Chapter 1194 - Emphasizing His Nurture

MGA: Chapter 1194 - Emphasizing His Nurture

The victor was the king and the loser was the bandit.

This moment, when Chu Feng was obtaining everyone’s praise, admiration and endless honor, was the darkest moment of Yuan Qing’s life.

Not only did Yuan Qing lose all of the honor and radiance of his life, he had also caused the death of five of their Orion Monastery’s Half Martial Emperors. It could be said that he had created an enormous calamity and became a great sinner.

On top of that, his previous conduct was incomparably selfish. Because of his great reputation, he decided to disregard sentiment toward his fellow disciples. He had clearly declared that he would join the Orion Division, yet, he decisively abandoned all his fellow disciples the moment he received the Heaven Inquiring Division’s invitation, and become a member of the Heaven Inquiring Division instead.

At that moment, many of his fellow disciples from the Orion Monastery were already dissatisfied with his decision. However, because of his talent and the value that he brought for the Orion Monastery, no one decided to say anything about it. However, he knew very well in his heart that if there came a day that he was to lose what he possessed, then the people of the Orion Monastery would definitely come and retaliate against him.

And right now was precisely the moment when he had lost all of his powers.

At this moment, he was able to clearly sense that, during the moment when the majority of the crowd’s gazes were focused on Chu Feng, there were countless gazes focused on him too. Those gazes were filled with hatred and killing intent. The thing that caused him to lament the most was that all of these gazes originated from his fellow disciples, people from the Orion Monastery.

At this moment, Yuan Qing clenched his fists in silence. With great effort, he lifted his head up and turned his gaze toward Chu Feng. He knew that the reason why he, Yuan Qing, had reached his current state was all because of Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I admit that all of this is because I have falsely claimed your achievements as my own. However, I did not know at all that it was you who had actually achieved all of those honors.”

“Furthermore, it was not I who deliberately claimed these honors and achievements as my own. Regardless of whether it was the time when I came out from the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond or the moment of the Commander Competition, it had always been the crowd who had believed that everything had been done by me.”

“That sort of honor, that sort of glory, the enticement from those, not to mention me, who could possibly withstand it?”

“However, now that I have thought about it, how could all that be so coincidental? I understand now that it was a trap; a trap from the very beginning.”

Finally, Yuan Qing exploded. Before imminent catastrophe, he decided to cast everything aside. Without fearing anything, he pointed at Chu Feng and shouted madly, “Chu Feng, tell me, did you lay a trap for me from the very beginning? Not only did you wish to attack me, Yuan Qing, you also wished to attack our Orion Monastery. You are the one who is despicable to the extreme.”


Seeing a Yuan Qing like this, Chu Feng did not respond. Instead, he only laughed lightly. As for his laughter, it was extraordinarily disdainful.

When things had reached this point, what use was there to speak of things like these? Who could possibly be convinced by those words? Did Yuan Qing truly think that he could turn the tables around with such a method? Truly, it was too foolish.

Thus, to Chu Feng, Yuan Qing was too weak, and simply did not possess the qualifications to fight him.

“Yuan Qing, shut your mouth. The despicable and shameless person is you! The person who seized another’s achievements is also you! A person like you is unworthy of denouncing Chu Feng.”

“Yuan Qing, scram out of our Cyanwood Mountain. You are not worthy of being a Cyanwood Mountain disciple.”

While Chu Feng did not bother with Yuan Qing, others were unable to watch as Yuan Qing continued. At this moment, how many people wished to worm their way into being friends with Chu Feng?

Thus, there was simply no need for Chu Feng to say anything, nor was there a need for any of those people who possessed a relationship with Chu Feng to say anything, as there were already many disciples that already started to growl at Yuan Qing like wild dogs.

Faced with the attack of a storm of saliva, Yuan Qing’s expression turned extremely ugly. He was no longer able to say anything. Even if he was shameless, even if he was not afraid of death, it was still extremely difficult for him to withstand this sort of pressure.

“Yuan Qing, right now, I, with my status of a management elder, will unconditionally expel you from our Cyanwood Mountain. Is there anything that you wish to say?” Right at this moment, Elder Wei spoke. While his voice was not very loud, it was very vigorous and very imposing. His simple words caused the crowd to be stunned.

Actually, someone like Yuan Qing being expelled from the Cyanwood Mountain was something that would happen sooner or later. However, if Elder Wei was to personally expel Yuan Qing at this moment, then it would bring about suspicions that he was helping Chu Feng.

