Chapter 1201 - Xiahou Jianting

MGA: Chapter 1201 - Xiahou Jianting

“Junior brother Chu Feng, this man’s name is Zhao Xiang. He had just joined our Asura Division yesterday. His cultivation is very high and his talent is also rather good. In the spirit formation that you set up to evaluate prospective members, he managed to obtain an excellent performance in both of those.”

“Due to the fact that his cultivation is very high, I have chatted with him personally. From that, I came to know that he had once created a branch power organization. However, it seemed that he had offended someone and his branch power organization ended up being forced to disband.”

“As for the reason why he decided to join our Asura Division, it is not that he wanted to rely on our Asura Division. According to him, it is because he admired you and had thus decided to join purely so that he could follow you,” Wang Wei explained.

“Mn, this Zhao Xiang does seem like a manly man. His character of daring to take responsibility for his actions is something that I am fond of. It is precisely this sort of person that our Asura Division needs.”

As Chu Feng looked at Zhao Xiang, who had joined his Asura Division but still decided to step forward to take responsibility for his actions himself without relying on his Asura Division, he nodded with a smile on his face.

“Conceited bastard who is unable to differentiate good from bad, we asked you to join our Bingqi’s Division. Yet you refused, and even injured our people. If I do not teach you a lesson, you would truly not place me, Liu Bingqi, in your eyes.”

When he saw Zhao Xiang, the fury in Liu Bingqi’s eyes soared even hotter. He raised his leg and abruptly kicked. His kick was aimed at Zhao Xiang’s left leg.

Not only was this kick very fast, it was also extremely powerful. If the kick was to land, then Zhao Xiang’s left leg would most definitely be broken. Most importantly, Liu Bingqi’s kick was extremely slick. With Zhao Xiang’s strength, it was impossible for him to dodge the kick.


However, right at this moment of crisis, a boundless power suddenly exploded before Zhao Xiang. At the same time, a figure appeared before him.

It was Chu Feng, Chu Feng had acted. Wearing the Thunder Armor and with the Thunder Wings on his back, Chu Feng’s cultivation instantly soared from rank three Martial King to rank five Martial King.

If it was other people, a rank five Martial King would naturally not be able to rival Liu Bingqi. However, a cultivation of rank five Martial King on Chu Feng was several times stronger than Liu Bingqi.

Thus, Chu Feng had actually not gone all-out to stop Liu Bingqi. Instead, with only his aura, he managed to force Liu Bingqi back flying. If it wasn’t for Liu Bingqi’s subordinates catching him, he would most definitely have fallen to the ground flat on his back.

“Bastard, you’re f*cking courting death!” To be beaten back by Chu Feng with a single strike, Liu Bingqi was extremely enraged. Right after he stood back up, he immediately charged toward Chu Feng to attack him.

“Pow.” However, with merely a wave of his sleeve, Chu Feng managed to create a powerful gale. This gale charged toward Liu Bingqi, causing him to, like before, be sent flying back in utter defeat.

“So powerful.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s attacks caused many people’s eyes to shine and mouths to open wide in shock

Even though Chu Feng had sufficiently displayed his strength at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, not everyone had managed to see that scene.

Thus, many people had only heard about Chu Feng’s heaven-defying battle power, and not seen it with their own eyes. And now, to see Chu Feng’s strength before their very eyes, they came to accept the rumors to be the truth and were also astonished by Chu Feng.

That was because there was not the slightest bit of overstatement of Chu Feng’s battle power; it was a well-deserved reputation.

At the very least, Liu Bingqi, a rank six Martial King, was simply like a child before Chu Feng, a rank five Martial King, incapable of fighting back at all.

“F*ck! You dared to attack me?! Do you know who I am?!”

Liu Bingqi was no fool. He had already come to the realization that he was no match for Chu Feng. However, he had clearly come to beat someone up, but was instead beaten up by someone, how could he possibly be willing to accept this? Not only did he firmly clench his fists, he even started to gnash his teeth in anger. Those rageful eyes of his truly appeared to be capable of spraying out fire.

However, when Chu Feng looked at the furious yet wretched looking Liu Bingqi, he merely smiled disdainfully and said, “To dare attack someone of my Asura Division, not to mention you, even if it was the grand Emperor of the Heavens, I, Chu Feng, would still beat him up.”

