Chapter 1205 - The Outcome Of The Battle

MGA: Chapter 1205 - The Outcome Of The Battle

However, Chu Feng merely smiled at Liu Bingqi’s complacence. “I’ve lost? Are you certain?”

“What? Could it be that the result is not obvious enough for you?” Liu Bingqi asked.

“Since what we are comparing are the weapons that we each refined, the comparison would naturally be the quality of said weapons. If we are to compare speed, then wouldn’t it mean that if I am to casually refine an iron sword, I’ll be able to obtain victory over this Elite Armament you’ve refined as long as I refined that iron sword faster than the twelve hours you’ve used for your Elite Armament?” Chu Feng said with a mocking tone.

“Bullshit. What I have here is a top quality Elite Armament, how could an iron sword possibly be comparable to it?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Liu Bingqi was immediately enraged. From the way he saw it, what Chu Feng said was an insult to his integrity.

“Since what we’re comparing is not time, but instead the quality of our respective weapons, then how could you have possibly won against me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Very well. Since you’ve said it like this, I’ll make sure you accept your defeat wholeheartedly. When the weapon that you’re refining is done, we shall compare their quality. However, if you are to lose, then you must kneel down, kowtow to me and say before everyone here that you’re inferior to me,” Liu Bingqi said as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

“That’s no issue. However, what if it is you who ends up losing?” Chu Feng asked.

“If I am to lose, then I’ll kowtow to you before everyone present, acknowledge my mistake and admit that I, Liu Bingqi, am inferior to you,” Liu Bingqi said.

“There’s no need. You do not have to kowtow and acknowledge your mistake to me, but you would have to kowtow and acknowledge your mistake to him.” As he said those words, Chu Feng pointed to Zhao Xiang behind him.

“Very well, I’ll agree to that. However, I’m afraid you will not have the opportunity to see that.” Liu Bingqi took a glance at Zhao Xiang and smiled disdainfully. From the way he saw it, he was undoubtedly going to win, as it was simply impossible for him to lose.

“You’ll find out whether I’ll have the opportunity or not.” Chu Feng smiled lightly at Liu Bingqi’s words. Only Chu Feng knew why he smiled this confidently.

After this, it was another period of long waiting. Two hours, four hours, then ten hours passed, but there was still no activity from Chu Feng’s Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

At this moment, it had already been daytime for quite some time now. Furthermore, it was now at the noon hour, when the sun shone the brightest. Upon calculating the time, it had been an entire twenty-four hours since Chu Feng had begun his weaponry refinement. In other words, an entire night and day had passed.

Twelve hours earlier, Liu Bingqi’s Elite Armament had been completed. However, Chu Feng’s weapon was still completely inactive.

This inevitably caused people to become worried. It was so much so that even the two management elders, who were confident in Chu Feng, started to lightly frown; they had begun to worry too.

Currently, Chu Feng had lost in terms of speed. If the weapon that he created ended up being inferior to Liu Bingqi’s, then he would truly be defeated. While being defeated might be fine, if Chu Feng was truly required to kneel down and acknowledge his mistake to Liu Bingqi, then the reputation that he had managed to gain after painstaking effort would all be destroyed in one day; he would become a stepping stone for Liu Bingqi.

In an instant, all these people that were standing behind Chu Feng started to worry and sweat cold bullets.

If what the two of them were competing in were battle power, then none of them would doubt Chu Feng. However, they were competing in weaponry refinement techniques. This caused many people to become worried.


However, right at the moment when everyone was worried that Chu Feng might lose, the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron that Chu Feng had sealed for a long time actually started to tremble. Furthermore, the trembling became more and more intense, and the cauldron even started to emit ear-piercing sounds. Even the ground started to tremble because of the cauldron.

“Bang!” Finally, following a loud explosion, a beam of light shot out of the cauldron.

That beam of light was extremely dazzling. It was as if one were seeing the dazzling sun. Even though everyone present were cultivators with high cultivation levels, the majority of them were incapable of withstanding this dazzling beam of light.

“How could this be? This sort of light, could it be that this guy truly managed to refine an Elite Armament of higher quality than the one I made?”

