Chapter 1200 - Tearing Down The Asura Division

MGA: Chapter 1200 - Tearing Down The Asura Division

When Chu Feng had just come to the Holy Land of Martialism, he had come into contact with a man named Grandpa Luo.

Grandpa Luo had once been a traveller. Although his cultivation could not be considered to be very high, he had spent all of his life travelling through the Holy Land of Martialism’s many places.

From Grandpa Luo, Chu Feng obtained a map. Recorded on the map was a large tree, a treasure chest and a weapon.

Without mentioning the treasure chest and the weapon, that tree actually contained countless fruits. As for those fruits, each and every one of those were wondrous objects for cultivation that contained natural energies.

That was the true treasure. As for this treasure, it was located within the vast mountains of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Back then, Chu Feng had destroyed the map. However, the contents within the map were firmly remembered by him. Thus, Chu Feng knew that the map was situated in the Cyanwood Mountain.

In fact, after Chu Feng arrived in the Cyanwood Mountain, he had already compared the map of the Cyanwood Mountain with the one in his mind and managed to discover the location of the treasure.

Unfortunately, there was a large forbidden region in the Cyanwood Mountain that not even management elders could enter without permission. As for the treasure that Chu Feng wanted to find, it just so happened to be in that forbidden region.

Within that forbidden region existed ferocious beasts, extremely poisonous plants and even killing formations from the Ancient Era.

That place could be said to be the most dangerous place in the entire Cyanwood Mountain. As for the treasure, it was located in that most dangerous place. Not to mention that Chu Feng was not allowed to enter that place, even if he could, he would not have the certainty to go in, as that place was truly too dangerous.

Thus, the only thing Chu Feng could do was accumulate his strength and then search for an opportunity. Only when the timing was right would he have the chance to enter that region containing the treasure.

As for right now, what Chu Feng needed to do was to properly manage the Asura Division. At the very least, he needed use this time when his fame was great to expand the power of the Asura Division.

Chu Feng’s news spread very successfully. In merely two days, many disciples arrived before the entrance of the Asura Division in hopes of joining.

Long Chenyi of the Ascension Sect also brought Long Chenfu and the others with him to congratulate Chu Feng.

In fact, many other branch power organizations that Chu Feng was not familiar with had come to congratulate him in hopes of becoming associated with Chu Feng as well.

Chu Feng was not a conceited individual. Even though he knew that these people had come to show false friendship, he would still not offend them for no reason at all. Thus, as long as they were branch power organizations that had come to congratulate him, then regardless of whether they might be strong or weak, Chu Feng would treat them like honorable guests.

At this moment, the entrance gates of the Asura Division were wide open. In this vast territory, countless people that wanted to join the Asura Division entered the spirit formation Chu Feng had created to perform his evaluation.

As for Chu Feng, Long Chenyi and the others, they were chatting and watching from the side, appreciating this exciting scene worthy of commemoration. This was the moment when the Asura Division began its true emergence.

“Zhao Xiang, scram. Don’t you think that your daddy here would not dare to teach you a lesson if you managed to join the Asura Division. Today, I would let matters go if you were to step forth by yourself. However, if you don’t, then I’ll tear down this Asura Division together with you.”

However, right at the time when everything was peaceful, an extremely malicious shout was suddenly heard from outside of the Asura Division.

Looking towards the direction which the shout had come from, a large group of people was actually charging towards the Asura Division in a majestic manner.

There were over two thousand people in this group. On their arms were armbands with the words ‘Bingqi's Division.’

The strength of this group of people was no small matter, none of them were weak. As for the strongest person among them, it was a young man.

This man’s age was not very old. He was, at most, definitely younger than thirty. Furthermore, because his appearance was very young, he looked more like a youngster than a young man.

However, his young face was filled with bad intent. It could be said that it was extremely malicious.

He was the strongest among the two thousand plus people, being a rank six Martial King. As for his aura, it wasn’t weak either. At the very least, it was on par with Lei Yao and might even be a bit stronger.

When he appeared, many people hurriedly moved aside. Cowardice appeared on the faces of the majority of the people. Even the heads of the various branch power organizations that had been welcomed as honored guests by Chu Feng were frowning.

That was because not only did this youth possess a cultivation of a rank six Martial King, there was also a symbol on his chest area that brought fear to the crowd, ‘Weaponry Refinement Department.’

Weaponry Refinement Department, this was not a branch power organization created by disciples. Instead, it was a branch power organization that possessed many management elders. This young man before them was actually a member of the Weaponry Refinement Department. This signified that there were management elders behind him. Thus, how could the crowd not be afraid of him?

Long Chenyi frowned slightly upon seeing this young man. In a very confused manner, he said, “Liu Bingqi? Why did he come here?”

“Senior brother Long, you know this man?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do. This man’s name is Liu Bingqi. He is the head of Bingqi's Division.”

“Liu Bingqi possesses very decent talent and could most definitely be considered to be a cultivation genius. However, his most skilled aspect is not in cultivation. Instead, it is in world spirit techniques.”

“At the very least, his world spirit techniques are greatly superior to our own. Thus, he was noticed by a management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department and invited into it, becoming a member of it.”

“This Liu Bingqi is extremely conceited. Not only did he name his Bingqi’s Division after himself, he is also extremely demanding in recruiting new members.”

“Not only does he require them to have strength, they must also be proficient in world spirit techniques. Those without spirit energy can give up on becoming a member of his Bingqi’s Division.”

“This led to his branch power organization having very few people. Yet, all of those people are elites.”

“Perhaps others might have thought that the Orion Division was ranked eleventh in the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region, but I think that Bingqi’s Division is stronger than the Orion Division. As for this Liu Bingqi, his strength is also stronger than Lei Yao.”

“Merely, due to him being rather low-profile, his name ended up being rather unknown. Thus, this led to many people thinking that his Bingqi’s Division was inferior to Lei Yao’s Orion Division.”

“However, while this Liu Bingqi is a conceited individual, he is not one to do things without reason or cause. Thus, his arrival here today truly confuses me.”

“That is because he is not one to find trouble because he is bored. Junior brother Chu Feng, could it be that there is some sort of grudge between you and him? Perhaps you have offended Bingqi’s Division?” Long Chenyi asked in a confused manner.

“It is the first time that I have ever met this Liu Bingqi. As for his Bingqi’s Division, it is also the first time that I’ve heard of them. Thus, there should naturally be no grudges between us,” Chu Feng said.

“Liu Bingqi, the person who injured your Bingqi’s Division member is me. This is unrelated to the Asura Division. If there’s something you want, then come at me, but do not shout and quarrel in our Asura Division.” Right at this moment, a man stood forth from the Asura Division members.

This man’s cultivation was not weak as he was actually a rank four Martial King. This sort of cultivation could be considered to be a top existence even in the current Asura Division. At the very least, his true cultivation was higher than even Chu Feng’s.

Most importantly, not only did this man step forward, he even flew into the sky. In the end, he stood before that Liu Bingqi.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, senior brother Fang, do you all know who this person is?” Chu Feng asked. Although the examination spirit formation had been created by him, he had given charge of the particulars of recruiting new members to Wang Wei and Fang Tuohai.