Chapter 1183 - The Disclosure Of The Truth

MGA: Chapter 1183 - The Disclosure Of The Truth

“Yuan Qing, I know that you possess a kindhearted nature and an amiable temperament. You are clearly a genius with exceptional talent and strength. Yet, you’re unwilling to show off your arrogance or even act arrogant and despotic, and are unwilling to use force to settle problems. You are truly a rare kind-hearted person.”

Right at this moment, that Elder Ying from the Punishment Department spoke. While he spoke with a very amiable tone, he said those words in a very serious manner. The attitude that he displayed toward Yuan Qing was extremely good. It could be seen that he was very appreciative of Yuan Qing.

“However, Yuan Qing, as the saying goes, people who are kind will be taken advantage of by others,and horses who are kind will become mounts to others. While it is fine to be kind-hearted, one should still determine who it is that one is being kind-hearted to. This Chu Feng is an overly arrogant person, who disregards his fellow disciples and even looks down on us elders.”

“To someone like him, there is simply no need for you to be lenient. Otherwise, if you are lenient, it would only make him even more arrogant.”

“Chu Feng has committed an offense. Naturally, our Punishment Department should be punishing him. However, his wrongdoings are not sufficient enough for us to expel him from the Cyanwood Mountain, nor are they enough for us to cripple his cultivation.”

“However, right now, there is an opportunity before us, an opportunity to punish this Chu Feng. As he has killed Lei Yao, you, as a disciple of the Orion Monastery, now possess a deep hatred with this Chu Feng. It is now within reason for you to use the means of a fight to the death to settle your grudges.”

“Thus, Yuan Qing, do not endure it anymore. It is time for you to display your strength, to show your graceful bearing when you triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, your demeanor when you’ve obtained the Commander Flag, and your strength of an exceptional genius. Go ahead and fight this Chu Feng to the death so that you can resolve this grudge and avenge your senior brother Lei Yao.”

“Today, this old man shall make an exception and personally preside over this fight to the death so that you, Yuan Qing, can personally avenge Lei Yao and eliminate our Cyanwood Mountain’s scum, Chu Feng.”

Elder Ying from the Punishment Department spoke those thunderous words with an expression filled with expectation. It could be seen that he greatly desired Yuan Qing to kill Chu Feng. Furthermore, he firmly believed that Yuan Qing possessed the capability to do so.

“That’s right. Junior brother Yuan Qing, the more strength one possesses, the more responsibility one has. Among us disciples from the Orion Monastery, only you are capable of killing Chu Feng and avenging senior brother Lei Yao. Since even the elder from the Punishment Department has spoken, you shouldn’t continue to refuse the fight. Instead, go and teach that Chu Feng a lesson.” Hearing those words, the disciples from the Orion Monastery once again started to loudly shout for Yuan Qing to fight.

While they feared Chu Feng, and knew that they were no match for him, they felt that Yuan Qing was capable of sticking up for them. They all felt that regardless of how enormously powerful a demon-level character Chu Feng was, he would still be no match for Yuan Qing. After all, Yuan Qing was an exceptional demon-level character who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Fighting him would absolutely mean death for Chu Feng.

“Elder, this…”

At this moment, Yuan Qing was completely stupefied. Never did he ever imagine that even Elder Ying from the Punishment Department would urge him to fight. Wasn’t this equivalent to him being forced to a path of his own death?

At this moment, Yuan Qing was standing there with an ashen complexion. He had become speechless, for he did not know what he had to say in order to not fight against Chu Feng.

At this moment, him fighting Chu Feng was the desire of practically everyone present; there was no leeway for him to get away.

“What’s going on? Why is junior brother Yuan Qing not replying?”

“Quickly, look. Why did Yuan Qing’s expression turn so ugly? Hey, it seems like his hands are even shaking.”

“Heavens, could it be that this Yuan Qing is exactly as Chu Feng had said, and all those righteous words he spoke earlier were merely excuses, and he did not want to fight Chu Feng because he was afraid of Chu Feng?”

“Bullshit. My junior brother Yuan Qing is an exceptional genius. How could he possibly fear that Chu Feng?”

“Bullshit your mother, you’re the one bullshiting. The one that’s not daring to fight right now is your Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing and not Chu Feng. If you have the skills, go and make Yuan Qing fight.”

