Chapter 1175 - Exactly Who’s The Fool?

MGA: Chapter 1175 - Exactly Who’s The Fool?

“Not bad, not bad. Judging from his appearance, this Chu Feng could truly be considered to be an outstanding talent, he indeed has some ability.”

“Not only did he remain calm when facing death, his fearlessness seems to originate from the depths of his bones.”

“He actually managed to make that bunch of ordinary subordinates become this confident under his leadership. All of this is most definitely due to Chu Feng.”

“As the saying goes, the quality of the soldiers depends on the quality of their general. If this Chu Feng was a general, he would definitely be a top quality general.” After he saw Chu Feng, the elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department started to nod and praise him nonstop.

“Humph.” Seeing this, Elder Wei snorted coldly. He said, “Old freak, didn’t you bet that Chu Feng would lose? How come you’ve started to praise him instead?”

“Sigh, old fellow, don’t go around misrepresenting the truth.”

“I did not say that Chu Feng would undoubtedly lose. I said that he would definitely lose if he has not hidden his true cultivation. However, if he has hidden his true cultivation, you must remember that I have bet that he will win.”

“Seeing that confident appearance on this Chu Feng, he has most definitely hidden his true cultivation,” the elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department explained.

“Humph.” Elder Wei snorted coldly once again, and stopped arguing with the Weaponry Refinement Department’s elder. With a thought, a golden dazzling spirit formation chair appeared beneath him, which he then sat on.

Although both of these management elders were highly appreciative of Chu Feng and thought of him highly, the other elders and disciples were completely different.

To them, all they saw was Chu Feng’s cultivation of a rank two Martial King, and barely any of them thought that Chu Feng might have hidden his cultivation. Thus, to them, Chu Feng would definitely lose.

At this moment, the crowd was in spirited discussion. Although there were all sorts of conversations, the majority of them fell along the lines of belittling Chu Feng, saying that he was overly arrogant and ignorant in wanting to display his slight skills before an expert, as well as how he would lose everything today.

Right at this moment, Elder Xie stepped forward and spoke loudly. “Chu Feng, Lei Yao, the two of you agreed to a life and death battle three days ago. Does this agreement still hold true today?”

“It does,” both Chu Feng and Lei Yao replied.

“Then sign the life and death agreement. This battle today, whether you live or die will depend on yourselves.” Elder Xie waved her hand, and two rays of light flew out from her sleeve, landing before Chu Feng and Lei Yao, respectively.

They were two world spirit formations. As long as one placed one’s palm on the formation, it would be equivalent to signing the life and death agreement. Without any hesitation, Lei Yao placed his palm onto the world spirit formation before him, leaving his palm-print on it.

“Chu Feng, I must advise you that it would be best for you to not sign this life and death agreement. Otherwise, your little life will not be yours anymore. Instead, it will be mine! At that time, even if you are to kneel and beg for forgiveness and call me your ancestor, I will still not let you off, for you have brought all of this upon yourself.”

After signing the life and death agreement, Lei Yao turned to Chu Feng and spoke to him in a mocking manner. His voice was extremely loud. Furthermore, his tone contained ridicule and laughter. He was trying to provoke Chu Feng into signing the the life and death agreement. It was a completely and totally obvious provocation.

However, such a provocation actually caused many people to start laughing. Even some elders were unable to contain themselves and started to laugh with ridicule.

“Haha... “ Faced with such a scene, Chu Feng laughed lightly. He then said, “I know that the majority of the people that have come here today have come to laugh at me.”

“You all have thought that I am overly arrogant and ignorant, that I have brought about my own destruction. Including you, Lei Yao, you’re thinking that too, no?” Suddenly, Chu Feng pointed his finger at Lei Yao. With a smile on his face and a gaze like lightning, he coldly said, “Lei Yao, are you truly this certain that you will be able to defeat me?”

“Are you truly able to ascertain that I, Chu Feng, have challenged you so that I could throw my life away?”

“If I, Chu Feng, was truly that foolish, then I wouldn’t have killed my way out of the Southern Sea Region to the Holy Land of Martialism, nor would I be able to stand here before you all.”

“What? This Chu Feng is not someone from the Holy Land of Martialism? He’s from that Southern Sea Region trash-place?”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd were all surprised. If the fact that Chu Feng was a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had already greatly surprised everyone, then him coming from the Southern Sea Region was something that they could not help but be astonished by.

That was because, to the people of the Holy Land of Martialism, the people from the Southern Sea Region, Eastern Sea Region, Western Sea Region and Northern Sea Region were all trash with no aptitude for martial cultivation. There were even people who felt that the people from the four sea regions should not be considered to be people, as it would lower the standards of what it meant to be human if they were to be considered to be people.

However, this Chu Feng, regardless of what he was, had already displayed that he was a genius. For Chu Feng to tell them all that he had come from the Southern Sea Region at such a time was truly something that shocked them greatly, creating great chaos in their minds.

As he looked at the crowd that were tongue-twisted and had eyes open wider than that of cows, Chu Feng laughed coldly and said, “You all look down upon others, and think those weaker than yourselves to be trash. Yet, you are only capable of bullying those weaker than yourselves.”

“Just because something is impossible for you all to accomplish, does it necessarily mean that others cannot accomplish such a thing? Without even thinking, you automatically feel that the people who try to do such things are ignorant, fools, and retards.”

“However, today, I shall present to you all a sentence as a gift. Just because you can't accomplish something, it doesn't necessarily mean that other can't either”

“Right now, I shall allow you all to know who is truly the fool.”


Right after he finished saying those words, Chu Feng abruptly moved his hand, smashing his palm down onto the world spirit formation. After Chu Feng left his palm-print on the formation, the two formations both returned to Elder Xie and turned into a single agreement contract, the completed life and death agreement that was now signed by both Chu Feng and Lei Yao.

“Woosh.” After Chu Feng signed the life and death agreement, his body leapt forward, and he arrived before a certain space where no one was located within. This was a place that the crowd had deliberately left empty so that Chu Feng and Lei Yao could fight each other.

“Come, Lei Yao. Allow us to quickly settle this battle between us, so that the crowd will be able to know whether it is me or you that is ignorant to sign the life and death agreement,” said Chu Feng as he pointed at Lei Yao.

“Ha, you are truly arrogant and conceited. You can accomplish what others cannot? It would be impossible for other rank two Martial Kings to be a match for me, are you implying that you can?”

“Chu Feng, remember this. It is not I, Lei Yao, who insisted on killing you. It is truly that there’s a path to heavens that you refused to take, and no entrance to hell, yet you still insist on charging in.” To be provoked by Chu Feng before this many people, Lei Yao was truly unable to restrain himself.

He started to attack. His two fists overlaid one another as they were both explosively shot forth. Immediately, martial power surged forth like a wave. In the middle of the sky, it turned into a fierce giant beast.

That giant beast was a hundred meters tall and a thousand meters wide, resembling a mountain. With roars like the rolling of thunder, it contained enough energy to disintegrate an entire mountain range, to dry up an entire ocean. This was not an ordinary attack, it was instead a martial skill.

Although Lei Yao’s attack was not made with his full strength, it was most definitely not an ordinary attack either. He planned to finish the battle with a single strike, turning Chu Feng into ashes directly.

In fact, it was not only him, many other people present thought that this strike from him would be sufficient to turn Chu Feng to dust.

However, a small amount of people managed to take note of the smile on the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth.