Chapter 1187 - Swearing To The Heavens

MGA: Chapter 1187 - Swearing To The Heavens

“Back then, I had exhausted quite a bit of my physical power in order to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Thus, I decided to recuperate in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.”

“However, after I finished recovering my strength and emerged from the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, I discovered that Yuan Qing had robbed me of my achievements.”

“Furthermore, at that time, even if I wanted to say anything against it, no one would believe me. If I was to expose Yuan Qing, people would instead call me a liar.”

“Moreover, at that time, I had felt that this was merely an honor that would not amount to much even if I did not have it. Thus, I did not bother to bicker with Yuan Qing about it.”

“However, never did I imagine that while I did not go and find Yuan Qing to bicker with him, he instead came at me because I talked back to him before. Furthermore, during the time of the Commander Competition, he even secretly followed me and wanted to attack me in the dark.”

“While I, Chu Feng, am a human, I am no saint. When faced with such a shameless, despicable, treacherous, malicious and overbearing character such as Yuan Qing, I am naturally incapable of sitting by and enduring.

“Thus, I decided to use Yuan Qing’s character against himself. I laid a trap to give Yuan Qing the opportunity to falsely claim my achievement once more.”

“As for the reason why I laid this trap, it was precisely so that I could expose Yuan Qing for his crimes. This is the justification that I have for laying that trap.” Chu Feng’s voice resounded like thunder. One word at a time, he spoke of what had happened.

“So that’s the case. In that case, this Yuan Qing is truly despicable, truly shameless and vile.”

“That’s right. How could there be such a person like him in this world? Such a person should be expelled from our Cyanwood Mountain. He is unworthy of being a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Sigh. Those elders from the Orion Monastery even repeatedly declared that they would vouch for Yuan Qing’s character. How would they vouch for him now?”

“Humph. It’s clear that the Orion Monastery was trying to obtain benefits in the Cyanwood Mountain through the use of Yuan Qing. They are jackals of the same tribe[1. Equally as bad.], none of them are people of good character.”

Hearing the words spoken by Chu Feng, many from the crowd started to nod their heads repeatedly. Before Chu Feng’s enormous strength, they had decided to, without the slightest hesitation, believe in what Chu Feng said and they all felt that what Chu Feng said was the truth.

In merely an instant, more and more people began to disdain Yuan Qing and denounce him. It was not only Yuan Qing who became the object of everyone’s contempt, even the Orion Monastery was being disdained. At this moment, all of the members of the Orion Division had lowered their heads. They truly felt that they had no face to meet anyone.[2. Extremely ashamed.] As for those elders from the Orion Monastery, their complexions turned ashen as they felt that they had lost all of their face.

“Chu Feng, you truly are one to blurt out nonsense. It is one thing for you to say that it was you who obtained the Commander Flag, but you actually even dare try to snatch away Yuan Qing’s achievement of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

“There must be a limit to one’s conduct. Yet you, relying on the fact that you possess a stronger cultivation than Yuan Qing and better talent than Yuan Qing, you decided to invert right and wrong and forcibly take away all of Yuan Qing’s achievements. Furthermore, you’re even trying to turn everything around and say that it was Yuan Qing who stole your achievements. Are you not too excessive in your conduct?”

“Chu Feng, I wish to ask you, how could someone be as shameless as you? Do you even want any face anymore?” Right at this moment, one of the Half Martial Emperor-level elders from the Orion Monastery started to reprimand Chu Feng with a face filled with anger. His appearance appeared as if he hated that he was incapable of eating Chu Feng alive.

The Commander Flag was one thing. After all, there would be someone obtaining a Commander Flag every year. Even if people were to feel that it was Chu Feng who obtained the Commander Flag, it would not amount to too much.

However, the honor and glory of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was truly too enormous. It was something that only Qing Xuantian had ever accomplished.

Even though the current Yuan Qing had become the object of everyone’s disdain, they still had to assist Yuan Qing in saving his honor of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

Otherwise, not only would Yuan Qing be disdained by everyone in the future, even their Orion Monastery would become everyone’s object of disdain. And they, the elders, would also be disdained. After all, they had declared that they would vouch for Yuan Qing’s character with their dignity.

Thus, as matter stood, in order for them to prevent unnecessary losses, they decided to cut off all means of retreat and fight Chu Feng all the way.

In simpler terms, it meant that regardless of what Chu Feng would say, they would firmly refuse to acknowledge his words as the truth and declare that Chu Feng was lying.

“I am blurting out nonsense? I am shameless? Elder, for you to say such words, you must be willing to take responsibility for those words,” refuted Chu Feng.