As he saw the dazzling beam of light, Liu Bingqi’s expression changed greatly. It was the first time that he, who had been filled with confidence since the very beginning, began to fluster.

That was because, regardless of whether it was weaponry refinement techniques or medicine concocting techniques, the prestige of the scene when the finished product was born would oftentimes represent the quality of the finished product.

And now, the prestige at this birth of Chu Feng’s Elite Armament was truly too valiant, surpassing Liu Bingqi’s Elite Armament’s birth by several times.

It was fortunate that it was currently day. Had it been night, the disparity between them would have been even more obvious.


No matter how intense the light might be, it would inevitably dissipate. As the dazzling light gradually vanished, the crowd once again cast their eyes to the top of the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

Finally, the light disappeared completely. A large sword that was three meters long appeared before everyone’s sight, floating above the cauldron.

“Heavens, this…” When they saw this large sword, everyone’s expressions changed. Their gazes that were filled with expectation turned into ones of endless disappointment.

That was because the large sword that was floating in the air was simply too ugly. Not only was the sword’s body filled with rust and stain spots, it did not give off the slightest bit of power. Furthermore, even its shape was nonstandard. How could this be called an Elite Armament? It was simply inferior to even ordinary weapons, equivalent to scrap iron.

“Hahahaha, you’ve spent this much time and set up such a grand spirit formation, but in the end, it’s actually just scrap iron? Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, you’re truly nothing more than trash. With merely your bit of skill, you actually dared to compete with me in weaponry refinement techniques?”

At this moment, Liu Bingqi was laughing his head off. His laughter was truly one of joy and pride. That was because Chu Feng’s large scrap iron sword was a clear contract to his large Elite Armament blade, an enormous insurmountable gap.

“Sigh. Sure enough, in terms of weaponry refinement techniques, Chu Feng is greatly inferior to Liu Bingqi.”

While Liu Bingqi was laughing loudly, many of the people present began to sigh in disappointment. Like Liu Bingqi, they believed that the outcome of this contest had been determined.

“Woosh.” However, right at the moment when everyone felt that Chu Feng was already defeated, Chu Feng, calmly smiled. He stretched out his palm and grabbed that large scrap iron sword in his hand.

“Come, give it a try. Let’s see if it’s your weapon that’s more powerful or my weapon that’s more powerful.” Holding the large sword in his hand, Chu Feng pointed at Liu Bingqi.

“It seems that you’re truly unwilling to accept defeat. Since that’s the case, then come. Today, I insist on making you accept your defeat wholeheartedly.” Liu Bingqi laughed mockingly.

Even though he knew that he was greatly inferior to Chu Feng in terms of battle power, in terms of weapons, he believed that the weapon in his hand was ten million times better than Chu Feng’s. Thus, he was filled with confidence, and did not cower in the slightest.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, with a movement of his leg, Liu Bingqi’s body shifted. Like a swimming dragon, he brandished the large blade in his hand and actually took the initiative to attack, hacking his blade toward Chu Feng.

“Heh…” When Chu Feng saw Liu Bingqi attacking him head on, the smile on his face remained unchanged. In fact, he did not even bother to move.

Only when Liu Bingqi’s Elite Armament that came crushing down at him with a great amount of destructive power was about to reach his head did Chu Feng suddenly brandish the large scrap iron sword in his hand.


The collision of the two weapons caused sparks to fly in all directions. However, it did not result in the sound of metal colliding against metal. Instead, a sharp sound like a sharp blade slicing tofu was heard.

When this sound was heard, the crowd were all surprised. However, when they saw the scene before them, they became greatly astonished.

That was because, at this very moment, not only was the large scrap iron sword in Chu Feng’s hand completely undamaged, it was also right next to Liu Bingqi’s neck, a millimeter away from slicing through his neck, beheading him.

When they looked toward the large Elite Armament blade in Liu Bingqi’s hand, they discovered that it had actually been sliced in two. Furthermore, the location that it had been cut in was so unimaginably smooth.

Surprisingly, Chu Feng’s large scrap iron sword managed to slice Liu Bingqi’s large Elite Armament blade in two with a single strike. Furthermore, the cut was extremely smooth and clear; it could be said that it had completely won.