Chapter 1196 - Public Refusal

MGA: Chapter 1196 - Public Refusal

No matter how grand a feast was, it would eventually end. As for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle that was releasing the golden lightning, it too was like this.

At this moment, without mentioning whether there were still people lingering around the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, Chu Feng himself had already returned to his own residence.

In fact, it was not only Chu Feng who had returned to his residence, many people had also followed him over. The majority of them were people that wanted to join the Asura Division, disciples that wanted to follow Chu Feng.

Of course, there was also a small portion of them who purely viewed Chu Feng as an idol, an object of adoration, and wanted to know where he lived. Interestingly, the majority of the people who adored Chu Feng as an idol were new disciples like Chu Feng. Moreover, the majority of them were females.

This was also within reason. Although a sweet, fair, gracefully wide and virtuous woman was someone that many noblemen would want, a brave and martial man was also someone that many beautiful women are fond of.

Suddenly, a group of people appeared. This group of people did not wait outside the gates after they appeared. Instead, they directly forced their way through the gates and entered Chu Feng’s territory.

“Heavens, this is…”

Seeing these people, the expressions of many disciples greatly changed. They were stunned because that group of people were not composed of disciples, but rather, they were a group of elders.

There were over a thousand elders. They appeared very majestically and were also extremely imposing. Especially the Punishment Blades at their waists brought forth intimidation at first glance. It turned out that this group of elders were from the Punishment Department.

“Isn’t that a management elder of the Punishment Department, Elder Hei Hong? Even someone as grand as him has come?”

“Heavens, such a group of grand characters have come to this place, what could they possibly plan to do?”

Suddenly, an old disciple recognized the elder leading this group of elders. Once he said those words, he immediately caused many more disciples to become shocked.

Management elders were rarely-seen individuals. As for the management elders of the Punishment Department, they were so powerful that people would become afraid just by thinking about them. Yet, right now, one such powerful management elder of the Punishment Department was personally leading many elders to come to Chu Feng’s residence. This was truly a grand scene.

Seeing the shocked and scared appearance of the crowd, Hei Hong smiled lightly. He did not directly charge into Chu Feng’s palace. Instead, after he passed through the entrance gates and entered Chu Feng’s territory, he led his people and descended. Then, with a loud voice, he asked, “Is disciple Chu Feng present?”

“Disciple Chu Feng pays his respects to the elders.”

Chu Feng had already sensed the arrival of the Punishment Department’s people. Originally, he was wondering why they would have come to his place. However, as he was actually being called by an elder, it was unbefitting for him to not show his face. Thus, he calmly walked out of his palace and appeared before everyone’s line of sight to publicly greet them with a courteous salute.

Hei Hong sized up Chu Feng and then asked, “You are Chu Feng?”

“This disciple is precisely Chu Feng,” Chu Feng answered.

“A considerable talent indeed. However, your actions are excessively impulsive, you really need to be educated properly.” Hei Hong seemed to be talking to himself and belittled Chu Feng indirectly. Then, he said, “However, a talent is still a talent, and must nevertheless be cultivated.”

“I am a management elder of the Punishment Department, Hei Hong. I sincerely wish for you, Chu Feng, to join the Punishment Department. Chu Feng, are you willing or not?”

“What? They’ve actually come to invite Chu Feng to join the Punishment Department?”

“Heavens, what sort of place is the Punishment Department? It’s the strongest branch power organization of our Cyanwood Mountain. Chu Feng was actually able to obtain an invitation from the Punishment Department. Furthermore, it’s an invitation from a management elder. This is truly too amazing.” Once Hei Hong said those words, the disciples present were all filled with envy and jealousy.

If joining a branch power organization of the Cyanwood Mountain itself was already an enormously amazing feat, then joining the Punishment Department would be an even more difficult, even more amazing feat.

Although there were currently disciples in the Punishment Department, they were all grand characters, demon-level characters whose fame had spread throughout the entire Cyanwood Domain.

As for Chu Feng, he had just joined the Cyanwood Mountain. Yet, he had already obtained this opportunity. How could the crowd not possibly feel envious?

“Elder, thank you for your kind intentions. However, Chu Feng is not planning to join the Punishment Department.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, faced with such an enormous opportunity, Chu Feng actually declined it. Furthermore, he did it with a very calm expression, as if the invitation from the Punishment Department was something that ought to happen, a trifling matter unworthy of mention.

At this moment, not to mention those disciples being stunned and frightened by Chu Feng’s response, even the expressions of the Punishment Department’s elders changed as traces of anger emerged from their eyes.

Refusing their invitation to join the Punishment Department could be said to be a sort of humiliation to them, something that they simply could not tolerate. That was because there had never been anyone in the entire history of their Punishment Department that had ever refused them.

“Chu Feng, as the saying goes, everyone has their own ambitions. Since you do not wish to join our Punishment Department, I originally did not plan to urge you against your choice.”

“However, joining our Punishment Department would not only strengthen your wisdom, it would also help you increase your cultivation.”

“While the benefits to your cultivation can be disregarded for now, the benefit to your wisdom would be extremely important. You are currently very immature, and are likely to act on impulse. If you are not to properly temper yourself, I fear that it might influence your future prospects. Even going down the path of evil and madness is not impossible.”

“Thus, for your own good, I hope that you will reconsider,” said Hei Hong.

“Chu Feng understands elder’s intentions very well. As for Chu Feng’s answer, it was not merely child’s play either. Instead, it was a conclusion I’ve come to after careful deliberation,” Chu Feng refused once again. His attitude was extremely clear-cut.

At this moment, an elder was unable to watch anymore and actually spoke out against Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, don’t continue to act incapable of differentiating good from bad. Since the establishment of our Punishment Department, there has never been a single person who has refused our Punishment Department’s invitation.” The threat within his voice was extremely evident.

Hei Hong did not stop that elder’s reprimand of Chu Feng. It was as if all of this had been planned in advance. Thus, Hei Hong remained very calm.

Using a poker face, Hei Hong was inspecting Chu Feng’s face to see what sort of reaction he would have now.

However, to his surprise, Chu Feng’s reaction was completely different from what he anticipated.

Faced with the threat from that elder, Chu Feng not only did not become afraid, he instead smiled lightly.

Furthermore, not only did he smile, he actually talked back to that elder.

“Never happened before, you said? In that case, allow me to be the first,” said Chu Feng with a disdainful smile. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing. Instead, it possessed a bit of a deliberateness in contradicting his elders.

“You…” Hearing those words, not to mention the elder that had threatened Chu Feng, practically all of the elders of the Punishment Department were enraged.

At this moment, only Hei Hong was not enraged. Instead, he was extremely calm, strangely calm.

“Each person possesses their own ambitions. It is meaningless to try to force someone.”

“However, Chu Feng, in the future, if you are to enter the path of evil and do something that you should not have, do not blame our Punishment Department for not giving you the opportunity to go toward the good. At that time, our Punishment Department will definitely not show any mercy or forgiveness toward you either,” Hei Hong said.

“I, Chu Feng, have never once regretted my decisions. I know very well what sort of path I will be walking down. Elder, there is no need for you to trouble yourself over this matter,” answered Chu Feng.

“Very well, you possess ambition. In that case, let’s wait and see who is right. Our Punishment Department will make sure to watch you attentively.” Hei Hong’s tone was still very calm and undisturbed, However, his final sentence contained a trace of anger.

After he finished saying those words, Hei Hong soared into the sky. As for the other elders of the Punishment Department, they followed closely behind him and left as well.


At this moment, the surrounding crowd began to utter cries of surprise nonstop. Not only did Chu Feng reject the invitation of the Punishment Department, he actually publicly contradicted a management elder. This was truly extremely daring.

Chu Feng ignored the reaction of the crowd. He turned around and proceeded to enter his palace once more.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, why did you reject the Punishment Department’s invitation?” When Chu Feng returned to the palace, the original members of the Asura Division were all present.

While they did not go out, they all managed to see what had happened. Thus, like the others, they were greatly shocked and frightened by Chu Feng’s actions.

“While they say it’s an invitation, there is no sincerity at all. If he is to accept it, wouldn’t he be seeking embarrassment and asking for future troubles?” Right when the crowd was asking Chu Feng why he rejected it, Bai Ruochen actually spoke in an unenthusiastic manner.

Other than Chu Feng, only Bai Ruochen managed to see through the invitation of the Punishment Department.