Chapter 1174 - Chu Feng’s Appearance

MGA: Chapter 1174 - Chu Feng’s Appearance

“Big brother, why is it that I keep getting the feeling that you think especially highly of that Chu Feng? You couldn’t possibly think that Chu Feng would truly be able to defeat Lei Yao, right?”

“Even though that Lei Yao is inferior to you, big brother, he is, nevertheless, a genius. Although he is only a rank six Martial King, ordinary rank seven Martial Kings would not be a match for him.”

“As for that Chu Feng, although he is also a genius, he is only a rank two Martial King. How could he possibly be a match for Lei Yao?” Long Chenfu asked in a confused manner. He believed that Chu Feng would definitely be defeated.

Long Chenyi did not directly respond to Long Chenfu’s question. Instead, he grew quiet for a long time before saying, “Chenfu, no matter how much you dislike Chu Feng, I must still remind you that you should not underestimate anyone, and especially not Chu Feng.”

After hearing what Long Chenyi said, Long Chenfu grew silent. Even though he disliked Chu Feng and wanted Chu Feng to die, he, for some unknown reason, felt an indescribable restraining fear toward Chu Feng.

At this moment, the people from all parties had arrived. There were both disciples and elders. Their number was so numerous that they densely covered this region of space as far as the eye could see. It was truly a spectacular sight.

However, no one noticed that, on the horizon, over a thousand miles higher than the clouds, sat a figure.

This was an old man with a head of silver thread-like hair. As for his aged eyes, they contained explosive power.

He was sitting at a place where many people should be able to see him. However, none of those people were able to see him. It was as if he had never existed to begin with.

Judging from his clothes, one could tell that this elder was also one of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders. Merely, there was the character ‘weapon’ inscribed on the chest area of his robe.

“Old fellow, since you’ve actually come too, why don’t you show yourself?” Suddenly, this old man turned his head around. Like sharp arrows, his gaze was shot toward the empty space behind him.

At this moment, a ripple appeared in the empty space behind him. Slowly, space started to distort, and soon, a figure walked out from the distorted space.

It was another old man. Moreover, he was also an elder from the Cyanwood Mountain. That was because he was wearing the gown of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders, with a ‘medicine’ character inscribed on it. As for this person, he was precisely the management elder from the Medicine Concocting Department that had praised Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen in the Mission Plaza, Elder Wei.

“Old freak, never would I have imagined that someone like you would come to watch the excitement between disciples.” After Elder Wei appeared, he spoke to the old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department with a smile. However, his words appeared to have hidden intentions.

“This old one would naturally not bother with the matters of other disciples. However, as for this boy by the name of Chu Feng, he is someone that you have personally recommended to me. There are not many disciples capable of obtaining praise from you. Thus, I naturally cannot regard this Chu Feng as an ordinary disciple.”

“And as it just so happens, I have nothing else to do today, so I decided to come and see exactly what sort of abilities that boy possesses.”

“However, who would’ve thought that I would only find out after coming here that the person that boy has challenged is Lei Yao. This is simply bringing about his own destruction; he is nothing more than a fool,” said the old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department with an expression of disappointment.

“Old freak, since you believe that Chu Feng will definitely lose, why stay to watch? Could it be that you’re like the people below and want to see how Chu Feng will be paying the price for his own impulsiveness, his own ignorance; how he will be killed by Lei Yao?” asked Elder Wei.

“Unless he has hidden his cultivation, it would be impossible for a rank two Martial King to defeat a rank six Martial King, much less Lei Yao, who possesses battle power that surpasses even ordinary rank seven Martial Kings.”

“I feel that if that Chu Feng has not hidden his true cultivation, he will definitely die. Thus, I wanted to see whether this boy has disguised himself to be a pig so that he could eat a tiger, or if he was truly just ignorant trash.”

“After all, he is a boy that you have especially recommended to me. I wish to see whether you are mistaken this time around.” When he spoke of this matter, this old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department displayed a strange smile.

“The fact that that boy Chu Feng was able to gather that many Firmament Medicinal Herbs in the Firmament Medicine Garden in such a short period of time is sufficient to display how powerful his spirit energy is.”

“I do not have the slightest doubt as to his attainments in the world spirit techniques. However, to speak of the truth, I also cannot vouch for his battle abilities.”

“However, since even you, old freak, have become interested in this matter, I shall then place my bets on Chu Feng today. Old freak, might you be interested in a gamble with me?” Elder Wei asked with a mischievous smile.

“Why would I not? However, since you wish to gamble, then we couldn’t possibly make it as unsophisticated as merely gambling on the outcome of the battle.”

“That’s because I have already said that I cannot ascertain that this Chu Feng has not hidden his cultivation. If he has hidden his true cultivation, and his true cultivation is a rank six Martial King instead of a rank two Martial King, then even if he were to defeat Lei Yao, it would still be natural.”

“Thus, since you want to gamble, then I shall bet that this Chu Feng will lose if he has not hidden his cultivation, and that he will win if he has,” said the old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department with a treacherous smile.

“You’re truly a wily old fox. With that, wouldn’t I have no chance of winning?”

“Forget about it. I shall accompany you, and bet that Chu Feng will win if he has hidden his cultivation and will win even if he has not hidden his cultivation,” said Elder Wei.

“Hah, very well. As for the wager, I want ten of the medicinal pellets that you concocted last time around. What do you want from me? Go ahead and speak away. However, the value of the items must be equivalent,” said the old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department.

“If you were to win this gamble, I will give you ten medicinal pellets. If I am to win, then I would not want anything much. All I would want would be for you, old freak, to not fight over Chu Feng with me. You must know that I mentioned Chu Feng to you last time precisely because I wanted to bring him into my Medicine Concocting Division.”

Suddenly, Elder Wei’s expression turned serious. “However, never would I have imagined that you, old freak, are such an unconscientious person, and would actually have ideas for Chu Feng yourself. Don’t think that I do not know the purpose that you have come here for.”

“Heh, it seems that you understand me best. However, you cannot blame that on me. Although it is said that the Cyanwood Mountain possesses as many geniuses as it has flies, very few among them possess high attainments in world spirit techniques. If that Chu Feng is truly as you described him to be, how could I possibly not want him to join my Weaponry Refinement Department?” The old man from the Weaponry Refinement Department had a strange smile on his face.

“Old freak, don’t try using that with me. If I were to win, then you must forget about having any ideas for Chu Feng, can you do that or not?” said Elder Wei.

“Fine fine fine, I’ll do as you say.” The Weaponry Refinement Department elder’s smile became even more diligent. Immediately afterward, his gaze suddenly shifted down toward a certain place. He said, “That boy is the Chu Feng that you spoke of, right?”

After hearing what the Weaponry Refinement Department’s old man said, Elder Wei also hurriedly turned his gaze downward. Once he saw what was below, a light smile immediately appeared on his previously serious face. It was a smile of appreciation.

That was because at this very moment, the person the two of them were looking at was precisely Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had appeared, leading the people from the Asura Division. Although, as a whole, only Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen from the the Asura Division could attract the people’s attention. Furthermore, when compared to the others, Chu Feng’s Asura Division appeared a lot weaker.

However, Chu Feng had an expression of absolute confidence on his face. That sort of display was most definitely the style of a general, the air of a ruler.

This… was Chu Feng.