Chapter 1197 - Receiving The Rewards

MGA: Chapter 1197 - Receiving The Rewards

“It’s still junior sister Ruochen who knows me best.” After hearing what Bai Ruochen said, Chu Feng smiled.

To other people, the invitation from the Punishment Department might seem like a rare honor; an opportunity that one should not miss.

However, to Chu Feng, it was completely different. Not to mention that the Punishment Department’s invitation was spoken with mockery towards him, where it was said to be an invitation but was actually ridicule; there was simply no sincerity at all.

Just due to the fact that, earlier, Elder Ying of the Punishment Department had joined hands with the Orion Monastery’s elders to attack Chu Feng, it was sufficient to make Chu Feng have an extremely bad impression of the Punishment Department.

However, after Chu Feng triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, the Punishment Department that was planning to teach him a lesson had actually come over to invite him. This was simply too shameless of them. Not to mention that their attitude was extremely bad, even if their attitude had been very good, Chu Feng would still not have joined them.

As for the reason why, it would be because of a single person: Elder Wei.

Elder Wei was not someone that Chu Feng was acquainted with. Yet, he had actually gone out of his way to protect Chu Feng many times. At the moment of Chu Feng’s calamity, he had actually, without the slightest hesitation, extended a helping hand toward him.

How could Chu Feng possibly not know about Elder Wei’s intentions? It was evident that he thought highly of Chu Feng and wanted him to join their Medicine Concocting Department. Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to treat Chu Feng this well.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, at the moment when his fame spread out like a wildfire, Elder Wei did not raise the proposal to invite Chu Feng to their Medicine Concocting Department. It was not that he didn’t want to, it was only because he didn’t want to take advantage of Chu Feng and make him feel that he had helped him for an ulterior purpose.

Yet, at this moment, the Punishment Department was actually shameless enough to come and invite Chu Feng. This was simply a clear-cut contrast against Elder Wei’s kindness and righteousness.

Thus, by both emotions and reasons, Chu Feng would never join the Punishment Department. He did not care about whether the Punishment Department was the strongest branch power organization in the Cyanwood Mountain or not. Since he did not want to join, he would not join them. This was Chu Feng’s character.

“However, junior brother Chu Feng, it remains that they are the Punishment Department. It’s one thing if you were to refuse them. However, with how you contradicted them, I fear that they might come and target you in the future,” said Fang Tuohai worriedly.

“Senior brother Fang, during the time when I had not offended them, they had already come to target me. Wasn’t that Elder Ying also one from the Punishment Department?” Chu Feng said.

“This…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Fang Tuohai and the others came to a realization. After carefully thinking about it, what Chu Feng said was indeed reasonable.

However, they were still worried. After all, the Punishment Department was truly too frightening. Not only was it the most powerful branch power organization of the Cyanwood Mountain, it was also the branch power organization that all the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain wanted to join the most.

At the very least, all of the top and strongest disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain were all members of the Punishment Department.

While Chu Feng’s rejection of the Punishment Department might appear to have only offended the Punishment Department, he had actually offended many more people. That was because those disciples that were part of the Punishment Department also possessed their own branch power organizations. Furthermore, they were all the strongest disciples’ branch power organizations.[1. It would appear that one could join a ‘Department’ and a ‘Division’ at the same time. Fortunately, I decided to name them two different terms as they use the same word in Chinese.]

While the Punishment Department could not openly attack Chu Feng, it was different for the disciples. The demon-level disciples could totally use ‘challenges’ as an excuse to completely shatter the Asura Division with the strength they possessed.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, “Everyone, I know what you all are worried about. If you all are afraid, it is totally fine for you to leave the Asura Division. That is because as long as I am the head of the Asura Division, it is destined that we will not have a smooth sailing; our Asura Division will only grow within predicaments.”

“As for how deep the predicaments must be, I am also incapable of ascertaining that. However, what I am certain of is that you all who are part of the Asura Division will have to undergo these predicaments together with the Asura Division, growing within it.”

Chu Feng was no fool, what had he not thought of? At the moment when he rejected the Punishment Department, he knew that his future days would not be smooth. However, as he had already acted upon his decision, he would not regret his decisions.

That was because he knew that even if he did not reject the Punishment Department, it was not certain that his future days would be smooth either. As for the party that would be making things difficult for him, it was very likely to be the Punishment Department itself.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, what sort of joke is that? Although I, Fang Tuohai, used to be a coward and am still a coward, I do not plan to be a coward all my life.”