“That’s right. Your Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing has been bragged and boasted all the way into the skies. Didn’t he claim to be capable of matching Lord Qing Xuantian? Yet, look at what he really is, nothing more than a coward. He can boast all he wants, but when it’s time to use his true strength, he is nowhere near as strong as this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s junior brother Chu Feng.”

“Shut your mouths! There’s no way that junior brother Yuan Qing would be afraid of Chu Feng. Before junior brother Yuan Qing, Chu Feng is nothing but trash, a fly he could swat to death with one hand.”

“That’s right. Junior brother Yuan Qing is the person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Legend has it that before him, only Lord Qing Xuantian managed to accomplish such a thing. This meant that junior brother Yuan Qing is someone who is comparable to Lord Qing Xuantian. And who is that Chu Feng? He’s nothing, someone completely unworthy of being compared with our junior brother Yuan Qing.”

“Junior brother Yuan Qing, stop holding back. Go and fight, go and show everyone your strength and how powerful you really are.”

Yuan Qing’s hesitation and cowardice created a large disturbance among the crowd. Many people began to notice Yuan Qing’s reaction, and felt that he was truly afraid of Chu Feng. However, the people from the Orion Monastery continued to firmly believe that Yuan Qing was capable of defeating Chu Feng. As this went on, conflict between the two sides began to appear, and some among them even started to quarrel with one another. The situation almost reached an uncontrollable point where people were about to start fighting each other.

At this moment, the majority of the crowd’s gazes were on Yuan Qing. They were waiting for Yuan Qing’s response, regardless of whether he might be a hero or a coward. At this moment, everything hinged on Yuan Qing.

However, when faced with the gazes from the crowd, the attention coming from all directions and the sound of quarrels, Yuan Qing’s entire body became covered with sweat, and his legs began to feel soft. He was truly unable to withstand this sort of pressure.

At this moment, Yuan Qing was truly regretful. He truly regretted how he had sought small advantages in vain.

If he knew this was going to happen, he would not have tried to falsely claim those honors as his own. He, who had originally planned to use these honors to achieve meteoric success in his cultivation, had never thought that these honors would end up becoming the instruments that would lead him to the gates of hell.

“Hahaha, hahaha, hahahahaha…”

Right at this moment, a sudden frantic laughter smashed apart the noisy deadlock.

In an instant, everyone closed their mouths. The only thing that continued to resound through this region of space was that frantic laughter.

“It’s Chu Feng. What’s he laughing about?” The crowd noticed that it was Chu Feng that was laughing. Furthermore, his laughter was abnormally loud and clear and even somewhat strange.

Moreover, his laughter was one filled with mockery. It did not seem to be a mockery directed toward only Yuan Qing. Instead, his laughter seemed to contain a mockery directed toward everyone present.

However, it remained that Chu Feng’s laughter made him the focus of the crowd once more, turning everyone’s gazes onto him.

At this moment, there was a clear contrast between Yuan Qing and Chu Feng. Yuan Qing’s complexion was very pale and he was covered with sweat. At a glance, he appeared like an ill person.

As for Chu Feng, he was extremely vigorous and lively, possessing overflowing energy. Being compared in such a manner caused the crowd to feel that Yuan Qing only looked impressive, but was actually worthless, and Chu Feng was actually the person with real ability.

“Everyone, I believe you all are very curious to why this Yuan Qing is acting so cowardly and not daring to fight me, right?”

“Actually, if you all wish to know, there is no need for you to go and ask Yuan Qing; you could ask me instead, as I am able to provide you with the answer.” Chu Feng suddenly held back his laughter and looked at the crowd with squinted eyes.[1. He is smiling.]

He had thoughtfully and exhaustedly planned for this moment.

He had looked forward to this moment for a very long time.

Today, this moment had finally arrived.

“Chu Feng, don’t you spout your nonsense.” Seeing this, the people from the Orion Monastery hurriedly shouted at Chu Feng. They did not want Chu Feng to strike at Yuan Qing again.

“You people from the Orion Monastery, shut your mouths and allow junior brother Chu Feng to speak.”

“That’s right. Junior brother Chu Feng, tell us exactly what is going on.”

“Go ahead and tell us. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, just tell us what it is.”

Other than the people from the Orion Monastery, all of the other disciples present wanted Chu Feng to tell them what he wanted to say. Their shouts quickly covered the voices from the people of the Orion Monastery. In an instant, the only voices that could be heard were voices that wanted Chu Feng to speak.