“You…” Hearing those words, not only was Liu Bingqi stunned, practically everyone present was stunned. That was because it truly must be admitted that the words that Chu Feng spoke, was truly arrogant.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, a scene that no one could’ve imagined happened. As Chu Feng’s clothes fluttered, an enormously powerful oppressive might that seemed as if it was capable of toppling mountains and overturning the seas began to spread out from his body, engulfing Liu Bingqi and the others.


Chu Feng’s oppressive might was no small matter. When he was only a rank four Martial King, he was capable of defeating Lei Yao, a rank six Martial King. And now, he was already a rank five Martial King.

At this moment, before Chu Feng’s oppressive might, the two thousand plus members of Bingqi’s Division, including even Liu Bingqi himself, were all overwhelmed by the oppressive might and forced to the ground like dying dogs. Even though they were struggling with all their might, they were unable to stand back up.

“You wish to tear apart my Asura Division? With merely you bunch of trash?” Chu Feng walked toward Liu Bingqi and sneered.

“F*ck! Just you wait, I’ll tear down your Asura Division sooner or later!” said Liu Bingqi as he gnashed his teeth in rage. As a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department, and a disciple with the backing of a management elder, when had he, Liu Bingqi, ever suffered this sort of humiliation?

“Pow.” However, to his surprise, right after he said those words, a fierce slap from Chu Feng landed right on his face. Not only did this cause him to vomit out a mouthful of blood, there were even two shattered molars alongside the blood that he vomited.

“Tear down my Asura Division? Do you believe that I will tear down your Bingqi’s Division right now?” said Chu Feng with a cold voice.

“Hufff~~~~” Seeing this scene, everyone present sucked in a mouthful of cold air. That was because Chu Feng was truly daring enough to do what he said he would; he had actually slapped Liu Bingqi.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you must reconsider. This Liu Bingqi is a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department. With what you’re doing now, I fear that the management elders of the Weaponry Refinement Department would not let you get away with it.”

“That is because you slapping Liu Bingqi is not only a disgrace to Liu Bingqi, it is also a disgrace to their Weaponry Refinement Department.” Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Long Chenyi hurriedly spoke to urge Chu Feng against his course of action.

In fact, words that were meant to urge Chu Feng against it like the ones that Long Chenyi said were flooding Chu Feng’s ears right now.

In fact, it was not only others that were urging Chu Feng against it. Even Liu Bingqi himself was threatening Chu Feng with a sinister expression.

“Very well, you dared to slap me, your daddy. Bastard, you have balls.”

“Come, beat me up some more. You actually dare to hit a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department. You are simply not putting our Weaponry Refinement Department in your eyes!”

“Come, come, come! Hit me again! If you have the balls, then hit me again, beat me to death! I shall see if our Weaponry Refinement Department’s elders will let you get away with it!”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng started to hesitate too. The Weaponry Refinement Department was indeed a branch power organization overseen by management elders.

Currently, he had already offended the Punishment Department. If he was to offend the Weaponry Refinement Department on top of that, then his enemies would truly be too numerous.

Even if he himself did not fear anything, it was unlikely for the rest of the Asura Division’s members not to fear. Most importantly, Chu Feng was still required to continue being a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. Otherwise, how could he possibly have the chance to obtain the treasure that contained endless cultivation resources?

“Humph. What’s wrong? You don’t dare anymore? If you don’t dare, then admit your wrongdoings right now!”

“Kneel to the ground and kowtow to me right now! If you do, I’ll let you live!” Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating, Liu Bingqi became incomparably complacent. He who was lying on the ground like a dying dog actually started to berate Chu Feng to ask him for forgiveness.

“Speak of words to threaten another because you’re inferior to another. Liu Bingqi, it seems that while you didn’t manage to learn anything else after you joined our Weaponry Refinement Department, you’ve managed to learn how to use force to bully others.”

To everyone’s surprise, right at this moment, an aged voice sounded. At the same time, an old man appeared beside Chu Feng.

“Heavens, isn’t this a management elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department, Elder Xiahou?”

When they saw this elder, the disciples on the scene were even more shocked. That was because they all knew who this renowned person was.

As for this elder, he was the same person who had been watching Chu Feng with Elder Wei at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, a management elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department, Xiahou Jianting.