Chapter 1203 - Weaponry Refinement Technique

MGA: Chapter 1203 - Weaponry Refinement Technique

“World spirit techniques? How do you plan to compete in that?” Chu Feng asked.

“We’ll compete in the the world spirit technique’s weaponry refinement technique. Do you dare to accept this challenge?” asked Liu Bingqi.

“Shameless~~~” Hearing those words, the crowd were all surprised. Immediately after, they all began to rain curses toward Liu Bingqi. They all felt that Liu Bingqi was extremely shameless.

Who was Liu Bingqi? He was someone who possessed outstanding world spirit techniques and extremely valiant spirit power. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to have been invited to the Weaponry Refinement Department by a management elder not long after his arrival at the Cyanwood Mountain.

As he was a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department, he had naturally been taught weaponry refinement techniques by the Weaponry Refinement Department. As he had been a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department for several years now, his current weaponry refinement technique was most definitely extremely proficient.

It would be one thing if he was to compete in world spirit techniques with Chu Feng. However, he actually suggested the method of the contest to be in weaponry refinement techniques. Wasn’t this obviously bullying? This was most definitely an unfair contest.

At this moment, many people were angered. Even Elder Xiahou of the Weaponry Refinement Department was frowning with traces of anger emerging in his eyes. As he looked at Liu Bingqi beside him, he appeared as if he wanted to reprimand him.

“Weaponry refinement techniques? Very well, I’ll compete with you.” However, right at the moment when Elder Xiahou and many other people were planning to lash out at Liu Bingqi for being shameless, Chu Feng actually calmly accepted the challenge.

“Chu Feng, you…” When they saw that Chu Feng had accepted the challenge, many people jumped in shock. Originally, they wanted to say something about it. However, when they saw Chu Feng’s calm and confident appearance, they all swallowed the words that were about to leave their mouths.

Although many of the people here did not know Chu Feng very well, Chu Feng had managed to accomplish a large amount of unimaginable feats in a short period of several days. Especially that confident appearance that he had, it was as if there was nothing that was impossible for him.

Thus, at this moment, not only was Elder Wei smiling lightly, even Elder Xiahou displayed a smile.

The two of them both stood behind Chu Feng. Especially Elder Xiahou, even though Chu Feng had rejected his invitation, he still thought very highly of Chu Feng.

Thus, Liu Bingqi’s action of trying to demonstrate his value and earn Elder Xiahou’s good impression by challenging Chu Feng was truly equivalent to a jumping clown asking to be made fun of.

However, at this moment, neither Elder Wei nor Elder Xiahou stopped Liu Bingqi from challenging Chu Feng. That was because the two of them wanted to see whether they would be able to see even more wondrous feats from Chu Feng.

“Not bad, you have balls. However, that’s only something that others would think. To me, you’re only asking to be ridiculed.” Seeing that Chu Feng actually accepted the challenge, Liu Bingqi laughed mockingly. He then said, “Come. Whoever manages to craft the best quality weapon will be the victor.”

After he said those words, Liu Bingqi started to move his hands with rapid transformations. A layer of majestic and golden world spirit energy emerged from his body. Under his control, this world spirit energy soon formed a world spirit formation.

After he finished setting up his world spirit formation, Liu Bingqi took out his Cosmos Sack. Under his manipulation, countless different materials of varying shape and quality began to fall into his spirit formation.

Liu Bingqi’s techniques were very skillful and natural, simply akin to perfection. Watching that, the crowd all started to click their tongues in wonder and astonishment. Even those people who were not fond of Liu Bingqi had their eyes brighten up. Truly, Liu Bingqi’s technique was worthy of admiration.

Regardless of how strong his battle power was, it remained that this Liu Bingqi’s spirit power was extremely amazing. At his young age, he was actually capable of forming golden spirit energy. Someone like him was very rare even in the Holy Land of Martialism.

As for his weaponry refinement technique, it truly could be rated as perfect. Not to mention these disciples, it was likely that even ordinary elders of the Weaponry Refinement Department would be inferior to Liu Bingqi in terms of weaponry refinement technique.

