Chapter 1176 - Absolute Suppression

MGA: Chapter 1176 - Absolute Suppression



Suddenly, the bellow of the martial skill sounded alongside an explosion that shook the heavens. At the same time, the enormous body of that giant beast formed by the martial skill was split into multiple pieces, turning into a violent and vicious energy ripple.

The explosion of the ripple wreaked havoc throughout the entire region. If it wasn’t for the spirit formation that had been placed over the region by the elders, which managed to block the explosion from the ripple, there definitely would have been a lot of casualties if that ripple had reached the crowd.

When they saw the energy ripple that was wreaking havoc, other than a small portion of elders and disciples, the majority of them all displayed expressions of surprise. At the same time, they were feeling pity.

To them, the explosion of an energy ripple like that was something that not even ordinary rank six Martial Kings could resist, much less a rank two Martial King. Likely, Chu Feng had already died without a corpse and fallen in the battle.

Even though such a scene was something that many people had anticipated, they felt that it was truly boring, as they had come here to watch a show, yet it had ended in an instant.

However, right when the majority of the people felt that Chu Feng had lost his life to the explosion, a voice suddenly sounded from the ruthlessly surging energy ripple. “Lei Yao, as a rank six Martial King, is this the limit of your abilities?”

“That is?”

Hearing that voice, the eyes of many people present shone, and their expressions made a great change. That was because that voice was precisely Chu Feng’s voice.

Could it be… Chu Feng did not die?


Right when everyone was beginning to doubt that Chu Feng might still be alive, that violently surging energy ripple started to boil from within. Then, an entrance tunnel that seemed like the entrance to hell actually opened from within it.

At that moment, a figure slowly walked out from that tunnel. It was Chu Feng.

Merely, the current Chu Feng was completely different from the one before. His entire body was covered with lightning. Not only was he wearing an armor of lightning, there was also a large pair of lightning wings on his back. He was extremely domineering and possessed a very threatening appearance.

Most importantly, at this very moment, Chu Feng’s aura was completely different. He was no longer a rank two Martial King; instead, he was now a rank four Martial King.

From the depths of that energy ripple, Chu Feng began to walk out, one step at a time. He did not appear to be human at all. Instead, he now appeared like a lightning god of death, as even the energy ripple was withdrawing from his presence, not daring to approach him due to… fear.

“Heavens, this… this is Chu Feng? What did he do?”

Upon seeing the current Chu Feng, the expressions of practically everyone present changed greatly. Regardless of whether they were elders or disciples, they all had expressions of shock.

That was because what Chu Feng had strengthened was not only his cultivation, even the sensation that he gave off had been amplified. It was more than a simple display of his battle power, it was more a manifestation of his enormous battle power.

At the very least, in terms of their aura, the current Chu Feng was not at all weaker than Lei Yao; instead, he even surpassed him.

What did this mean? This meant that, when disregarding their cultivations, Chu Feng’s battle power already greatly surpassed Lei Yao, a truly heaven-defying battle power.

“That lightning is extremely powerful. It shouldn’t be that he has hidden his cultivation. Instead, he has most definitely used some sort of special method. What exactly is this? Is it a supreme Secret Skill or a Forbidden Mysterious Technique? Why is it that I am unable to distinguish it?”

At this moment, even the two management elders beyond the clouds were unable to keep calm. That management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department even started to frown deeply, and displayed an expression of unease as he pondered.

That was because what he had bet on was that Chu Feng would win if he had hidden his true martial cultivation.

However right now, although Chu Feng had hidden something, it was most definitely not his cultivation. Instead, he had hidden a method to increase his cultivation.

In other words, Chu Feng’s true cultivation was still that of a rank two Martial King. Merely, he had used a very powerful method to dramatically increase his cultivation.

In this case, if Chu Feng was to win the fight, then he would have lost the bet, and the opportunity to get Chu Feng.

Especially with the situation right now, where Chu Feng’s battle power had increased greatly, and he was displaying an unparalleled appearance, it was extremely possible that he would be able to defeat Lei Yao. Thus, how could this management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department possibly remain calm?

“Hehe, old freak, it seems that you have miscalculated this time around. What Chu Feng has hidden is not his cultivation, but instead a method to increase his cultivation.” However, there would always be someone pleased when someone else is disappointed. At this moment, Elder Wei was the party that was pleased.

“Hehe, that’s not certain. It would be extremely difficult for a rank four Martial King to fight a rank six Martial King. If this Chu Feng were to lose, then it would still be my win,” said the elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department.