“Take responsibility? Of course I am willing to take responsibility for my words. Earlier I dared to say that I could vouch for Yuan Qing’s character, and now, I still can vouch for Yuan Qing’s character.”

“The person who obtained the Commander Flag is Yuan Qing. The person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle is also Yuan Qing. No matter how powerful you, Chu Feng, might be, you will only be able to defeat Yuan Qing; don’t you dare think that you can snatch away the honors that belong to him.” The Orion Monastery’s elder had a determined expression. It could be seen that he had truly made a firm resolution to bicker with Chu Feng to the death.

“Very well. You’re truly deserving of the title of an Orion Monastery’s elder. I truly admire your spirit of shielding your disciple.”

“With things having reached this point, I believe that there is no need for excessive explanations. Exactly who is right and who is wrong, who is lying and who is not, I believe that everyone already knows it in your hearts.”

“However, as it is impossible to speak white into black and black into white, the truth will remain the truth, something that no one can change.”

“Today, I, Chu Feng, insist on having the truth come to light and wish to make it so that you all from the Orion Monastery have nothing else to say.” Chu Feng shouted angrily. An angry expression emerged on his previously calm face.

No matter how good of a temperament Chu Feng possessed, no matter how much he had anticipated all of this, but to be repeatedly rebuked by the Orion Monastery’s elders had finally ignited Chu Feng’s flames of anger.

While Chu Feng had seen shameless people before, it was the first time that he had seen people this shameless. He had clearly displayed the difference in strength between himself and Yuan Qing to the crowd, yet the elders from the Orion Monastery still insisted on calling Chu Feng a liar.

As the matter stood, Chu Feng truly had to admit that the junior was exactly like his seniors. It would appear that it was not without reason that Yuan Qing was this shameless. It turned out that the elders from the Orion Monastery were even more shameless than Yuan Qing. This shamelessness was simply inherited.

However, Chu Feng was not someone easily provoked, nor was he someone easily bullied. Since they were this shameless, Chu Feng would definitely not let things go. Even though they were elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng was determined to make them pay a considerable price for their shameless behavior.

“Haha, making the truth come to light.”

“Very well. I wish to see for myself how exactly you are going to invert right and wrong, turn black to white and white to black.”

“Based merely on the fact that your strength is stronger than Yuan Qing, you’ve decided to snatch away the glories and honors that belong to him. In that case, doesn’t it mean that all of the good deeds and important matters of the world would be yours as others have snatched away all your achievements, right?” Seeing that Chu Feng was enraged, that elder from the Orion Monastery started to grow complacent. He firmly bit down onto this point and began to continue to refute Chu Feng.

Finally, he managed to find the sensation of having the upper hand against Chu Feng. He wanted to keep this momentum and completely beat down on him.

Even though Yuan Qing being inferior to Chu Feng was a fact, they could not allow Chu Feng to become excessively arrogant, nor could they allow Yuan Qing to be defeated too miserably. Otherwise, it would be an enormous loss for their Orion Monastery and they might not even be able to continue to maintain their status as the overlord of the Cyanwood Region’s southern territory.


To his surprise, at the moment when that elder felt that he had obtained the upper hand, Chu Feng suddenly removed his angry expression and laughed mockingly.

“Chu Feng, what are you laughing for? Didn’t you say that you’re going to make the truth come to light? In that case, show us the proof, the proof that it was you that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. As long as you’re capable of taking out the proof, I will believe in your words. However, if you cannot take out the proof, then don’t you think you can get away with all you’ve done today,” shouted that elder with a loud voice.

“Elder, you’ve said earlier that while one could eat whatever one wished, one could not speak whatever one wished. I feel those words to be very sensible.”

“Since you’ve insisted that I am lying, refused to believe anything that I say, and even call me despicable and shameless, then let’s not talk about empty words anymore. Do you dare to hold yourself responsible for the words that you’ve said?” Chu Feng asked.

“Responsible? I am naturally responsible for my words.” The Orion Monastery’s elder patted his chest. At this moment, how could he, an elder, possibly fear Chu Feng, a mere disciple?

“Very well. Those words are exactly what I wanted to hear. I, Chu Feng, will right now swear upon the heavens before everyone present that all the things that I, Chu Feng, have spoken earlier are the truth. If there is falsehood within my words, then I shall be struck with thunder from the heavens.”

“If I am incapable of proving that it is I who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, then I shall kill myself before all of you today.” Suddenly, Chu Feng raised his hand and, with his palm facing the sky, swore upon the heavens before everyone.