Chapter 1185 - Overestimating One’s Capabilities

MGA: Chapter 1185 - Overestimating One’s Capabilities

“Of course I can. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, I can explain it to you right away.”

“After I obtained the Commander Flag, I joined the Heaven Inquiring Division before I even had the time to exchange it for the reward, and then left to conduct missions alongside the senior brothers of the Heaven Inquiring Division.”

“While doing the mission, I encountered a fierce beast. That fierce beast was extremely powerful and possessed strength comparable to that of a rank eight Martial King. Furthermore, it also possessed a special bloodline.”

“It had followed us stealthily, making preparations to attack us at any moment. For the safety of the senior brothers that went to do the mission alongside me, I decided to stay behind by myself and attract this fierce beast away from the others.”

“However, that fierce beast was truly too powerful. I was unable to be a match for it and decided to escape for my life after luring it far away from the senior brothers. Unfortunately, that fierce beast was extremely interested in my Cosmos Sack, and refused to stop chasing after me.”

“In the end, in order to save my own life, I had no choice but to leave the Cosmos Sack behind. As for the Commander Flag, it was in that Cosmos Sack.”

“I did not mention this matter to the senior brothers from the Heaven Inquiring Division because I feared that they would worry about me. However, as things stand, I must now speak the truth .”

“Senior brothers from the Heaven Inquiring Division, please bear witness to my story, for I have most definitely not lied,” said Yuan Qing one word at a time as if everything was true.

“That’s right. When junior brother Yuan Qing was conducting the mission with us, he had indeed left for a period of time. We never expected that junior brother Yuan Qing had encountered such danger. Junior brother Yuan Qing, why didn’t you speak of this to us earlier?”

“Sigh, junior brother Yuan Qing is truly too considerate. You actually decided to face such a powerful fierce beast by yourself for the sake of our safety, and even lost your precious Commander Flag because of this. As your senior brothers, it should be us who should protect you. We are truly ashamed.” At this moment, several members from the Heaven Inquiring Division stood forward. Not only did they testify for Yuan Qing, they were also displaying grateful expressions on their faces.

“Senior brothers, there is no need for you all to blame yourselves. It is something that I, Yuan Qing, had decided to do voluntarily. Merely, because I’ve lost the Commander Flag and wasted the patronization from our Cyanwood Mountain, I, Yuan Qing, am willing to accept punishment,” Yuan Qing said in a righteous manner.

“Oh, so that’s the case. In that case, that means that the Commander Flag should be in the hands of that fierce beast, and definitely not something that could be found, right?”

“However, if the Commander Flag was truly taken by the fierce beast, then everyone, please look at this. What is this?” Chu Feng smiled lightly, and then his palm flickered with light. When the brilliant light disappeared, a large banner appeared in his hand.

“Heavens, this…”

When the crowd saw the imposing and extraordinary banner that whirled about in the wind as it was being held by Chu Feng, all of their expressions changed. That was because the banner was precisely the Commander Flag.

“Commander Flag. That’s the Commander Flag. Why would Chu Feng have the Commander Flag?”

“Heavens! Could it be that the person who actually obtained the Commander Flag was not Yuan Qing but instead Chu Feng, and that Yuan Qing has falsely claimed Chu Feng’s achievements as his own? Could it be that everything was done by Chu Feng?”

“That’s right, it is very likely that this is the case. Truly, with how unimaginably powerful he is, he most definitely possesses the strength to obtain the Commander Flag.”

“If that really is the case, then wouldn’t this Yuan Qing truly be shameless? Not only did he declare Chu Feng’s achievements as his own, he even tried to play dirty tricks on him the entire time so that he could eliminate Chu Feng. That Yuan Qing truly is despicable.”

When they saw the Commander Flag in Chu Feng’s hands, the crowd suddenly came to a realization. It was as if they had understood what had happened, one by one, and they began to curse out at Yuan Qing’s shameless behavior.

“This, how is this possible, why would this be the case?” Compared to the surrounding crowd, the people from the Orion Monastery were all struck dumb. Regardless of whether it might be the elders or the disciples, they were all displaying ashen complexions, as if they had received an enormous shock.

They had wholeheartedly believed Yuan Qing, and considered him to be the signature of their Orion Monastery. Yet, what was happening right now? Could it be that Yuan Qing was really being publicly exposed for his crimes? Not only would this strip him of his honors and glories that came with being a demon-level character, it would even give him the label of being a despicable vile character.

When they thought of these things, those elders from the Orion Monastery that had said that they would vouch for Yuan Qing with their own dignity truly felt as if their hearts were being shattered.

“Chu Feng, so it was you. So it was all your evil schemes! Here I wondered why that fierce beast was so interested in my Cosmos Sack, so it turned out that what it was interested in was not my Cosmos Sack but the Commander Flag within it. It was you who sent that fierce beast at me, isn’t it?”

“Chu Feng, I know that you loathe me and that you’re jealous of me. For the sake of attacking me, you have truly given a lot of thought, and planned all of this very meticulously.” Yuan Qing did not admit to the truth. As matter stood, how could he possibly admit to the truth? All he could do was to lie till the end. Thus, he wanted to turn black into white and countercharge Chu Feng once more.

“Yuan Qing, you say that I, Chu Feng, loathed you and wanted to attack you. In that case, why don’t you take out some actual proof?”

“Since you said you obtained this Commander Flag, then it means you must possess the ability to obtain the Commander Flag. Come, come and snatch the Commander Flag from my hands. As long as you can snatch it from me, it would mean that I am the one that is lying. However, if you cannot, then it would be you that is lying.”

Holding the Commander Flag in his hand, Chu Feng suddenly descended from the sky and landed directly in front of Yuan Qing. With thunderous steps, he began to walk toward Yuan Qing one step at a time.

