Chapter 1182 - Forced Into a Corner

MGA: Chapter 1182 - Forced Into a Corner

“You killed my senior brother Lei Yao, I truly wish that I could dismember your body into ten thousand pieces. Merely, because I possess sentiments for my fellow disciples, I cannot do such a thing.”

“That’s right. Chu Feng, you should be glad, glad that you’re a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. Otherwise… we would’ve already dismembered your body and pulled out your bones and toss your ashes a hundred times.”

“No, a hundred times is not enough to diffuse the hatred that we have for you. A million times, ten million times,” said the disciples of the Orion Division in an extremely fierce manner as they gnashed their teeth in anger. They truly hated Chu Feng to the bones.

After all, Chu Feng’s defeat of Lei Yao was not only a humiliation to Lei Yao, it was a humiliation to their entire Orion Division, a disgrace to all the members of the Orion Division.

Chu Feng had humiliated them in public, how could they not feel hatred toward Chu Feng?

“Leave it, don’t give me the whole thing about ‘sentiment for fellow disciples’ and ‘rules of the Cyanwood Mountain’. Since we already have an enormously deep hatred for each other where you all wished to kill me, then don’t restrain your hatred and desire for revenge in your hearts.[1.GNE:] Not to mention that it would be bad for your health, it is actually very simple for you all to obtain your revenge. Just have a fight to the death with me, wouldn’t that solve the problem?”

“Come, whoever wishes to avenge your senior brother Lei Yao can come at me. I, Chu Feng, await you all. I can sign the life and death agreement with you all right away, so that you’ll have the opportunity to obtain your revenge.” With a smile on his face, Chu Feng spoke those words with a loud voice.

“This…” Hearing those words, the complexions of all the members of the Orion Division turned ashen, and they subconsciously took a step back and lowered their heads in silence.

Those people who had previously cursed at Chu Feng all hurriedly closed their mouths and did not even dare to look at Chu Feng’s face. In a blink of an eye, their temperament of feeling extreme hatred for Chu Feng disappeared and was replaced with cowardice and fear.

After all, they had all seen Chu Feng’s strength for themselves. Even Lei Yao had been no match for Chu Feng. Thus, how could they possibly be able to match Chu Feng? A fight to the death with Chu Feng? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to bringing about their own destruction?

“Chu Feng, don’t you act so arrogant. No matter what, it remains that you’ve killed senior brother Lei Yao and absorbed his source energy. You are now a sinner; it is impossible for you to escape your crimes.”

Suddenly, Yuan Qing spoke out with rage. As if he was inspired by righteousness, he pointed at Chu Feng and harshly criticized him. After that, he cupped his fist and courteously saluted the elders of the Punishment Department.

With a respectful yet resentful tone, he said, “Elders, this Chu Feng is stubborn and untamable. You all have seen what he did earlier. Not only did he kill senior brother Lei Yao, he even wanted to kill other fellow disciples.”

“How could we allow such a person to remain in our Cyanwood Mountain? Disciple Yuan Qing earnestly requests that the Punishment Department severely punish Chu Feng. It would be letting him off if we are to only strip him of his identity as a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, I suggest that we should cripple his cultivation so that he cannot do evil again.”

“Oh-ho, truly a devotion to righteousness. Yuan Qing, exactly how much hatred do you possess for me that you not only want to drive me out of the Cyanwood Mountain, but also want to cripple my cultivation?”

“Since you hate me this much, there’s no need for you to bother the elders. Why don’t you just do it yourself? Isn’t this simple enough? Come, fight me to the death. I’ll give you the chance to kill me.” Chu Feng said to Yuan Qing.

“Chu Feng, I will not fight you, nor will I conduct a fight to the death with you, for I feel that it is beneath myself to fight someone like you, and fear that it would be dirtying my hands to kill you,” Yuan Qing said those words one at a time. He had clearly refused Chu Feng’s provocation.

Although Yuan Qing was arrogant, he was no fool. Even though he loathed Chu Feng, he knew very well now that he was no match for him either. Thus, he would naturally not accept Chu Feng’s challenge, and merely wanted to use the Punishment Department to eradicate Chu Feng.

“Mn, not bad. You’ve found a pretty good reason. It truly is one that one can have no choice but to respect.”

“I, Chu Feng, am the scum and you, Yuan Qing, are the hero. A hero is unwilling to eliminate the scum for the people, because he fears that he will dirty his hand. What a great justification this is. Oh how thoughtful and selfless you are. Truly, you’re a person worthy of the greatest admiration.”

