Chapter 1202 - Fighting Over Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 1202 - Fighting Over Chu Feng

“Elder Xiahou?”

Elder Xiahou’s appearance caused many disciples’ expressions to change. Especially the people on Chu Feng’s side, who became extremely afraid.

They thought in their hearts that the thing that they feared had come, that Chu Feng would anger a management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department.

And now, right after Chu Feng violently attacked Liu Bingqi, Elder Xiahou appeared. Wasn’t this the equivalent of being caught red-handed?

At this moment, practically everyone was thinking that a great catastrophe was about to befall Chu Feng. After all, management elders were no ordinary existences. If a management elder wanted to teach Chu Feng a lesson, they could find a hundred different justifications. Truly, they could teach whoever they wanted whatever they wanted.

“Chu Feng, keep hitting. Beat this brat to death. This old man here will take all responsibility for you.” However, to everyone’s surprise, after Elder Xiahou appeared, not only did he not punish Chu Feng, he instead told Chu Feng to continue to beat Liu Bingqi. Furthermore, his attitude was very good-natured; there was not the slightest trace of anger in his tone. Because of this, the crowd were all stupefied.

“Elder, you…” However, in terms of being confused, then it must be Liu Bingqi who was the most confused. As a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department, he had thought that his savior had arrived when he saw Elder Xiahou. He had thought that Chu Feng’s doom had arrived, and that he would be able to return the humiliation that he had received in double.

However, what sort of f*cking situation was this? It was one thing for his own management elder to not stand up and help him, but to actually ask another person to beat him up? At this moment, Liu Bingqi became completely disheveled.

“Liu Bingqi, you’ve gone to threaten another because your skills are inferior to another. You have truly disgraced our Weaponry Refinement Department.”

“Chu Feng, hit him. A disciple like him is unworthy of continuing to be in our Weaponry Refinement Department. Unfortunately, it wasn’t this old man here who accepted him into our Weaponry Refinement Department. Else, I would’ve expelled him from the Weaponry Refinement Department right at this moment.”

Elder Xiahou was extremely enraged by Liu Bingqi. However, his tone with Chu Feng was extremely amiable. Such an enormous gap in their treatment truly shocked everyone’s eyes wide open.

What sort of situation was this? This was completely unreasonable. Why did this Elder Xiahou not help Liu Bingqi, and instead support Chu Feng, an outsider, in such a manner?

“Elder, it is not that this disciple was trying to make things difficult for Liu Bingqi. It’s that he had come to my Asura Division to create trouble, wanted to beat up a member of my Asura Division and shouted of tearing apart my Asura Division. As the head of the Asura Division, I cannot not discipline him for his actions.”

In fact, Chu Feng was completely confused by what was happening too. He was not even certain whether this Elder Xiahou was truly planning to help him or was just putting on a play. Thus, Chu Feng strategically removed his oppressive aura from Liu Bingqi and the others. He had planned to drop the matter.

“Sigh. Little friend Chu Feng, this Liu Bingqi here is a disappointment. Thus, he should be punished. Your beating of him was extremely well done. Merely, it is not enough. You should fiercely beat him up some more.”

“Actually, this old man had come here for another matter. This is a request that I am unaware if little friend Chu Feng might be willing to agree,” said Elder Xiahou with a beaming smile.

“Elder, what might this matter be?” Chu Feng asked.

“I wish to invite little friend Chu Feng to join our Weaponry Refinement Department. Might little friend Chu Feng be willing?” asked Elder Xiahou.

“What? This…” Once Elder Xiahou said those words, the surrounding crowd was once again shocked. It now became clear why Elder Xiahou was helping Chu Feng instead of helping Liu Bingqi.

It turned out that he had come precisely for Chu Feng right from the get-go; he had come to invite Chu Feng to the Weaponry Refinement Department.

After hearing those words, the reactions of the others could still be considered to be light. However, as for Liu Bingqi, his complexion instantly turned green. He had already left behind a grudge between him and Chu Feng. If Chu Feng was to join the Weaponry Refinement Department, how could there possibly be good days in the future for him?

From the bottom of his heart, he did not wish for Chu Feng to join the Weaponry Refinement Department. However, as he was a mere little disciple, he did not have any authority to speak. Thus, he could only watch powerlessly as Elder Xiahou invited Chu Feng to join the Weaponry Refinement Department.

“Old Freak, you are truly insincere! Back then, you clearly wagered with me that as long as Chu Feng defeated Lei Yao, you could not invite Chu Feng. Yet, why are you going back on your words today?”

However, right at this moment, a furiously angry voice sounded. At the same time, another figure landed before the crowd, standing right across from Elder Xiahou. It was actually Elder Wei.