“I don’t know nor do I care about what the others might plan to do. However, I, Fang Tuohai, am determined to follow you. In this life of mine, I firmly identify myself as a member of the Asura Division. If the Asura Division continues to stand, then I will also remain standing with it. If the Asura Division is to fall, then I will perish with it.” Fang Tuohai patted his chest and vowed in a slightly emotional manner.

“That’s right. We will not leave the Asura Division. Junior brother Chu Feng, we pledge our lives to follow you.” After Fang Tuohai, the rest of the members also spoke their determination one after the other.

Chu Feng was surprised by this scene. After all, what they would be facing would not be little characters like prawns or fishes. Instead, it was the Punishment Department, a branch power organization capable of covering the entire sky with a single hand in the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, even though this was the case, the members of the Asura Division were still willing to follow him; at the very least, these original members were willing to follow him. Thus, how could Chu Feng not become happy by this?

“Very well, since everyone is willing to go through trials and tribulations with this Chu Feng, then I shall tell all of you this.”

“We will face trials and tribulations in the future, this is something that is inevitable. We will also suffer humiliation, this is also something that is inevitable.”

“However, I wish everyone to remember this. I, Chu Feng, am not someone that is easily bullied. As long as I remain alive, those people who have bullied us will pay a hundredfold for their conduct towards us,” said Chu Feng in a serious manner.

“Long live our head, long live the Asura Division.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the blood of the Asura Division’s members all started to surge, and they all became extremely emotional.

Even Bai Ruochen, who was always icy-cold, displayed a slight smile.

The next day, the matters regarding Chu Feng rapidly spread throughout the Cyanwood Mountain. Practically everyone knew about what had happened. The Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was triggered. As for the person who triggered it, it was a disciple by the name of Chu Feng.

As for the honors and glories that Yuan Qing had previously held, they had all been falsely claimed from Chu Feng. Regardless of whether it might be his triggering of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle or obtaining the Commander Flag, they were actually all done by Chu Feng.

In an instant, countless new disciples wanted to become members of the Asura Division and follow this newly emerged demon-level genius.

However, soon, another explosive piece of news emerged, the news of Chu Feng’s rejection of the Punishment Department’s invitation, and his public contradiction of the Punishment Department’s elders.

As the news spread, more details were added to the story, causing it to turn from a small contradiction toward one’s elders to Chu Feng almost fighting against the Punishment Department’s elders. It had truly reached a grand spectacle.

This negative piece of news caused a portion of the people who had wanted to join the Asura Division to cower and give up on their intention.

However, it also managed to cause a lot of people to become fond of Chu Feng. At the very least, to them, they felt that Chu Feng possessed a wild nature, sufficient courage and insight, and was a rarely-seen brave individual.

At the moment when Chu Feng became the heart of the struggle, the topic of countless of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples’ heated discussions, Chu Feng arrived at the Mission Plaza and cashed in the glory that belonged to him.

Chu Feng obtained ten thousand martial beads, a thousand achievement points, a top quality Royal Armament and an extremely luxurious territory.

However, what Chu Feng decided to do was to go to a restricted area of the Cyanwood Mountain. This was the Cyanwood Mountain’s Martial Skills Department. The reason he did this was because he had obtained the final award that belonged to him.

At this moment, what stood before Chu Feng were all of the Martial Skills in the Martial Skills Department. Like glittering jewels that were a delight to the eye, there existed countless Martial Skills. As for these Martial Skills, they were no ordinary Martial Skills. Instead, they were all Taboo Martial Skills. Not to mention Mortal Taboo Martial Skills, there were even an astonishing amount of Earthen Taboo Martial Skills.

This place sufficiently displayed the strength of the Cyanwood Mountain. A true colossus was absolutely not something that lacked Martial Skills.

“Elder Shi, how many Martial Skills from this place am I allowed to learn?” Chu Feng looked to an extremely tall and robust, red-haired and elephant-looking old man.

This person was no ordinary elder. Instead, he was one of the management elders of the Martial Skills Department, Elder Shi.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you are allowed to train in any of the Martial Skills here. As long as you wish for it, it is even fine for you to train in all of the Martial Skills here.”

Elder Shi smiled an amiable smile. However, his smile displayed his mouthful of sharp teeth. This Elder Shi was not a human, he was actually a monstrous beast.