Chapter 1204 - A Perfect Demon-Level Character

MGA: Chapter 1204 - A Perfect Demon-Level Character

Chu Feng was different from Liu Bingqi. His battle power was simply heaven-defyingly astonishing, something that could be said to be unimaginable. Logically, with such outstanding battle power, Chu Feng’s abilities in world spirit techniques should be a lot more limited. However, this was not the case for Chu Feng. Thus, how could the crowd not be shocked by this?

As the saying goes, one cannot wholeheartedly do two things. This was even more the case for people who had reached their level.

Thus, when one reached their level, one must specialize in one field if they wish to achieve success in the future. If one was to seek perfection in both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques, and also invest in an equal amount of energy into both of them, it would oftentimes only create a tragedy where one could not accomplish anything in either field.

This led to many people who possessed very powerful battle power to not be very proficient and strong with world spirit techniques, even if they were to possess spirit power.

In fact, many disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain actually possessed spirit power. However, those among them that were very strong in world spirit techniques were extremely few. That was because the majority of them had sought for martial cultivation and powerful battle power.

At the same time, there were also some people that did not possess heaven-defying battle power, yet had extremely frightening world spirit techniques. As for Liu Bingqi, he was one such individual. It was so much so that Liu Bingqi’s attainments in world spirit techniques could rate him as a demon-level character.

In truth, regardless of whether one’s battle power was heaven-defying or one’s world spirit techniques were extremely outstanding, as long as they reached a certain level with them, they could be considered to be demon-level characters.

That was because there were powerful world spiritists who could, under circumstances where they were at the same cultivation level as their opponent, defeat martial cultivators with heaven-defying battle power merely through world spirit techniques.

In fact, such a case had actually happened in the Holy Land of Martialism. There was once a grand world spiritist that had possessed a very high level of cultivation but ordinary battle power. No matter what he did, his battle power could only remain at the ordinary level, incapable of reaching anything that surpassed the norm.

However, he possessed an extraordinary gift in world spirit techniques, and was capable of quickly grasping techniques that others could not master even when spending their entire lives to learn them.

Thus, he ended up giving up on the pursuit of battle power and wholeheartedly specialized himself in world spirit techniques. Gradually, this led to all of his offensive techniques becoming world spirit techniques. Even without summoning world spirits, he still possessed an extremely frightening power.

One day, he ended up fighting a martial cultivator with heaven-defying battle power. Although the two of them were at the same cultivation level, the martial cultivator possessed heaven-defying battle power, had grasped countless powerful martial skills, and possessed offensive methods that were extremely dreadful.

Yet, that world spiritist fought that martial cultivator with only his world spirit techniques for ten days and ten nights. In the end, he managed to obtain victory.

As for that grand world spiritist, he was currently still alive in this world. Furthermore, he had joined one of the Nine Powers, the World Spiritist Alliance.

He was one of the greatest world spiritist in the current Holy Land of Martialism, an optimal representative of a demon-level world spiritist.

Thus, regardless of whether one possessed heaven-defying battle power or extraordinarily powerful world spirit techniques, both could be given the title of demon-level character.

As such, the people had thought that Chu Feng was a demon-level character with heaven-defying battle power, whereas Liu Bingqi was a demon-level character with extraordinarily powerful world spirit techniques.

Yet, they now discovered that they were wrong.

It turned out that other than those two different types of demon-level characters, there was a third type. This sort of demon-level character possessed both heaven-defying battle power and extraordinarily powerful world spirit techniques.

This sort of demon-level character was capable of wholeheartedly doing two things at once, learning both of them simultaneously, and obtaining extraordinary strength in both mysterious techniques, martial skills and world spirit techniques. [1. Mysterious techniques and martial skills are both part of martial cultivation.]

This sort of person was extremely rare, and was known to others as a perfect demon-level character.

