Chapter 1195 - A Frightening Smile

MGA: Chapter 1195 - A Frightening Smile

Hearing those words, Crazed Killer Tuoba’s gaze immediately started to shine. He was endlessly shocked and felt an endless amount of disappointment.

However, this gaze only last for an instant. At the very least, at the moment when Dugu Xingfeng turned around, his gaze had been completely hidden.

“Crazed Killer, I am not young anymore. I should have already entered the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly to wholeheartedly train.”

“You and White Ape [1. White Ape, his actual name might be Bai Yuan… but there’s nothing that shows that will be exactly the case yet.]are my most optimal successors. The two of you both possess the potential to become Martial Emperors. However, the two of you both possess advantages and detriments to one another. White Ape is too kind, whereas you are too vicious.”

“To be excessively kind is unsuited for being a master of the house, and it would also be unsuited to lead the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Yet, to be too vicious is the same. However, this is the nature of the two of you, something that neither of you have been capable of altering after all these years.”

“As matter stands, I no longer have the hope that the two of you will change your innate natures. However, if I must choose between kindness and viciousness, I would rather choose the latter.”

“At the very least, to be vicious means that you would not be soft-hearted, you would be a leader who could protect the Cyanwood Mountain, the foundation left behind by our ancestors, and not allow our disciples to be humiliated by others.”

“Even though the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly is where the actual strength of our Cyanwood Mountain is gathered, they are, unless there are no other options, unwilling to concern themselves with the matters of our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Thus, whether our Cyanwood Mountain rises or falls, is strong or weak, must be determined by the strength of the headmaster.”

“Today, I might as well tell you my true intentions. I have trained you and White Ape for many years. With things having reached this point, I feel that you are better suited to lead the Cyanwood Mountain,” said Dugu Xingfeng one word at a time with deep intentions behind every single word.

“Crazed Killer kneels to thank Lord Headmaster for his strong affection for him. Crazed Killer would definitely not disappoint Lord Headmaster’s expectations for him.” Hearing those words, Crazed Killer Tuoba was immediately overjoyed. Without saying another word, he immediately knelt to the ground and kowtowed to Dugu Xingfeng to thank him.

“There’s no need for thanks. This is something that you’ve obtained by yourself. However, whether you will be able to take on my position would ultimately be up to the decision of the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly. Thus, make sure to show your best performance and train wholeheartedly.” Dugu Xingfeng lowered his back and personally assisted Crazed Killer Tuoba up.

“Crazed Killer will definitely give his all to train,” vowed Crazed Killer Tuoba

Suddenly, Dugu Xingfeng asked. “Crazed Killer, how old are you now?”

“Lord Headmaster, Crazed Killer is five hundred and thirty-one years old. However, Lord Headmaster, please rest assured. Crazed Killer will definitely give his all to train, and not disappoint the education and affection from you.” Crazed Killer Tuoba guaranteed.

“You possess this talent. As long as you’re given sufficient time, your cultivation would, sooner or later, rise. However, your age is not young anymore. It is time for you find a successor too,” said Dugu Xingfeng.

“Lord Headmaster, your intention is?” asked Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“It is just like how I, back when I was only a management elder of the Punishment Department, decided to take you and White Ape, two new disciples who had just joined the core region, underneath my wing.”

“Right now, this Chu feng is a good sapling. I believe there are a lot of people who have fixed their eyes on him and want to take him as a disciple already. Thus, you must definitely not miss out on this opportunity,” said Dugu Xingfeng.

“Crazed Killer understands.” Crazed Killer Tuoba nodded.

“Take care of him properly. I wish that, by the time I exit my seclusion training, Chu Feng will already have managed to have some accomplishments under your wing,” said Dugu Xingfeng.

“Lord Headmaster, how long do you plan to be in seclusion training this time around?” asked Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Having reached my level, it is truly too enormously difficult for one to reach a breakthrough. This time around, if the seclusion training goes quickly, then it’ll be three years. Yet, if it were to go slowly, then it might take a hundred years. In this period of time, the entire Cyanwood Mountain would be left in your and White Ape’s hands,” said Dugu Xingfeng.

