Chapter 1193 - Hounding Elders to Death

MGA: Chapter 1193 - Hounding Elders to Death

“It’s Chu Feng, Chu Feng has come out.”

“Chu Feng, you’ve succeeded. You’ve managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

Many disciples were unable to contain their excitement when they saw Chu Feng and began to cheer for him. In a single instant, Chu Feng became the sole focus of everyone in the sky.

Chu Feng was slightly surprised by the crowd’s enthusiastic response. Yet, he was not cowed by it. Instead, he felt joy. He knew that he had managed to obtain the acknowledgement of the people. At the very least, at this moment, he had managed to obtain the acknowledgement of this portion of people.

He, Chu Feng, was no longer a nameless character. He no longer needed to live by relying on someone else’s charity.

To have the crowd shouting and cheering for Chu Feng in such a manner naturally boosted Chu Feng’s confidence. Chu Feng took a glance at Huang Hai and the other Orion Monastery’s elders that had sworn oaths.

Chu Feng remembered very well that there was a total of five people, five Half Martial Emperor level elders, that used their own dignity to vouch for Yuan Qing. Not only did they swear with their lives on the line, they also spoke numerous forceful words to him.

As the saying goes, one must return the money if one owes a debt.[1: pelicanv: A Lannister always pays his debts ;)]

And now, it was the time for them to pay for their debt, for them to pay for their conduct.

“Elders, what’s wrong? Do you all dare to do something but not dare to accept the result? Or is it that you are greedy for life but afraid of death? How come you all don’t even dare to speak a single word now?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile on his face. His words were very calm, yet filled with mockery. Truly, he was cursing at them without even hiding his intentions.

“You…” Hearing those words, the five Orion Monastery elders who were led by Huang Hai started to shiver. Their lips started to tremble, their appearance was like someone who had eaten feces.

Even though they had lived for hundreds of years, they were still human. All humans fear death. Or, at the very least, these five elders all feared death.

“Actually, it is possible for you all to not die. After all, you are all elders, and your lives are very precious.”

“How about this: I’ll pretend that nothing had ever happened here. Those words that you’ve all spoken earlier, I’ll just pretend that they were jokes.” Seeing that the five elders still did not say anything, Chu Feng casually said those words.

“Chu Feng, don’t you look down on us, don’t you dare look down on the people from the Orion Monastery. We are people that always dare to take responsibility for own actions.”

“The words that this old man have spoken are the same as spilt water, absolutely not regainable at all.”

Right at this moment, Huang Hai suddenly shouted. The current Huang Hai was extremely imposing, he truly appeared like someone who was not afraid of death at all. After he said those words, his body started to turn red and actually began to swell.

After that, with a loud ‘bang,’ this Half Martial Emperor-level expert exploded. After the ripple of the explosion passed through, not a single bit of Huang Hai remained. He was dead beyond dead.

He had truly killed himself in front of the crowd.

“Elder Huang!!!!”

When they saw Huang Hai dying before them, the eyes of the disciples of the Orion Monastery all turned red. There were some who even started to cry directly. No matter what, Huang Hai was the backbone of their Orion Monastery’s disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain. With Huang Hai’s death, they had lost one of their pillars of support. Thus, logically, they would be heartbroken.

“Yuan Qing, this old man here has truly judged wrongly, and actually believed in someone like you.”

“Yuan Qing, remember this, this old man’s life was ended by you.”

“Yuan Qing, you bastard, even if this old man turns into a ghost, I will still not forgive you.”

Immediately following Huang Hai, three of the elders who had sworn oaths also shouted loudly. Merely, they were not as righteous-seeming as Huang Hai, as they actually began to denounce Yuan Qing. From this, it could be seen how deep their hatred for Yuan Qing was. After all, if it wasn’t for them trying to protect Yuan Qing, protect the Orion Monastery’s honor, there would be no reason for them to die.