Looking at it now, Chu Feng seemed to be able to fit this standard quite well. Thus, how could the crowd not be astonished by this?

“Humph, merely possessing golden spirit energy. This does not necessarily mean that you’re a gold-cloaked world spiritist.”

“The criterion for being a gold-cloaked world spiritist is extremely high. I do not believe that this Chu Feng can reach the level of gold-cloaked world spiritists in the most important aspect, the utilization of world spirit techniques.”

At the moment when the people were astonished by Chu Feng’s golden spirit energy, Liu Bingqi was sneering disdainfully in his heart. From the way he saw it, he was most definitely going to win in this contest of world spirit techniques against Chu Feng. Furthermore, he would win by towering over Chu Feng completely.

“Buzz.” However, to his surprise, not only was Chu Feng’s world spirit formation powerful, his control of the world spirit formation was also extremely strong.

At this moment, Chu Feng was throwing materials into the world spirit formation that he was setting up. His speed was extremely fast, it seemed that he was even more fluent than Liu Bingqi.

“To do it this fast, I refuse to believe that you’ll be able to set up a good formation.” As Liu Bingqi saw that Chu Feng’s formation was about to be complete when he had used a lot less time than he had, Liu Bingqi firmly believed that Chu Feng was being shortsighted. Although his execution might be fast, the result would definitely be a mess.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng completed his spirit formation, Elder Xiahou suddenly spoke, “Little friend Chu Feng, use my Weaponry Refinement Cauldron. It’ll allow the weapon that you’ll create to be of even higher quality. At the same time, it will also decrease the time required.”

With a wave of his sleeve, golden light radiated out over the entire place. With a ‘bang,’ a dazzling golden-colored Weaponry Refinement Cauldron landed below Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

The eyes of the crowd all shone when they saw that Weaponry Refinement Cauldron. That was because they were all able to tell with merely their sight that Elder Xiahou’s Weaponry Refinement Cauldron was a top-quality item, many times better than Liu Bingqi’s Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

However, compared to the others, Liu Bingqi was looking very unwell. His own department’s management elder was actually helping his opponent. How could he possibly accept this?

He was so enraged that he felt as if his heart, liver, spleen, and lungs were about to explode. However, he could only silently endure his anger, for he knew that Elder Xiahou thought very highly of Chu Feng. Thus, he made a firm resolution that he must definitely defeat Chu Feng and prove himself with his own strength, prove that he was stronger than Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng saw this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, he started to hesitate. He was hesitant as to whether he should use it or not. However, in the end, he nodded and said, “Thank you Elder.”

After he finished saying those words, with a single thought, Chu Feng condensed his majestic spirit formation and sent it into the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

However, what Chu Feng did following that was extremely surprising. That was because it was clearly his first time using this Weaponry Refinement Cauldron. Yet, he knew of the method of sealing the cauldron. His control was so extremely smooth that even Elder Xiahou of the Weaponry Refinement Department started to nod repeatedly.

When Chu Feng finished sealing the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, he sat cross-legged in front of it. The world spirit formations of the two competitors had been completed. The only thing that remained was a long wait.

After twelve hours, not only had the sky already turned dark, it was also very late at night. However, after Liu Bingqi opened his Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, light radiated all over, causing the region to be as bright as day.

However, this light did not amount to much. What came alongside this light was a large, dazzling golden blade.

This blade was an Elite Armament. Furthermore, it was a very high quality Elite Armament. At the moment of the Elite Armament’s appearance, everyone present was able to sense how powerful it was.

“I’ve kept my promise. I said that l would only need twelve hours, and twelve hours is all I needed. Chu Feng, the weapon that I created has already appeared for quite some time now. Judging by the time, it should have been over twelve hours since you started to create your weapon, no?”

Liu Bingqi held the Elite Armament that he created and looked at Chu Feng’s Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, which did not appear to have moved at all. With a complacent expression, he said, “Chu Feng, this contest, it is your loss.”