Yet, he had done exactly that. What did that mean? It meant that he was deliberately telling everyone that he was helping Chu Feng.

This was equivalent to a management elder announcing in public that he would be taking a disciple under his wing. This was no small matter at all.


“I, Yuan Qing, possess grievances even in death!!!”

Right at this moment, Yuan Qing actually snarled. Immediately afterward, his body started to bulge. In the end, with a muffled ‘bang,’ he exploded.

Like the five Orion Monastery’s elders, Yuan Qing committed suicide. Although his suicide came as a surprise, it was still something that people anticipated might happen.

After all, with what had happened today, the Orion Monastery most definitely hated Yuan Qing to the bone. Even if Yuan Qing lived, the people of the Orion Monastery would not let him get away. Thus, his act of suicide was actually a sensible act.

“This bastard actually killed himself? He has truly been let off too easily.”

Sure enough, after Yuan Qing died, the other people did not have any major reaction to it. However, the Orion Monastery’s disciples and elders were gnashing their teeth in rage. Originally, they planned to teach Yuan Qing a lesson, so as to vent the hatred in their hearts. However, this chance had disappeared before them.

The death of Yuan Qing did not bring about an enormous shock. Soon, everyone’s gaze shifted back to Chu Feng once again.

Today, not only did Chu Feng take back all the honors and glory that belonged to him from Yuan Qing, he had also expanded this honor by several times, and made many disciples feel reverence for him.

In fact, it was not only the people at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond who were focused on Chu Feng. There was another person who was focused on Chu Feng. As for that person, he was located thousands of miles away from the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, on top of the ancient tower. As for who he was, he was the greatest existence in the Cyanwood Mountain, their current headmaster, Dugu Xingfeng.

“This Chu Feng is truly a rare sapling,” said Dugu Xingfeng.

“Lord Headmaster, is it truly Chu Feng who did all of that? Is it truly he who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?” Crazed Killer Tuoba did not know what exactly had happened in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Thus, he did not dare to ascertain whether the golden lightning in the distant sky had been created by the triggering of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, and could only ask Dugu Xingfeng for confirmation.

“It is indeed Chu Feng who has done all this. This child is an unprecedented genius, the hope of our Cyanwood Mountain.” Dugu Xingfeng immediately gave Chu Feng an enormously high evaluation right away. It was the highest evaluation that he had ever given a disciple.

Hearing Dugu Xingfeng’s evaluation, Crazed Killer Tuoba’s expression changed slightly. However, that change in his state of mind only lasted for an instant. Immediately afterward, he asked, “Lord Headmaster, in that case, how are Huang Hai and the others doing right now? Haven’t they sworn an oath with their lives on the line? Could it possibly be that…”

“They’ve already committed suicide. Even Yuan Qing was incapable of withstanding the pressure and killed himself on the spot. It was very big loss for the Orion Monastery,” Dugu Xingfeng replied.

“He actually truly managed to hound five Half Martial Emperor-level elders to their deaths. This Chu Feng is truly daring. He must know that five Half Martial Emperors are no small loss for our Cyanwood Mountain,” Hearing what Dugu Xingfeng said, Crazed Killer Tuoba spoke in resentment.

“No, even five Half Martial Emperor-level elders are greatly inferior to a promising disciple. Furthermore, even if it is a loss, it is something that they had brought upon themselves.”

“As elders, they used their authority to oppress a disciple. In the end, they were instead hounded to death by said disciple. This means that they possessed inferior strength and skill when compared to their opponent. At the same time, this also managed to display to us how amazing Chu Feng is.”

“A disciple that just joined our Cyanwood Mountain not long ago managed to hound five Half Martial Emperor-level elders to their deaths. Has such a thing ever happened before?” asked Dugu Xingfeng.

“Never before,” Crazed Killer Tuoba shook his head.

“However, this Chu Feng managed to accomplish it. This child’s actions are extremely overbearing. In all manners, it was filled with an all-out effort that no ordinary person possesses. However, at the moment when he acts, he is very calm and unflustered, like an experienced individual. Truly, it is something that I have never seen before,” Dugu Xingfeng praised Chu Feng once again.

“Lord Headmaster, I have never seen you give a disciple such a high evaluation before. What do you plan to do with this Chu Feng?” asked Crazed Killer Tuoba with a complicated expression on his face.

“While we can disregard all other disciples, the nurturing of this Chu Feng must be emphasized,” said Dugu Xingfeng.