Chapter 1186 - The Truth Revealed

MGA: Chapter 1186 - The Truth Revealed

The dramatic scene had stupefied everyone present.

Yuan Qing, who was known to be a demon-level genius, had actually sneak attacked Chu Feng, wanting to kill him.

Yet, he was slapped by Chu Feng so hard that he had fallen to the ground, lying there like a dying dog and unable to get back up. This scene had truly stupefied all of the people present.

“Chu Feng, exactly what is going on here? Could it be that the Commander Flag has been obtained by you since the very beginning, and that this Yuan Qing has falsely claimed your honor as his own?” Suddenly, Elder Xie stood forward and asked with a loud voice.

She had deliberately done that. As the matter stood, it was extremely clear that even if what Chu Feng said was lies, the crowd would still believe it to be the truth. After all, when comparing their strength, Chu Feng’s strength greatly surpassed Yuan Qing’s by multiple times.

Thus, Elder Xie wanted to pull Yuan Qing down into the water, drown him deep within it and make sure that he could never lift his head back up. Most importantly, she wanted to make it so that the Orion Monastery and those elders from the Punishment Department could not lift their heads up.

“Actually, what happened is extremely simple. If I was to speak of it in detail, it would be troublesome. Thus, I’ll just tell everyone this.”

“This Commander Flag is something that I had obtained from the very beginning; it is I who obtained the Commander Flag. However, I did not allow everyone to see this. Instead, after I obtained it, I decided to give Yuan Qing the opportunity to falsely claim my honor of obtaining the Commander Flag as his own.” With a very calm expression, Chu Feng spoke the truth.

“Give Yuan Qing the opportunity to falsely claim your honor as his own? Why did you do that?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, many people were confused.

“I deliberately did this with the intention of seeing whether this Yuan Qing would be shameless enough to falsely claim the honor of obtaining the Commander Flag as his own,” said Chu Feng.

“Despicable. You actually laid a trap for Yuan Qing to jump into. You are indeed a treacherous vile character.” At this moment, the elders from the Orion Monastery reprimanded Chu Feng with fierce expressions of anger.

Yuan Qing’s reputation had been completely destroyed by Chu Feng. This was not only a loss of face for Yuan Qing, it was also a loss of face for their Orion Monastery.

As people of the Orion Monastery, they were naturally unwilling to allow Chu Feng to continue to stand so grandly. Thus, when the first opportunity arrived, they immediately started to throw feces at Chu Feng to attack him.

“Laid a trap? I won’t deny that. You all can think of it like that. However, I only gave Yuan Qing the opportunity to falsely claim my honor as his own, but I never forced him to do anything.”

“If he is not a sham, a lowly vile character, how could he possibly go ahead and falsely claim my honor as his own? Everyone, I ask of you, if it was you all, would you all do such a thing? Who would possibly do such a thing?” Chu Feng asked the crowd.

“No, of course not. Even if you were to beat me to death, I would not be that shameless.”

“That’s right. To falsely claim another’s achievement as one’s own, and then use their power and connections to intimidate others, that is truly shameless beyond belief.”

The crowd spoke against it in succession, and even began to denounce Yuan Qing’s actions. Before this many people, how would there possibly be anyone who would say that they would do such a shameless thing? If they did, wouldn’t that be equivalent to disgracing themselves and making it so that others would look down upon them?

Thus, at this very moment, even if there were people who were shameless enough to do such a thing, they would not say that they would. Instead, they would harshly denounce Yuan Qing’s actions.

“It would seem that all the senior brothers and sisters present would not go and do such a thing. Since even us disciples would not go do such a thing, then I wish to ask you elders, as an elder, would you claim someone else’s honor as your own if given the opportunity?” Chu Feng turned to the elder that had criticized him.

“You…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, that elder was so enraged that he nearly died from anger. Never had he ever imagined that Chu Feng was such an abominable character. Chu Feng had first made everyone stand on his side and then turned to ask him, wasn’t this equivalent to telling him to jump into a hole?

“As a core elder of the Cyanwood Mountain, how could I possibly do such a thing?” Faced with such a helpless situation, that elder had no choice but to publicly deny it.

“Since even an elder like yourself would not go and do such a thing, then why did Yuan Qing do it? Didn’t you say earlier that you would vouch for Yuan Qing with your dignity, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his personal character? Elder, it would appear that you have misjudged this time around,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

“You…” Being told such a thing by Chu Feng, that elder was so enraged that he started to firmly clench his fist and gnash his teeth. However, there was nothing that he could say to refute Chu Feng, nor was there anything he could do. He had no choice but to endure his grievances, endure being subtly humiliated by Chu Feng before such a large crowd.

That was because they truly had no other choice. At this very moment, they were in the disadvantageous position, whereas Chu Feng occupied the absolute advantage.

As the matter stood, even though they were extremely unwilling, they had to admit that Chu Feng’s guile was truly too tremendous.

Had it been any other ordinary disciple, then before deterrence from elders, even if they were in the right and the elders were in the wrong, they would not dare to rebuke their elders. At the very most, they would end the matter by leaving it unsettled, or admit that they were in the wrong.

However, Chu Feng was the complete opposite. Not only was he not the slightest bit afraid of those elders, he even publicly argued with them. Furthermore, using his own power, he managed to obtain an advantageous position against all of those from the Orion Monastery.

It was as if they had fallen in Chu Feng’s trap since the very beginning, and had then been led by the nose. No matter what, it had always been Chu Feng who stood in the advantageous position. As for they, they were forced lower and lower into a more and more disadvantageous position. In the end, they had lost their popularity among the people and Chu Feng had become the hero in the eyes of the people.

At this moment, Chu Feng was unwilling to spare them, and was forcing their Orion Monastery’s people to their deaths. The more they fought back, the more Chu Feng would force them back.

As the matter stood, not to mention the disciples of the Orion Monastery, even the elders of the Orion Monastery did not dare to say anything.

“Chu Feng, Yuan Qing’s character is a matter of his own concern. However, you deliberately laying a trap for him is a matter of your concern. You said that Yuan Qing’s character is questionable, then do you not have problems with your own character?”

Right at the moment when the people of the Orion Monastery did not dare to reprimand Chu Feng anymore, the Punishment Department’s Elder Ying suddenly started to talk.

Elder Ying had come here for the sake of assisting the people of the Orion Monastery. Currently, the Orion Monastery’s people were losing momentum. Thus, he would naturally have to lend a helping hand. Otherwise, even his own prestige would be implicated.

“Oh, Elder, what you say is very reasonable. However, what if I am to tell you that there is justification for me laying that trap for Yuan Qing?” Chu Feng still had a calm expression. It was as if he had been waiting for someone to question his character.

“Justification? Very well, tell us what sort of thing could become the justification for you to lay that trap,” said the Punishment Department’s Elder Ying.

“My justification is that, after I painstakingly triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, which gave rise to an abnormal sign in the sky, I came back only to discover that all of my achievements had been robbed by a despicable and shameless individual. As for this person, he is none other than Yuan Qing.” As he said those words, Chu Feng pointed his finger at Yuan Qing.

“What? So not only was it Chu Feng that had obtained the Commander Flag, the person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was also Chu Feng?” Hearing these words, the crowd was greatly shocked once again.

Even though some people had already guessed that possibility, they were still incapable of containing their shock when the truth was revealed.