“Humph.” As he sensed the gazes filled with astonishment and admiration and the countless whispers from the crowd, Liu Bingqi became extremely complacent.


Suddenly, Liu Bingqi flipped his palm around. A little cauldron appeared on his palm. He lightly threw the little cauldron. In an instant, that cauldron began to expand. In merely a flash of an eye, it turned to an enormous cauldron ten meters tall, which landed in front of him.

“Weaponry Refinement Cauldron?” When they saw this cauldron, the eyes of many people started to shine. Immediately following that, they sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

A Weaponry Refinement Cauldron was the most precious asset to weaponry refinement. When refining a weapon in a Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, the quality of the resulting weapon would be dramatically increased.

However, Weaponry Refinement Cauldrons were no ordinary objects. They could even be said to be priceless treasures that one could only chance upon through luck and not wealth.

It was said that Liu Bingqi’s Weaponry Refinement Cauldron was given to him by the management elder that invited him to the Weaponry Refinement Department at the time of his joining.

However, it was precisely because Weaponry Refinement Cauldrons were extremely precious that the people felt that it was impossible for Chu Feng to possess one.

Chu Feng didn’t have one, whereas Liu Bingqi did. Furthermore, not only did he possess one, he even used it.

In this case, wouldn’t this already unfair competition become even more unfair?

“Despicable! Truly despicable to the extreme!”

“This Liu bingqi is truly too excessive. Not only did he challenge Chu Feng with what he is most proficient in, he even used an instrument to assist him that Chu Feng does not have. How shameless could he get?”

When they saw this scene, many Asura Division and Ascension Division’s members started to curse out at Liu Bingqi. There were even some other disciples that began to curse out at Liu Bingqi one after the other. It was because Liu Bingqi’s conduct was truly unfair and excessive.


However, Liu Bingqi did not care about the crowd’s impression of him. After the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron appeared, with a thought, Liu Bingqi shrunk the spirit formation in midair and sent it into the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron.

“Buzz.” After the spirit formation entered the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron, Liu Bingqi began to set up another world spirit formation, and sealed off the mouth of the Weaponry Refinement Cauldron. After that, he had completed his weaponry refinement spirit formation.

After everything was done, Liu Bingqi said, “What I am refining is an Elite Armament. It will be completed in twelve hours.” Then he turned his mocking gaze to Chu Feng.

“He’s actually refining an Elite Armament? To be able to create refine an Elite Armament in such a short period of time, truly amazing!”

After hearing what Liu Bingqi said, many people gasped in surprise. Even though it was not difficult at all for a gold-cloaked world spiritist to create an Elite Armament, it was still something that would take time to accomplish.

Yet, this Liu Bingqi was able to do it, after effortlessly setting up a spirit formation in only a short period of time. Furthermore, he said that his Elite Armament would be completed in twelve hours. This sort of speed was truly shocking. At the very least, this was something that ordinary gold-cloaked world spiritists could not accomplish.

Thus, no matter how much the crowd disliked Liu Bingqi’s personality, to the point where they even cursed him out on his behavior, they had no choice but to nod their heads for his weaponry refinement techniques. With disregard to his character, at the very least, Liu Bingqi had managed to obtain the approval of the crowd with his attainments in weaponry refinement techniques.


However, right at this moment, Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, his two hands began to move in rapid transformations. Like water rushing out of a broken dam, golden spirit energy exploded out from Chu Feng’s body.

“What a powerful spirit power. As expected, this Chu Feng possesses golden spirit energy. No wonder he was daring enough to accept Liu Bingqi’s challenge.”

“No, Chu Feng’s spirit energy is more powerful than Liu Bingqi’s. After all, he is younger than Liu Bingqi. To possess golden spirit energy at his age, it is truly too amazing.”

Immediately after Chu Feng’s actions, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. Their voices of surprise resonated through the sky like ear-piercing thunder.