However, if it was to be asked who among them was the most talented, then it must be said to be the last of the five elders. He did not denounce Yuan Qing, nor did he speak any words of righteousness that inspired reverence. Instead, he turned to Chu Feng loudly shouted. “Chu Feng, I f*cked your grandmother!”





Following that, four muddled explosions sounded. Like Huang Hai, the four elders all killed themselves.

At this moment, the lightning released by the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was still surging forward. However, the people below the lighting were currently extremely quiet, and there was not a single word to be heard.

No matter what the elders of the Orion Monastery said before their deaths, they had, nevertheless, honored their oaths and killed themselves.

While it may seem that they killed themselves for Yuan Qing, everyone knew that they had been forced to kill themselves by a disciple, a disciple by the name of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had forced five elders of the Orion Monastery to their deaths. Moreover, the five of them were not ordinary elders. Instead, they were the five strongest elders of the Orion Monastery in the Cyanwood Mountain.

The deaths of these five elders also signified the fall of the Orion Monastery.

This fall was not limited to the Orion Monastery losing their backbone in the Cyanwood Mountain. Instead, it was a signal for their foreordained decline.

That was because their reputation had been completely ruined, ruined by their disciple Yuan Qing and those five elders. And, ultimately, all of this was because of Chu Feng.

When people thought of how Chu Feng, a young man, was actually able to force a colossus like the Orion Monastery to such a state, they all felt chills down their hearts. At this moment, to the majority of the people there, if they were to use a word to describe Chu Feng, it would be ‘frightening.’


“Long live junior brother Chu Feng!!!”

“Long live the Asura Division!!!”

After a long period of silence, someone suddenly shouted. Immediately afterward, several figures flew over and directly surrounded Chu Feng. They started to cheer and lift Chu Feng up, throwing him high. Their joy and happiness was simply impossible to describe with words.

Seeing this scene, other than the elders and disciples from the Orion Monastery, the majority of the others were all feeling joy. They knew that Chu Feng would most definitely rise to power after today. It was likely that no one in the Cyanwood Mountain would not know about Chu Feng anymore. This genius, after today, would be included on the list of true demon-level characters.

As for the Asura Division that Chu Feng had created, it was destined to emerge too. With such a demon-level character leading them, how could they possibly not emerge? Likely, after today, countless people would want to join the Asura Division and become the subordinates of this demon-level character.

“Lil brother, you now know of this Chu Feng’s capability, right?” Suddenly, Long Chenyi spoke to his younger brother Long Chenfu beside him.

The current Long Chenfu’s complexion was not very good. He was not envious or jealous of Chu Feng. Instead, he was feeling a lingering fear. After seeing Chu Feng’s ability, and seeing that Elder Wei stood behind him, how could he not be afraid? After all, there had been conflict between him and Chu Feng in the past.

“Big brother, I am wrong. I admit that I have misjudged Chu Feng with my dog eyes.”

“Currently, this Chu Feng is soon to emerge. Without mentioning his abilities, even if he doesn’t have any, with merely Elder Wei behind him, he would still be able to emerge. Say, do you think he will retaliate against me?” Long Chenfu asked in a very timid manner. He was truly afraid.

“From the way I see it, Chu Feng does not appear to be a narrow-minded individual. After all, our Ascension Sect’s elders have been assisting him this entire time. He will not come back to retaliate against you.”

“After some days, when this matter has calmed down a bit, follow me to the Asura Division. If you are to speak some good words to Chu Feng, I believe that the grudges between you two would be settled as water under the bridge,” Long Chenyi comforted Long Chenfu with a smile.

“Mn, I’ll listen to big brother on everything,” Long Chenfu nodded. As the matter stood, he truly did not have the ability to make his own judgement anymore.

After comforting Long Chenfu, Long Chenyi turned his gaze to Chu Feng once again. Although he appeared to be calm, his heart was filled with shock. He was greatly frightened by Chu Feng’s true strength.