elder Wei’s narration of what had happened, many elders felt a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

If Chu Feng were to defeat Liu Bingqi through only his battle power, then it would not amount to much. However, he won against a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department through world spirit techniques. This truly brought forth light to the faces of their Medicine Concocting Department. [1.brought them honor.]

At this moment, Chu Feng was able to sense countless appreciative gazes that thought highly of him. Yet, at the same time, he was able to sense an extremely ill-intentioned gaze.

This gaze did not originate from an elder. Instead, it was a gaze from a disciple. To his surprise, this disciple was also a member of the Medicine Concocting Department.

His cultivation was the same as Liu Bingqi, a rank six Martial King. However, his gaze was even more sinister than Liu Bingqi’s. At the very least, it was one filled with envy and hatred.

“You are Chu Feng?” At the moment when everyone started to leave, a voice transmission suddenly sounded in Chu Feng’s ear. It was from that disciple.

“Elder Wei already introduced me earlier, did you not hear it?” Chu Feng replied through voice transmission. However, his tone was not at all courteous.

This was precisely the sort of person that Chu Feng was. If anyone was to come at him with ill intent, he would most definitely not act courteously toward them.

“Humph. Remember this, the boss among the Medicine Concocting Department’s disciples is always going to be me. Don’t you dare think you can compete against me.” Those words were spoken with a very overbearing tone; it was as if it did not accept any disagreement at all. After he sent those words, he turned around and left.

“Elder Wei, how many disciples are there in the Medicine Concocting Department?” Chu Feng asked Elder Wei. He was very curious to how many disciples there were in the Medicine Concocting Department.

“There’s only two, including you,” Elder Wei replied truthfully. However, he was an experienced individual with deep foresight. Thus, he soon seemed to have thought of something. His expression changed and he turned to Chu Feng to ask, “Did Ye Qing say something to you?”

“Who is Ye Qing?” Chu Feng asked.

“He’s that disciple who was here earlier,” Elder Wei said.

“Oh, no, he didn’t say anything.” Chu Feng shook his head. He did not wish to involve elders in grievances like these, as he was fond of settling them himself.

Even though he did not say anything to Elder Wei, Chu Feng was sneering in his heart. “Only two disciples? In that case, it’s destined that you cannot be the boss.”

“Ha, very well then, follow me. I truly wanted to chat with you.” Seeing that Ye Qing did not made things difficult for Chu Feng, Elder Wei laughed in a relieved manner. After that, he led Chu Feng into a palace.

Although this palace was not very luxurious, it was still a relatively good palace in the entirety of the Medicine Concocting Department. This was a palace that Elder Wei had prepared for Chu Feng. Not only did he arrange a place to live for Chu Feng, he had also prepared beautiful servant girls for him as well.

His intentions were clear; he wanted to tell Chu Feng that the Medicine Concocting Department was his home. As long as he was willing, he could come and live here at any time.

After everything was situated, Chu Feng took out the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron. “Elder Wei, please help me return this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron to Elder Xiahou. This item is too precious, it is not something that I can accept.”

Elder Wei looked at the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron in Chu Feng’s hand. After a period of silence, he said, “Do you know of the origins of this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron?”

“I do not.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“This Weaponry Refinement Cauldron is called the Golden Dragon Cauldron. There is a golden dragon inside the cauldron. When a weapon is being refined, the dragon will appear to take in and sent out a large quantity of energy to assist with the weapon refinement. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this Golden Dragon Cauldron would be an excellent quality cauldron when compared against any other other in the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Back then, in order to obtain this cauldron, Elder Xiahou paid quite considerable price. Over half of his body was crippled. He lost both his hands and legs and even injured his soul, causing him to have to spend half a year to recover.”

“However, this is not the most important point. The most important point is that he is willing to gift this cauldron to you. While his kind intentions are extremely heavy, you should not reject it, for it will only hurt his heart,” Elder Wei said.

After hearing what Elder Wei said, Chu Feng’s expression turned serious. He did not say anything anymore. Instead, silently, he took back the Golden Dragon Cauldron.