Merely, the current Elder Wei could be said to be displaying anger all across his face. His appearance was like someone who was planning to murder another.

“Hehe, old fellow, I indeed lost the bet on that day. However, this child Chu Feng is truly too hard to come by.”

When he saw Elder Wei, Elder Xiahou, who was in the wrong, smiled and then politely suggested, “How about this, I’ll return all of the medicinal pellets that you lost to me in the past, and give you ten more as a compensation. Just let me have Chu Feng and do not fight over him with me, okay?”

“Don’t even think about it. Chu Feng is mine, everyone can forget about fighting over him with me. Whoever dares to do that, I’ll fight that person,” Elder Wei refused right away. Then, with disregard to all consequences, he directly looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, come to our Medicine Concocting Department. I will definitely not treat you unfairly.”

“Chu Feng, join our Weaponry Refinement Department. Whatever the old fellow could give you, I could give you in double.” Seeing this, Elder Xiahou was not one to be outdone. He actually spoke of a promise to Chu Feng.

“Heavens, this is truly…”

At this moment, all of the many disciples present were stupefied by the scene before them. One by one, they were so envious of what was happening with Chu Feng that their saliva started to drool down their mouths.

To be thought of highly by a management elder, this was the dream of countless disciples. However, this was something that they had, at the very most, only dreamed of.

Yet right now, not only was Chu Feng highly thought of by a management elder, he was highly thought of by two management elders from two different branch power organizations. Furthermore, these two management elders, for the sake of fighting over Chu Feng, actually started to make promise after promise. This sort of treatment was truly so envious, enough to cause the other disciples to openly drool. [1. In raws it said to make the other disciples’ nasal mucus to bubble. Wtf?]

“Elder Xiahou, thank you for thinking so highly of me. However, I, Chu Feng, have already known what my affiliation is since an earlier time. I’m afraid that I will be letting down your good intentions.” As matter stood, Chu Feng realized why Elder Xiahou was so good toward him. It turned out that he had wanted him to join his Weaponry Refinement Department from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for Chu Feng to join the Weaponry Refinement Department. That was because the person that had helped him back then was the Medicine Concocting Department’s Elder Wei. As for Chu Feng, he just happened to be a person that would repay kindnesses shown to him.

Thus, after Chu Feng tactfully declined Elder Xiahou, he turned to Elder Wei and said, “Elder Wei, Chu Feng has always wanted to learn about the methods of concocting medicines. To be recognized by Elder Wei is Chu Feng’s honor. Chu Feng is willing to join the Medicine Concocting Department.”

“Great, great, great.”

“Haha, this is truly great. Chu Feng, rest assured, after you join our Medicine Concocting Department, this old man will definitely give my all to instruct you, passing on all that I’ve learned and know to you.”

Elder Wei was truly overjoyed by Chu Feng’s agreement to join his Medicine Concocting Department. Not only did he say ‘great’ three times in a row, he even directly took out the symbol of their Medicine Concocting Department and directly placed it on Chu Feng’s chest.

As they saw the word ‘medicine’ on Chu Feng’s chest, many people felt endless envy and admiration. However, Elder Xiahou of the Weaponry Refinement Department was, to a more or less degree, disappointed.

While he might be disappointed, he did not harbor any grudge. Instead, with a smile on his face, he looked to Elder Wei. “Old fellow, congratulations. With your Medicine Concocting Department being able to obtain little friend Chu Feng, it is definitely going to grow in power in the future.”

“Hehe, old freak, I must also thank you for not continuing to fight over Chu Feng with me.” After obtaining Chu Feng, Elder Wei was overjoyed and completely forgot the disagreement between him and Elder Xiahou.

“Chu Feng, you truly are one who cannot differentiate good from bad. You actually refused the invitation from Elder Xiahou? What makes you think that, with your mere ability, you could have the rights to do that?”

“Today, I, Liu Bingqi, shall represent the Weaponry Refinement Department and challenge you. I shall see what sort of ability you possess for you to dare to refuse Elder Xiahou’s invitation.” However, to everyone’s surprise, after Elder Xiahou’s invitation was refused, Liu Bingqi actually acted as if he was inspired by righteousness and challenged Chu Feng.

The motive behind his action was extremely obvious. He was planning to avenge Elder Xiahou and stick up for their Weaponry Refinement Department by teaching Chu Feng a proper lesson.

“Ha, with only you?” Faced with Liu Bingqi’s provocation, Chu Feng chuckled lightly. Furthermore, his laughter was extremely disdainful.

“That’s right. However, what I’m challenging you in is not martial power. Instead, I challenge you to a battle with world spirit techniques,” Liu Bingqi said with a very confident expression.