There were no elders or any disciples who stopped Chu Feng’s actions. It was as if everyone present wanted to see who exactly among the two of them was strong and who was weak, who exactly was the despicable vile person.

“You, you, you…”

Faced with Chu Feng who was slowly walking toward him, not to mention fighting, Yuan Qing was simply incapable of even withstanding Chu Feng. With every step that Chu Feng took, Yuan Qing would take a step back. He was completely battered by Chu Feng’s oppressive might.

“Putong.” Suddenly, Yuan Qing’s legs grew soft, and he actually fell to the ground. Like a dying dog, Yuan Qing was completely suppressed by Chu Feng’s oppressive might, unable to stand back up.

“Holy crap, he actually got so scared that he fell to the ground. That Yuan Qing is this weak? He is simply incapable of contending against Chu Feng.”

“That’s right. The difference between the two of them is truly a bit too enormous. Not to mention comparing with Chu Feng, this Yuan Qing is inferior to even me. He is truly nothing more than trash.”

“Motherf*cker, so the genius that I have held in such reverence the entire time was actually such trash. F*ck, I am truly as blind as a dog.”

Seeing this scene, everyone opened their mouths wide in shock. They had thought before that Yuan Qing might be inferior to Chu Feng. However, never did they ever imagine that the difference between them was this enormous. How could Yuan Qing possibly be considered an exceptional genius, a demon-level character? He was simply a mediocre individual, and could even be said to be trash.

“Chu Feng, I admit that my strength is inferior to yours. However, don’t you think that you can invert right and wrong with only this.”

“To obtain the Commander Flag requires not powerful battle power. Instead, what it required is powerful sensitivity. What it relies on is one’s spirit power and not one’s battle power.”

Yuan Qing refused to admit his wrongs even before death. Even though he had fallen to the ground like a dying dog before Chu Feng, he still clung onto his firm determination that it was Chu Feng that was lying and that it was he who obtained the Commander Flag.

“Very well, spirit power was it? Since you say that, then allow us to compare our spirit power.”

Seeing this, Chu Feng smiled lightly. He pulled back his powerful oppressive might and, with a thought, layer upon layer of invisible energies created frantic hurricanes one after another that charged toward Yuan Qing.

“Heavens, what powerful spirit power. That Chu Feng is actually this powerful?”

Although spirit power was invisible and formless, Chu Feng had managed to turn it into something that possessed form. Not only world spiritists, even those who did not possess spirit power were able to clearly see how enormously powerful Chu Feng’s spirit power was.

“Amazing. Never would I ever have imagined that this Chu Feng’s spirit power is this frightening. No wonder he was capable of gathering that many Firmament Medicinal Herbs with his young age and cultivation.”

“From the way it looks now, his accomplishment of gathering that many Firmament Medicinal Herbs was simply not an all-out effort from him. If he had gone all-out, he would most definitely have gathered even more. The attainments that this Chu Feng has in world spirit techniques are simply unprecedented, truly frightening.”

Not to mention the ordinary disciples and elders, even the two management elders high above the sky that no one had noticed abruptly stood up. Their aged eyes were flickering with light and filled with surprise. The two of them were both shocked by Chu Feng’s enormous spirit power.

“Come, exceptional genius, the grand demon-level character of a generation, display your spirit power so that you can compare it with mine and broaden my knowledge with exactly how powerful your spirit power is.”

With a mocking smile on his face, Chu Feng began to walk toward Yuan Qing once again. At this moment, he arrived before Yuan Qing and was standing right in front of him.

“Damn it, damn it…” At this moment, Yuan Qing’s clothes and hair were blown into a mess by Chu Feng’s spirit power. Even though Chu Feng had removed his oppressive might, he was able to, using merely his spirit power, put Yuan Qing in an extremely sorry state.

Never had he ever imagined that Chu Feng would possess such an enormously powerful spirit power. If he was to display his own spirit power, it would most definitely be bringing about his own disgrace.

He knew that he was doomed. It seemed that he had fallen into Chu Feng’s trap from the very beginning, and been toyed with by Chu Feng within the palm of his hand. Only today did he realize this. However, by the time he realized all of this, it was already too late.

When he thought of the reverence with which others looked at him with because of the glories and honors that he had obtained, and when he thought about how they would disappear from today on, Yuan Qing’s hatred for Chu Feng had reached a point of extremity.

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you!!!” Suddenly, Yuan Qing snarled in anger. Like an angry wolf that was forced into a corner, not only did Yuan Qing bringt forth all of his martial power, he even, with a flip of his palm, took out a Royal Armament sword. He held the sword and thrust it toward Chu Feng’s dantian; he wanted to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation.

“Humph.” However, faced with the sudden attack from Yuan Qing, Chu Feng merely snorted coldly. Then, with a slight movement of his body, Chu Feng easily dodged Yuan Qing’s thrust. Immediately after, with a ‘paa’ sound, a slap ruthlessly landed on Yuan Qing’s face.

“Wuuaaa” The slap caused Yuan Qing to utter a miserable shriek. Not only did the Royal Armament he held in his hand directly fall to the ground, Yuan Qing himself was also sent flying in the air, rotating over a dozen times before falling back to the ground.

At the moment he landed, half of his face was twisted, and not only did he have a mouthful of blood, his teeth were also shattered. By that single slap from Chu Feng, not a single tooth remained in Yuan Qing’s mouth.

At this moment, Yuan Qing’s appearance was like that of a dying dog. Although he was extremely unreconciled, he could not get back up and could only lie there on his stomach. It was truly a miserable appearance.

Seeing this sort of Yuan Qing, Chu Feng merely said, “Trying to fight against me? Truly overestimating your capabilities.”