“Chu Feng lose? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to Chu Feng dying? Old Freak, one must not be this heartless. You truly shouldn’t wish for my Chu Feng to die just because you lost the gamble,” said Elder Wei.

“Chu Feng dying? Humph, with me here, who would dare to kill Chu Feng?” The Weaponry Refinement Department’s elder snorted coldly. A very dense domineering aura appeared in his eyes. Although he did not state his intentions clearly, the meaning behind his words was very clear.

Hearing those words, Elder Wei smiled lightly. He did not bother to argue with the Weaponry Refinement Department elder anymore. Instead, he cast his anticipating gaze downward onto Chu Feng.

“So you’ve hidden your strength. However, what could it possibly change?”

“Did you truly believe that a rank four Martial King would be able to contend against me?”

“I’ll make you realize right now that the difference between us is still as enormous as difference between the heavens and the earth.”

Lei Yao suddenly snarled. To fail in killing Chu Feng with his previous attack had already caused him to become greatly enraged. He turned his palm over and threw another attack at Chu Feng.


The attack this time was not only ear-piercing, it also caused the entire surrounding space to tremble. His ferocious martial power turned into an enormous axe that covered the sky.

Not only was that enormous axe a thousand meters long and dazzling with golden light, it even possessed the power of thirty thousand catties, seemly capable of splitting heaven and earth apart.

While this was a martial skill, it was no ordinary martial skill. This time around, Lei Yao had truly grown angry. What he had used this time was a Taboo Martial Skill.

“It’s the famed martial skill of our Orion Monastery, the Mortal Taboo: Heaven Splitting Axe.”

Seeing this scene, the eyes of many disciples from the Orion Monastery started to shine. From their eyes emerged admiration and adoration.

To others, perhaps they might not know much about this Taboo Martial Skill. However, as they were disciples from the Orion Monastery, they knew this Taboo Martial Skill very well.

This was a Taboo Martial Skill that was said to be comparable to an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill when mastered. It was definitely not comparable to an ordinary Mortal Taboo Martial Skill. As for the difficulty in mastering this Taboo Martial Skill, it was so extremely high that ordinary disciples were simply incapable of grasping it.

However, it was clear that this Lei Yao had not only grasped it, he had even mastered it to a state of perfection, making it follow his heart’s desire.

“Lei Yao, never would I have expected you to still be this arrogant and ignorant when things have reached this stage. It would appear that it is time to make you see the truth and understand your own strength.”

As he looked at the enormous axe, that contained surging divine power, hacking down toward him, the smile on Chu Feng’s face not only failed to disappear, it even grew stronger. Suddenly, Chu Feng spread his arms wide open. With lightning flickering through his eyes, a very powerful energy began to spread out from his body.

“Boom.” Finally, Chu Feng clenched his hand into a fist and violently shot forth. In an instant, sounds that seemed like the explosion of ten thousand bolts of lightning appeared in the sky.

At the same time, a fiery meteor appeared, which started to descend toward Lei Yao.

“That is a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.”

As they looked at the enormous fiery meteor that was surging toward Lei Yao, many people became speechless. That was because they were able to tell that the Taboo Martial Skill Chu Feng had used was no ordinary Mortal Taboo Martial Skill either. If the Mortal Taboo Martial Skill: Heaven Splitting Axe that Lei Yao used could be comparable to an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, then this enormous fiery meteor was most definitely comparable to an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill as well.

“Humph, you want to fight me head on? In that case, you’re definitely going to lose. Among Mortal Taboo Martial Skills, this Heaven Splitting Axe of mine is invincible.”

While others were gasping in surprise, Lei Yao merely laughed in contempt. Not only did he not hold a new level of caution towards Chu Feng, he instead gave his all to control the enormous axe, hacking it toward Chu Feng’s flame mountain. He wanted to show the crowd exactly whose Mortal Taboo Martial Skill was stronger.

However, never would he have imagined that at the moment when he was planning to display to the crowd who was more powerful through their Taboo Martial Skills, Chu Feng clenched his other palm into a fist and suddenly shot that out too. Following that, Chu Feng started to move both of his fists and sent forth countless fist strikes, the result of which covered the sky.

At this moment, not to mention the crowd, even Lei Yao, who was previously filled with confidence and looking at Chu Feng with contempt, opened his mouth wide in shock.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…”

Following every single fist strike from Chu Feng came a fiery meteor. At this moment, countless fiery meteors covered the sky. They were descending with a might that could destroy everything.

Regardless of whether it might be power or majesty, Chu Feng’s was many times stronger than Lei Yao’s!!!