“Lord Headmaster, please rest assured. With Crazed Killer present, no mishap would definitely ever happen to our Cyanwood Mountain,” Crazed Killer Tuoba guaranteed.

“I naturally do not doubt your ability to handle matters.” Dugu Xingfeng patted Crazed Killer Tuoba’s shoulder. Then, his gown started to flutter, and with a burst of gentle wind, Dugo Xingfeng disappeared. From above the skies, his voice slowly echoed.

“However, during the time of my seclusion training, you and White Ape are to command the Cyanwood Mountain together. I hope that the two of you can work together and not disagree all the time.”

“Lord Headmaster, Crazed Killer sees you off with a kneel. I hope that Lord Headmaster will successfully break through.” Crazed Killer Tuoba knelt onto the ground and kowtowed to express his gratitude.

After a long time, there was no longer any voice of Dugu Xingfeng sounding from the skies anymore. Only then did Crazed Killer Tuoba stand back up. He knew that Dugu Xingfeng had left, and would be in seclusion training for a very long time. This was the first time that he would truly control the Cyanwood Mountain.

Originally, this would have been something that would have made him excited. However, at this moment, there was no trace of joy on his face. Instead, there was an expression of worry.

He walked to the location where Dugu Xingfeng had previously stood, and looked in the direction that Dugu Xingfeng had previously been looking. As he saw the golden lightning in the distant skies, the hostility in his eyes actually strengthened somewhat.

No matter how intense the lightning was, it would eventually disperse. After some time, the lightning began to dissipate. After some more time, the lightning completely disappeared. As for the people that were lingering around the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, they too dispersed.

However, Crazed Killer Tuoba was still standing there. He stood there for a very long time. Only when two aged figures flew over and knelt behind him did he turn around.

It was a man and a woman. The two of them both had white hair. Who knows how long they had lived for.

The two of them were very powerful, both being Half Martial Emperors, with auras comparable to that of Elder Wei. The two of them were both management elders of the Punishment Department. The man’s name was Hei Hong, and the woman’s name was Liu Xu.

However, even though their status and strength were both at the apex, the two of them were extremely humble before Crazed Killer Tuoba. That was because the two of them were Crazed Killer Tuoba’s most capable subordinates.

“Do the two of you know about the matters regarding Chu Feng?” asked Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Yes,” The two people replied.

“Chu Feng is a talent. Hei Hong, you are to personally go and rope him into our Punishment Department,” Crazed Killer Tuoba said.

“As per your orders,” Hei Hong replied.

“Do you know what to do?” asked Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Hei Hong knows,” replied Hei Hong.

“No, you do not,” Suddenly, Crazed Killer Tuoba spoke in a serious manner.

Hearing that, not to mention Hei Hong, even Liu Xu was startled. The two of them were both frightened by Crazed Killer Tuoba’s reaction.

Seeing this, Crazed Killer Tuoba laughed coldly. He walked toward the two of them. His mouth began to move. However, the words that he spoke were something that only Hei Hong and Liu Xu were able to hear.

“Lord Tuoba, this…” Hearing what Crazed Killer Tuoba said, the expressions of the two people turned complicated.

“Is there an objection?” Crazed Killer Tuoba asked with a sinister expression.

“No, no objection.” The two of them shook their heads. They did not dare to disobey Crazed Killer Tuoba. From the depths of their hearts, they feared Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“If there’s no objection, then go and do your mission. Finish this matter tonight,” Crazed Killer Tuoba replied.

Hei Hong did not dare to hesitate. After a salute, he immediately left to do his mission.

“Liu Xu, you are to go too. However, do not show yourself. If Chu Feng is to refuse, you are to…” Crazed Killer Tuoba placed his mouth near Liu Xu’s ear and gave her further instructions.

“Liu Xu will go do it right away.” After Liu Xu finished hearing those words, she did not dare to hesitate. Like Hei Tong before her, she saluted and immediately left.

At this moment, only Crazed Killer Tuoba remained on the summit of the ancient tower. After he finished giving orders to his subordinates, a light smile emerged on his face, an extremely frightening smile.