“However, Yuan Qing, might it be possible for me to comprehend your response in a different way? Actually, the reason you’ve said all this was all to hide your fear of me, no?”

“You never wished to fight against me to begin with, because you knew very well that you were no match for me and fear me from the bottom of your heart.”

“Am I right? Great genius who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?” Chu Feng said those words with a beaming smile. However, each and every word that he spoke was there to belittle Yuan Qing.

“That’s right, Yuan Qing is the great genius who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, the demon-level character who obtained the Commander Flag. Furthermore, Chu Feng’s cultivation is only that of a rank two Martial King, while Yuan Qing is already a rank three Martial King. Logically, Yuan Qing should be stronger than Chu Feng.”[2. Pelicanv: lol Chu Feng just rekt a R6MK. YWL: no idea what r6mk means.]

“If Yuan Qing wanted to avenge Lei Yao, couldn’t he directly fight Chu Feng to the death and kill him?” Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd immediately started to burst into an uproar. All kinds of remarks were being spiritedly discussed.

“Chu Feng, you are truly arrogant and conceited. Junior brother Yuan Qing is the true genius. He is a hundred times stronger than you. How could he possibly fear you?”

“That’s right. Junior brother Yuan Qing, do not bother with his nonsense, just fight him to the death and dismember his body to ten thousand pieces to avenge senior brother Lei Yao.”

“That’s right. Junior brother Yuan Qing, go and kill him. There is no need to feel sentiment for a fellow disciple toward an animal like Chu Feng. Go and teach him a proper lesson so that he can be aware of how high the sky really is.”

At this moment, even the disciples of the Orion Division started to urge Yuan Qing to fight. They wanted Yuan Qing to teach Chu Feng a lesson. After all, in their hearts, Yuan Qing was the true demon-level genius, the person who they were most intensely proud of.

“Yuan Qing, there’s no need to endure it. Chu Feng’s defeat of Lei Yao is equivalent to a slap to our Orion Monastery’s face, the smashing of our Orion Division’s signboard. As a disciple of the Orion Monastery, it should be you who takes back our face. Go ahead, allow everyone to experience your strength.”

It was not only the disciples who were urging Yuan Qing to fight. Even the elders of the Orion Monastery started to secretly send voice transmissions to urge Yuan Qing to fight Chu Feng and retrieve their lost face.

At this moment, faced with the voices coming from all directions, Yuan Qing’s face turned completely green, his body was covered with sweat and his lips twitched nonstop.

He truly never imagined that Chu Feng would use such a method to force him to fight. Evidently, he had unknowingly fallen into Chu Feng’s trap.

“Senior brothers and sisters, I actually also wish to fight that Chu Feng to the death, and personally avenge senior brother Lei Yao.”

“However, I, Yuan Qing, am a human, and not an animal like that Chu Feng. As a fellow disciple, I truly am unable to forgo my sentiment for fellow disciples. Thus, I feel that this matter is best left to the elders of the Punishment Department. I believe that the Punishment Department’s elders will handle this matter fairly and give us a reasonable answer.”

Yuan Qing knew his own abilities very well. Thus, even if he was to be killed, he would still refuse to fight against Chu Feng. Yet, he could not say it out loud. Thus, he could only feign calmness, and speak a dignified justification to once again refuse a fight against Chu Feng.

“This…” Hearing the words spoken by Yuan Qing, the crowd all sighed. Perhaps they might’ve felt that Yuan Qing was a very righteous person when they heard Yuan Qing’s reasoning for the first time. However, to hear it again now only made it sound like an excuse.

Yuan Qing was able to sense that the crowd was unconvinced. Thus, the pressure in his heart grew greater and greater. At this moment, he truly hated Chu Feng with all his heart.

He was thinking about why Chu Feng was this confident that he would be no match for him, why he insisted on forcing him to fight. How was Chu Feng this treacherous that he managed to, with several words, maneuver everyone to urge him to fight?

At this moment, even his intestines had turned green. Yuan Qing had been a treacherous person all his life, and had originally wanted to seize this opportunity to down Chu Feng and never allow him to get back up, to kill him thoroughly. Yet, never did he imagine that Chu Feng was even more treacherous than him and forced him into a corner in the blink of an eye.

However, he knew his own battle power, as well as Chu Feng’s, very well. After considering the difference between them, he knew that he could not take up the challenge. Even if his reputation was to be ruined, he would still refuse to fight Chu Feng.

Having made the firm decision in his heart, Yuan Qing bit down on his teeth and decided that, regardless of what Chu Feng or the others might say, he would not fight Chu Feng, since he was not dumb enough to bring about his own destruction.